A Great Homeschool Convention Online Just For You!

Parents today are looking for a more convenient way to learn about homeschooling. Rather than packing up the kids and sharing germs in a class with hundreds of other homeschoolers, many parents would prefer to learn from the convenience of their home. That is where this great online homeschool convention comes in. You can learn at your own pace and from your own living room. Best of all, it's free!

You have found a vast source of reliable homeschool information from a trusted resource, Lee Binz, The HomeScholar!
Whether you are new to homeschooling and in search of easy-to-implement ideas, or a seasoned veteran who needs some pro-tips, this homeschool convention is for you.  We are actively adding new content to this convention so make sure to check back often. We will announce all new classes on our blog so if you haven't already done so, make sure you subscribe here.

"You are my all time favorite convention speaker. I attended the conference in Phoenix. You were talking high school track. I was on the fence regarding continuing through high school. Your talk gave me the confidence and tools needed to go forward. I will always be grateful for that. I still have your handouts and notes I took about transcripts and electives. You were such a wealth of knowledge. My son went on to graduate high school, got a scholarship, and is one year from graduating college. I have a 10th grader now. I always check to see if you are speaking. Your info was such a game changer for me. You basically took the fear out of homeschooling high school. I really appreciate you!!!! Keep doing what you are doing. You are making a difference even if you don’t see it. Sorry it took me 8 years to tell you. Thank you."

Cathy P. in Arizona

Convention Workshops

Dr. Jay Wile - Homeschooling How and Why it Works

Hal and Melanie Young - Middle School Madness

Lee Binz - 5 Biggest Mistakes Parents Make Homeschooling High School

Lee Binz - Delight Directed Learning

Lee Binz - Critical Technology Boundaries for Children and Teens

Lee Binz - How to Choose Curriculum That's Effective and Fun

Lee Binz - Transcripts for Your Unique Child

Lee Binz - Homeschool Records That Open Doors

Andrew Pudewa - Essay on Demand

Lee Binz - College Launch Master Class

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Recommended Resources

How to Homeschool Conference - Jay Wile Talk

Homeschooling - How and Why it Works, with Dr. Jay Wile

Dr. Wile became involved in the homeschooling movement because of the excellent homeschool graduates he encountered while he was on the faculty at Ball State University. Over the years, he has followed the academic and professional literature to see how others have evaluated homeschooled students, and the results are clear: homeschooling works very well. This workshop is perfect for confident and skeptical parents and teens. This is the information you need to answer the naysayers, silence the critics, and convince the skeptics!
Middle School Madness - Hal and Melanie Young

Learn How to Homeschool Middle School

Hal and Melanie Young are homeschool authors and gifted convention speakers, bringing an authentic message of practical encouragement for parents.  There seems to be something that makes middle school just plain hard, for nearly everyone - parents, teachers, and kids alike. How do you live through it? Is it possible to make the middle school years great? Join me as I welcome Hal & Melanie for ideas that work, real hope for navigating the preteen years, and ways to lay a foundation to make high school even better. If you have younger teens, this is great training for how to homeschool during the coronavirus lockdown.
5 Biggest Mistakes Homeschooling High School Image

Learn to Avoid 5 Common Homeschool High School Mistakes

Learn how to identify and avoid the big blunders repeated by countless homeschool parents!

  • The First Mistake may cripple your plans if your child ever changes their mind (and what teenager doesn't!).
  • The Second Mistake may leave your child unprepared for college!
  • The Third Mistake may result in the loss of thousands of dollars in financial aid!
  • The Fourth Mistake may cause your child to be lost in the crowd during college admission.
  • The Fifth Mistake may render your kid unable to gain admission to the college of their dreams!

Please join me and learn how to avoid these common blunders with simple-to-understand and easy-to-implement strategies.
Delight Directed Learning Image

Do You Know What Makes Homeschooling Easier AND More Fun?

Delight directed learning, of course!

Delight directed learning makes school more fun for students, promotes a true love of learning, and helps develop interests and abilities unique to your child. It makes the school day seem shorter for everyone, allowing more time for socialization. It also makes homeschooling easier for you! This encouraging workshop will help you lighten the burden of homeschooling.

Please join me and learn what delight directed learning is and how to incorporate it effectively into your homeschool day. You can guide your homeschooler toward passionate learning! Let me show you how!

Learn Critical Technology Boundaries for Children and Teens

Extensive Training for a Massive Issue!

Today's teens are bombarded by technology temptations. Parents can struggle to maintain any sort of logical boundaries on technology use. Sometimes, the pressure to throw up our hands is almost more than a parent can bear!

Help is here. In this 6-hour course, you will hear from experts in the field who will give you solid, proven strategies for identifying logical technology boundaries and then the reasons to set and hold the line. 

You will learn:

  • Tips & Strategies for setting effective tech boundaries.
  • Sanity-saving Ideas to stop the battles and win the war.
  • Expert Advice to avoid mistakes you may be making.

Join me and get the help you need, just when you need it most!

Do you have a "Homeschool Curriculum Hall of Shame"?

You know what I'm talking about ... some hidden bookshelf chronicling every half-baked idea and ill-conceived plan? My shelves were filled with fashionable failures, multi-volume mismatches, and loathsome lesson plans.

It’s impossible to guarantee each curriculum choice and every dollar you invest will bring a fruitful return, but there are ways to minimize your risks and maximize your chances for success. This class will show you how to avoid the most common traps of choosing crummy curriculum.

What kind of homeschool parent are you?

  • A compulsive curriculum buyer whose shelves are full of unused materials?
  • One who despairs of ever finding the perfect curriculum for your unique student?
  • A fad-follower of the latest and greatest?

No matter what kind of homeschooler you are, you will benefit from some sanity-saving ideas and real-world practical advice for choosing curriculum!

Please join me and learn how to avoid these common blunders with simple-to-understand and easy-to-implement strategies.
How to Homeschool Conference - Lee Binz

Learn How to Create Transcripts for Your Unique Child


Don't change your homeschool to fit inside a college box! You can make a transcript even if your child is not in the center of the bell-shaped curve! Let Lee Binz show you how to ...
Create a transcript whether your child is gifted or struggling; artistically inclined or mathematically geeky.
Your transcript can be impressive regardless of how advanced or focused your child is. 
Create a transcript whether your child has been unschooled, or is bookishly earning college credit.
Wherever you are on the unschooling to classical continuum, you can create a believable homeschool transcript.
Collect credits from all styles of homeschool education.
Wherever you are on the classical to unschooling continuum, you can capture high school credits accurately and fairly.
Create a transcript even if your child has homeschooled their entire life or is a recent import from a public or private school.
Whatever their educational background, your child's transcript can perfectly capture their unique skills and individual life history.
Please join me and learn how to create a transcript for your unique child and help them stand out from the crowd of applicants.
Homeschool Records that Open Doors Image

Learn How to Create Professional Records That Earn Admission and Scholarships

Learn how to create professional records that will convince colleges that your student is worthy of admission and the highest possible scholarships.

Homeschoolers Can Compete for the Largest College Scholarships!

No matter how humble your homeschool, you can compete and WIN scholarships over the students coming from the most intense college-prep high schools.

Your Homeschool Records are the Key to Opening the Gate to College Admission and Scholarships!

Presenting colleges with professional, thorough, and beautiful homeschool records can give your student a HUGE competitive advantage over the two-dimensional transcript that most applicants provide.

Please join me and learn how to create homeschool records that will open doors of opportunity to your homeschooled teen!
How to Homeschool Convention - Andrew Pudewa

Learn How to Prepare for College Entrance Exams

Help Your Students Prepare for College Admission Test Essays!

Are your students planning to take a writing test on a college entrance exam? Over the years, requirements for the tests have changed. Join Lee and Andrew Pudewa as they share what the graders are looking for, and offer advice on the best way for your students to prepare for the exam so they can approach the test with confidence.

Please join as Andrew and I unlock the mysteries of preparing for and performing on these timed admission test essays. Both you and your student will be able to overcome your "test anxiety" with the help of these proven strategies. 

Secrets of the College Launch Master Class

Get 4 Hours of Free Training from The HomeScholar on How to Launch Your Teen Successfully into College and Life.

This free Master Class will give you a play-by-play plan to enable your teen to succeed in the college application and launch process.

Each session highlights common challenges you will meet at every stage of the launch process, then gives you precise solutions so you can spend less time trying to find answers and more time enjoying the final few years of your homeschool career.

  • Session 1: The 5 Fundamentals of College and Launch
  • Session 2: The 10 C's of College and Career Success
  • Session 3: Fears and Tears, Cheers, or Wet-Behind-the-Ears
  • Session 4: How to Be Your Child's Best College Coach

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Essential Electives for Homeschooling High School
Keep life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness at the center of your independent homeschool!
Learn why "old-fashioned" homeschooling is still your best bet for growing passionate learners! Homeschool independently and take your life back! Instead of a "one-size-fits-all" assembly-line education, choose the freedom to teach your children at their pace and consistent with your values. Pursue happiness while homeschooling, instead of pursuing the busyness so common in our society.
Start Strong with the High School Solution
Guidance for Every Age and Stage

If you are a beginner at homeschooling high school, consider the High School Solution, which provides detailed training on homeschooling, from middle school through senior year. Get complete instruction for choosing curriculum, encouraging delight directed learning, and teaching advanced subjects through training classes for parents, all with handouts or workbooks plus articles and templates.

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