Have Fun on April Fool's Day

Do you have a plan for April Fool's day?  I love harmless pranks!  Need some ideas?I always loved making holiday food, so obviously I start with some food suggestions!For breakfast, you can make "Fried Eggs".  The egg is white yogurt or pudding with a peach half on top. I've made this myself, and it's very cute and fun! Put one drop of food coloring in their glass, and their milk magically turns blue!For lunch, serve faux grilled cheese sandwiches,...

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Fun Christmas Ideas for Kids and Families!

As a homeschool family, you have the freedom to use the month of December for special activities related to the holiday season. I have put together a list of my favorite fun Christmas ideas for kids and entire families! I hope you enjoy them! Christmas ideas for kids of all ages: Instructions for 3D Paper SnowflakesI think a collection of these snowflakes would make for a wonderful and graphic kid-friendly display. Homemade Cinnamon OrnamentsWouldn’t these make...

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Homeschooling High School with Little Ones at Home

Homeschooling High School with Little Ones at Home If you are homeschooling high school with little ones at home, save your sanity by planning ahead. Prepare for the upcoming homeschool year by spending some time putting together busy bags and boxes for your little ones! These will help keep those little hands busy while homeschooling your older ones. With any luck, you'll be able to form complete sentences and everything, when your little one is occupied...

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High School with Learning Challenges

If your child struggles with learning challenges, you are not alone!  Read my article "College for Struggling Learners" to hear about other teenagers with learning problems. These are the resources listed in the article, linked so you can easily access the information. Learning Disabilities Association of AmericaTypical learning difficulties include dyslexia, dyscalculia, and dysgraphia - often complicated by associated disorders such as attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder. Learning Disabilities Association Tips for College AdmissionLearning Disabilities - 8 Tips For...

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Interested in Movie Thor? Study Norse Mythology in Your Homeschool!

Kids love amazing things.  Unreal, incredible things.  Especially in movies, they LOVE superheros.  Spiderman.  The Incredibles. Batman.  And now Thor.The big news:  Kids love these things.The bad news: Hollywood.The good news:  It can encourage reading.If your child is old enough to see Thor, or if they aren't allowed but are interested, I have a suggestion.  Read books about mythology!My children enjoyed reading about mythology.  Of course, it's important to compare mythology to the truth!  But you...

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Grammar for Young Students: IEW Fix It! Grammar Review

Hi there! This is Rebecca, one of the assistants to Lee at The HomeScholar. I am a homeschooling mom to a large family and currently have students in ...

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Homemade Felt Ornaments for Christmas

My assistant Robin is such a genius! Look at these ADORABLE homemade felt ornaments she created for her Christmas tree! Wouldn't they be awesome as a gift from a child, or to decorate your home with a classic Christmas feel?  Just download this pattern, cut out the colored felt, and stitch. Easy-peasy, cute-and-fun gifts!   "We have lots of little ones joining our family! Having some older siblings with adult children, I now have several great nieces and...

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LEGO and Engineering

It would be lovely if every child wanted to specialize in something reasonable.  Something that made money, provided income, or was valuable for family harmony.  Sadly, most teenagers are still children, at least some of the time, and they may want to specialize in the most unusual things!  Instead of worrying, try to translate their interests into something reasonable.  In other words, if they DID specialize in that one seemingly - bizarre thing, what would that...

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Scripture Study on Winners and Losers

Talking with a homeschool group, my friend Kathy shared a scripture study on winning and losing. I think it's wonderful!  It will be a great quick study for summer - no matter how old or young your children are! Be a Good Winner AND a Good LoserBy Kathy Moore EdgrenUsed with permission BE A GOOD WINNER1. Be A Gracious Winner When you win, share the praise! "Let another praise you, and not your own mouth;  someone...

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When is the SAT not the SAT?

When is the SAT not the SAT? When it’s the Stanford Achievement Test!Some homeschool families test or assess their students each year.  The test their children for a quick check-up on how they are doing, or to comply with the homeschooling laws in their state. When they use a standardized test, some families use the “Stanford Achievement Test."  You may be familiar with this test. It measures ability level in elementary, middle school, and 9-10th grades. ...

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The "I'm Bored" Phenomenon

How did I cope with boys in the summer? I made an "I'm bored" list for my kids to use. I posted a list of things to do on the fridge. The lists were labeled "inside", "outside", "for money" and "special request". Any whining, or other expressions of boredom were directed there. The following is about 1/3 of each list from my fridge. I included every activity I could think of, and every toy in the...

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Prepare Your Child for High School

I help prepare parents to homeschool high school all the time. I tell them to "read books, attend conferences, watch instructional videos and invest in yourself and your chosen profession." Parents also want to know the other side of the equation. How do you prepare your child for high school? Prepare Your Child for High School I have great news. The way you prepare your child for high school is the same way you prepare them for success...

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Saving Your Sanity with Little Ones at Home

Sanity-Saving Strategies for School Days   For some families, homeschooling high school isn't just about the teenagers.  It also involves keeping much younger siblings occupied.  Here are two big tips for keeping little ones engaged while their older brothers and sisters are working on calculus and physics. Tip 1: Activity BoxesCreate activity boxes for young children, to keep them busy while you are doing school with older siblings.  Provide one box per day, rotating them so they...

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National Merit Success Story

If your child tends to be a little bit on the "smart" side, start researching the National Merit Scholarship early in high school.  With just a little practice, smart kids can do stunningly well in the National Merit Scholarship Competition.  And homeschooler can win!  Renee wrote to share about her daughter's successes.I had to share the news about my daughter Abigail. This go-around (as opposed to the first two children), we listed her as private school...

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Syl-la-bles Vocabulary Game Review

Looking for a game that both challenges and engages the multiple ages in your family?!  Wondering what you can do on Family Game Night that won’t make the older kids yawn?!  Search no more; Syl-la-bles is the solution! The object of Syl-la-bles is to come up with the longest and most difficult (correctly spelled) word that begins with the letter on the space you land. The longer the word, the more points you score. All ages and abilities...

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