A Homeschooling Parent's Nightmare ...  

"Honey, There's a Mob of Scholarship-Wielding Colleges Out Front Asking to See Our Homeschool Records!"

A Homeschooling Parent's Nightmare...

"Honey, There's a Mob of Scholarship-Wielding Colleges Out Front Asking to See Our Homeschool Records!"

A Homeschooling Parent's Nightmare ...  

"Honey, There's a Mob of Scholarship-Wielding Colleges Out Front Asking to See Our Homeschool Records!"


It's True - Homeschool Records Can Help You Earn College Scholarships!

Right here on this webpage is the reason why creating comprehensive homeschool records (AKA, a high school portfolio) is the secret to getting your student placed at the top of the stack for college admission consideration, as well as one of those massive college scholarships – the ones you thought were reserved for children of the ultra-privileged. 

Read on to discover how your comprehensive high school records can ensure your student is given full and favorable consideration by your top college choices even if:

Your ancestor never bequeathed a massive endowment to your favorite university
You’ve never “wintered in Aspen” with a University Provost
Your last name isn’t emblazoned on the university medical center door

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How Great Homeschool Records are the Key to Earning Great College Scholarships

Dear Homeschool Parent:

I used to hate when my parents said, “back in my day…” Now that I’m the parent, I find myself thinking (if not outright saying) the same thing. One of my frequent laments is “Back in my day, getting into college wasn’t so complex.” 

Maybe you remember when…

College was almost affordable
Almost everyone who wanted to go, got to go
Most kids graduated with little or no debt
Scholarships weren’t so incredibly competitive
Community service was primarily for petty criminals.

Those days are as dated as my husband’s dance moves. College admissions is a high stakes business now and homeschool parents often feel ill-equipped to compete with public and private schools in gaining admission and scholarships. 
In fact, the competitive nature of the admissions game has bred a entire industry of private, college prep schools characterized by advanced placement academics, college coaches, elite sports leagues and “drill and kill” test prep.

It is almost a David and Goliath story. In this corner stands the thoroughly modern two-income family with their SAT coaches, college consultants, zillions of community service hours, and elite academics. In the opposite corner stands the typical homeschool family with their limited financial resources, do-it-yourself guidance counseling and home-grown academics.

So whose kids do you think have the edge in the admission and scholarships sweepstakes? Well, the answer may surprise you.

What Do Colleges Look For?

If you were to answer this question just based on the goings-on in a typical college prep high school you would probably conclude that colleges were only interested in three types of students:

1. AP Wizards. After all, why go to all that trouble trying to pass so many of those insanely difficult exams?
2. Athletic Powerhouses. Nothing else could explain the intensity of today’s most competitive high school sports teams.
3. Academic Elites. Why else would parents spend thousands to get their kids those fabled “perfect SAT scores?” 

So if your homeschool doesn’t have a laser focus on these “three As”, how can you possibly hope to compete? 

Oh, and if you aren’t relentless in your pursuit of extra-curricular activities, and working diligently on padding your child’s resume with volunteer activity and community service, sometimes at the expense of family harmony and parental sanity, how can you even dream of getting a place at the table? The answer is simple, really…

It’s because this ISN’T what the colleges are looking for.

So What Are Colleges REALLY Looking for Before Making Admission Decisions?

In my business, I have spent a lot of time researching and speaking to colleges. My conclusion is that colleges have three and ONLY three questions about every prospective admit. 

1. Are they REAL?
2. Are they READY?
3. Are they RIGHT?

1. Are They REAL? Whether it is in the realm of academics, athletics or community service, colleges are most concerned about whether an applicant is authentic. 

Is that burning passion they see because their soul is on fire, or because dad lit their pants on fire?

If there’s one thing an admissions official can root out faster than a ghost-written admission essay, it’s a phony high school senior.

2. Are The READY? In simple terms, that means making sure your kids cover the basics well; reading, writing, math. It also means getting your kids around people of all different ages and socio-economic statuses.

With all the grief homeschool parents receive about “socialization” it is a bit ironic that the key to college academic and emotional readiness turns out to be the type of socialization that homeschoolers are best capable to deliver. The type of socialization that comes from being “out and about” in the real world, rather than stuck in a classroom.

3. Are They RIGHT? Not every university will fit every student. More importantly, not every student will fit every university. Colleges want to know whether your student’s ideals, values and perspective are a good match for them. Heck, just the fact that your student has ideals, values and perspective will be appealing simply because it brings a bit of diversity compared to what colleges normally deal with!

Why is Student Preparation So Important?

Colleges are BIG business. Like any business, they seek to enhance their reputation and extend their influence. One of the primary paths to doing this is through the admission of highly qualified students. Students who promise to distinguish themselves in the world of politics, business, science, sports or the arts. 

There are two primary reasons it is important for colleges to have industry and political leaders shine their light back and give them credit for launching their careers. The first is obvious. It can never hurt to have a community of wealthy benefactors to provide ongoing endowments and scholarships. The other is a bit more subtle but has to do with the perpetuation of their brand and image.

Here is an illustration. Everyone knows that Barack Obama graduated from Harvard Law, but who do you think has benefited most from that fact – President Obama or Harvard Law?

Do you see the symbiotic relationship between colleges and their prospective students? Just like you have a vested interest in gaining admission and scholarships, they have a vested interest in finding the best.

Don’t Fall Into This Common Homeschooling Trap

Just understanding what the college’s find value in isn’t enough. What action needs to be taken? Homeschool parents (and especially homeschool dads) may grow frantic about making their kids real, ready and right for college. In their fervor, they might attempt to "out-prep” the prep schools. 

Don’t do this. It is a trap.

The worst thing you can do is try to play their game. That just leads to frenzy, frustration and failure. 

Instead, a better approach is to perform a bit of educational judo and turn the “weaknesses” of homeschooling (as perceived by the world) into strengths.
A Homeschooling Parent's Nightmare ...  

"Honey, There's a Mob of Scholarship Wielding Colleges Out Front Asking to See Our Homeschool Records!"

Homeschooling on Purpose

One of the greatest advantages that homeschoolers have over kids from most public and private high schools is the opportunity to enjoy life-defining experiences during the normal course of the “school year.” We purposefully homeschooled high school only 4 days a week so our boys had time to get “out there” and discover their passion in the adult world.

That passion will bear fruit when preparedness meets opportunity. Done properly, homeschooling is the best life preparation available. But opportunity…

That’s the problem.

The ugly truth is opportunity can be pretty hard for a public school kid to discover when they’re strapped to a school desk for 6 hours a day, spend two hours a day on the bus, four more doing homework, an hour of community service and then eight sleeping. That’s 21 hours of pre-scheduled time 5 days a week. When you are trying to squeeze the rest of life into the remaining 3 hours, some things are bound to be missed.

Little things like purpose, passion and opportunity.

The Critical Difference

The way your kids will compete — and compete successfully — is by simply being different. That’s right…it is OK to be different from the cookie-cutter kids being produced by the typical public high school or even the typical college prep school. 

In fact, it is CRITICAL to be different. And who, more than homeschoolers, are better equipped to produce “different” children?

Let’s be honest with ourselves, homeschool kids ARE different, primarily because they are differently nurtured, differently educated and differently socialized. This is a good thing! 

Don’t fall into the trap of trying to replicate public and private high schools. Don’t worry about passing 6 AP exams, or excelling in a different select sport every season, or getting a top dollar scholarship coach. Instead (and this is critical)…

Focus on helping your student become the person God created them to be. 

That’s right. It’s that simple. Raising your children to be true to how they were made is the quickest and easiest path to admission and scholarships.

You don’t have to change your homeschool to mimic the public and private schools – you can do what works. You don’t have to choose curriculum you SHOULD use –you can use what works.

Now take a deep breath in….and out….and relax. 

The delightful truth is what colleges really want is what you are already best qualified to deliver – confident, mature teens who know themselves and have had a LOT of time to pursue their passions!

Homeschool Records will Prove Your Student's Authenticity

This then becomes the key challenge of homeschooling with an eye toward college. How can you as parents document your records so that colleges can quickly and accurately identify your student as the real deal? 

How do you demonstrate the authenticity and passion of your student rather than demonstrate the teenage equivalent of vanilla pudding?

Is the answer found in spending your limited resources on accreditation agencies, getting the blessing of a certified teacher, or taking multiple AP exams?

No! The best strategy is often the simplest. The one that is easy. The one that feels right — in a nutshell, the one that doesn’t drive you or your children crazy.

Your homeschool high school should be done in a way that maximizes free time so the student can pursue their passion (while covering the basics). It should allow your student plenty of practice in the adult world to socialize with EVERYONE.

In simple terms this means:

Students: Your responsibility is to prepare yourself academically and develop your career interests. 

Parents: In addition to helping your student prepare for college, your greatest responsibility is to follow along behind them and sweep up all those great experiences into believable and professional-looking records.

One of the most effective strategies for this is creating a comprehensive record.

What Are Comprehensive Homeschool Records?

A comprehensive record is your homeschooling records organized in a neat, easily digestible format that colleges will understand and appreciate.  It can include your:

Homeschool transcript 
Course descriptions
Reading list
Awards and activity list, and
Samples of work

When viewed as a whole, these elements might seem pretty overwhelming. Each of them separately, however, is not that difficult to create. For example, any of you who have purchased my Total Transcript Solution know that making a homeschool transcript can be pretty easy and (dare I say) even a little fun! The other elements of a comprehensive record are also relatively easy to break into component pieces and complete. 

Professional homeschool transcript and records will present your student as multi-dimensional, authentic, experienced, confident and ready for prime time! In addition to reflecting core education (the oft-overlooked 3 Rs of reading, writing and arithmetic); the comprehensive record will explicitly address the three Rs of any college-bound high schooler – Are they Real? Are they Ready? Are they Right?

The finished product will be authoritative portfolio documenting your student’s education. So authoritative and compelling, in fact, that colleges may tell you they have never seen anything like it before!

This can be good or bad, depending on how you as the parent prepare and present the information. First, let’s discuss why a comprehensive record may be resisted by the colleges, and then we will discuss how you can overcome those issues and get your student the most favorable consideration for admission and scholarships.

It's True: Some Colleges WON’T Want to See Your Comprehensive Homeschool Records

Sadly, some colleges may resist a comprehensive record. They might deny it publicly, but there are some admissions officials who’ve grown quite comfortable with the cookie-cutter kids they see coming through their doors. 

If all they have to deal with are a few numbers (e.g., GPA and SAT/ACT scores) and a few variables (e.g., the essay and the application) it makes the winnowing process easier. It protects their “intellectual capital,” that is, how hard they have to think.

The college application is a great example of how colleges will use a standard form to quickly identify differentiators between students. Some colleges even go a step further and have a “common application” which removes more variability by sharing the same information between many colleges.

This is great for students trying to balance their senior year academics with multiple college applications, but it doesn’t make your job of distinguishing your student from the thousands of others any easier. 

Most parents and students will dutifully play this game with the colleges. They only submit what is asked and they never question the rules…

We didn’t do it that way.

Don’t Play Fair

An illustration will be helpful at this point. My husband used to work in recruiting and developing engineering talent at a large northwest aerospace concern (who will remain nameless but happens to rhyme with “Rowing.”)

On a typical job opening there may be hundreds of applicants. As a hiring manager, all you see from these applicants is a 10,000 character resume that has all the formatting stripped away.

Smart applicants use every one of those characters. Smarter applicants have learned to exchange some of those precious 10,000 characters into a brief cover letter that will discuss their unique qualifications and why they fit the specific job.

These people have found a way to use the system to give them an advantage. My husband reports that people who follow this strategy are more likely to be selected for an interview.

In our family, we followed a similar strategy. We knew our bank account wouldn’t support the expense of university education for both of our students at the same time. We knew our boys could get the necessary loans but we had moral and spiritual reasons to not want our kids saddled with debt when they got out of school.

We knew if we played by the rules, the chances of our children being “lost in the crowd” would be high.

So we decided NOT to play by the rules. We didn’t “cheat” per se, because there really aren’t any documented rules. We just adopted a [ahem...]“liberal interpretation of the application process.”

We Decided to Give More Homeschool Records!

I mean, no one said, “we forbid you from giving us more information than what is in the application package.” They didn’t say anything at all.  

My guess is they never HAD to say anything about it before. Parents and students simply don’t challenge the conventional wisdom about the way the game should be played.

We decided that sending in our comprehensive records was worth the risk of being rejected. We didn’t want to force something on the colleges that they were dead set against. So, during our discussions with them, prior to applying, we would produce a course description from one of our kid’s classes and casually ask, “So, would you be interested in getting these sorts of records from my students as part of their application package?”

The reactions from the colleges were very positive, but one admissions official said something that was at the same time both fascinating and revealing.

After reading the course description very carefully, she smiled broadly and said “Not only do we want this, but I wish every student we reviewed was required to give this documentation.”

This same official confessed, “We see kids every day who have As and Bs on their high school transcript but when they get here, we discover they can’t read or write, at least not at a high school level. You can’t believe how many of our new students need remedial classes before they are ready for college-level work. Your comprehensive records give us confidence that your students are well educated.

That was enough to convince us that time spent designing and creating our comprehensive records was worth the effort.

The Results Were AMAZING!

The results of including a comprehensive record in the admission package reinforced this decision. Three of the four colleges quickly admitted us and the scholarship offers started to pour in.  

Interestingly, there was one “fussy” college – one that is considered a “public ivy” – who initially said they didn’t want our homeschool portfolio. We were polite and sent them just what they asked for — a transcript and application. But we also snuck in the comprehensive record, “just in case.”

The colleges who read our comprehensive records seemed to try to one-up each other with the most attractive financial packages. Our problem college, however, actually rejected our boys because they said we hadn’t fulfilled their “special” requirements for homeschoolers.

At that point, we knew the offers from the other schools were more than good enough. There was a strong temptation to just blow off this fourth college but, frankly, I was a little miffed at them for being so “unfriendly” to homeschoolers.

I responded politely but firmly that we would not jump through their hoops and no additional subject tests would be coming. I told them to evaluate our students on the basis of their records. I told them to read their copy of the comprehensive record.

We didn’t hear from them for a couple of weeks and then we got the “fat letter” from their school saying our boys were admitted. Shortly thereafter they started sending us big, juicy scholarship offers as well!

What made the difference? Our boys hadn’t changed and certainly, their education hadn’t changed. The ONLY thing that shifted was this university’s perception of our students. It was our comprehensive records that forced this shift.

Ultimately, our comprehensive records helped us land over $440,000 in scholarship money from the four schools where my boys applied, including $187,000 worth of full-tuition scholarships both my boys earned from their first choice university!!!

Do You Really Need Comprehensive Records?

It is true; you may not NEED a comprehensive record. In fact,I can think of four valid reasons why a comprehensive record might not be required for you.

1. Your child isn’t going to college.
2. You have your heart set on only one college and they have told you in no uncertain terms NOT to send it to them.
3. You’ve got a spare $200,000 lying around the house.
4. Your student has perfect grades, perfect SAT scores, and enough national recognition on his transcript to choke a Ph.D. 

If this doesn’t describe you, then you would be well served to follow the Boy Scout Motto…

Always Be Prepared!

As a homeschool high school parent, you wear lots of hats, including teacher, principal and school nurse. Mom may take the lead in teaching and nursing. Dad may step up to be the principal. But what about the other responsibilities:

Who is going to be the guidance counselor
Who is going to “project manage” the college application process
Who will create your homeschool documents?
Who will make sure those records will completely and accurately represent your student and present them in the best possible light?

The answer is, of course, you — GULP!!

But here’s some good news… 

I Can Help You with Your Comprehensive Records!

I will be honest with you. Putting together our comprehensive records was hard… REALLY Hard... Over 300 hours of labor HARD.  It started with the fact that even though I am an organized person, I really didn’t know the type of information I would need to build my student’s comprehensive record. 

To top that off, when my youngest son was 15 years old, I “discovered” I needed to graduate him from high school the following year. Perhaps you can begin to sense the panic I was starting to feel about putting our records together.

Putting our comprehensive record together was sort of like our homeschool “Hail Mary” play at getting scholarship money that would enable my kids to attend college without incurring massive debt. Can you feel my panic growing??

My biggest concern was that there was absolutely NO TEMPLATE out there that could tell me what a comprehensive record ought to look like.

We were breaking new ground. This fact was reinforced by the colleges who received our records who told me they had “never seen anything like it before.” The quote from Bryan Jones from Seattle Pacific University is one of our favorites and we have it all over our website: 

"Your transcripts and records were the best organized and documented I have seen.”

College Admissions Officer
Bryan Jones
Associate Director of Admissions, Seattle Pacific University
Our comprehensive records were, in fact, the original impetus for starting The HomeScholar. When we graduated our boys, the moms attending our graduation party went crazy over the records. They told me I HAD to make this available for other homeschool moms.

My oldest son’s records became our first product — The Sample Comprehensive Record. While parents have been thrilled to have a template from which they could model their own comprehensive records, it has been a dream of mine to create an information product that would give complete instruction on HOW to create these records.

Well, it has been a few years since I introduced my Total Transcript Solution and the feedback we have received from this product has been so enthusiastic, we decided to create a new SOLUTION for you.


The HomeScholar Comprehensive Record Solution Will Guide You in Creating Winning Homeschool Records That Help Earn Admission and Scholarships!

Comprehensive Homeschool Records Solution

Real Help — Within Reach!

When I first started The HomeScholar, several people asked me to do their comprehensive records for them. At first, I said OK, but when I told them what it would cost, their jaws nearly fell to the floor. Given my normal consulting rate and the amount of time it takes to extract the information from their brain and on to paper, and then multiplying by the 24 – 36 classes in a typical high school…. 

Well, let’s just say, most homeschool families don’t have an extra $6000 lying around the house.

My heart, however, is geared toward helping people. It is part of the reason I became a nurse and also why I started The HomeScholar. I have so much knowledge in my head on how to make stunning comprehensive records I felt I HAD TO capture this information in a training course and provide it to you at a fraction of the cost of me doing the work for you.

I want to make the Comprehensive Record Solution so affordable that it will be well within the budget of almost every homeschool family. I also want to say “thank you” to the many people who have been waiting patiently for me to complete this massive project and some even sending me regular email reminders — you know who you are! LOL!

That is why I am offering my Comprehensive Record Solution for only $147 — less than many individual curriculum options! 

That’s only 1/40th of what it would cost to have me complete your comprehensive record for you. Think of it, for the cost of a fancy dinner for two at a nice restaurant (or at a pizza place for my many homeschooling friends with LARGE families), you can create your very own professional looking comprehensive records that you can proudly share with ANY university, from the most humble neighborhood college to the most prestigious ivy-league university!

Traditional marketing says I ought to benchmark my product against other comparable products in the market. That was an issue for me because there is absolutely nothing like this product in the market! If you want to prepare your children’s records for college, you currently only have three bad options:

You can decide to NOT create a comprehensive record and risk not having an answer when your child’s dream college asks to see your homeschooling records.

You can pay an accreditation agency thousands of dollars and they will require even MORE paperwork just to get a piece of paper called a transcript, and then figure out all the things you will need to supplement it with to tell the full story of your homeschool.

You can create a comprehensive record all by yourself and research how to capture and document your unique homeschool in a way that will present a complete and accurate portrait of your student.

Happily, there is now a fourth option – you can let me guide you each step of the way with this one-of-a-kind resource, the Comprehensive Record Solution.

What People Are Saying About the Comprehensive Record Solution

“We have been accepted to almost every University we applied for, most with scholarships. I believe your transcript and Comprehensive Records was one of the key factors. I spoke to several schools, public and private, and they found our records to be excellent. I think your records helped us convince them we were worth investing in! What a sanity relief your webinars are! "You do make them look good in black and white." THANK YOU!!! I am just about to email another friend with eighth-graders to recommend you. I have told several younger friends, and just want you all to know you are serving the homeschool community abundantly! God is good!!!"

Happy Comprehensive Homeschool Records Customer
Stephanie in Pennsylvania

"Real live samples, like the sample Course Description and Grades and Credits Resource sheet, really clarify things and give homeschoolers a starting point in creating their own, which is very helpful! The “Record Keeping” section was very good too. This topic and the way you present it would be extremely useful for parents new to high school. I was impressed by your knowledge and insights. Basically, everything was excellent, and the bonuses added that extra special touch! God bless you!"

Donna says we made making homeschool records easier!
Donna in Oregon

"WOW!!!!!!  I love this product. The Comprehensive Record Solution contains it all!! As I am in thick of the application and admission process, I can confidently say that you have done your homework very thoroughly, the information you share is right on, and this product is going to save many homeschool parents time, energy and money. It is by far the best resource I have seen on homeschooling for college preparation and admission. Also, your encouragement is awesome. You understand the concerns, anxieties and questions of homeschooling parents and effectively address them all. Your product is worth every penny and I can't wait to recommend this new resource to all of my homeschooling friends."

Happy Homeschool Records Customer
Sally loved her comprehensive record!

4 Great Comprehensive Record Solution Modules

  • Encourage

    An Introduction and Overview of this Program, Plus a Look at Four Successful Records.

    Your purchase includes over 2 hours of training and three ebooks covering ...

    - Getting acquainted,

    - Why you should make a comprehensive record,

    - The elements of a comprehensive record,

    - Samples of success - a look at 4 successful comprehensive records, including my own complete scholarship winning records exactly as they were submitted.

  • Equip

    Tools and Templates to Create Your Own Comprehensive Record. 

    Critical documents in Word, Pages, and RTF format covering  ...

    - Lee's Comprehensive Record Template for easy copy and paste development of your own course description document.

    - Over 220, one paragraph course descriptions covering all high school topics, including AP courses.

    - Over 60 full-page course descriptions for some of the most popular homeschool courses, easily modifiable if you have used these or similar courses. 

    - Single course description template in case you need just one to get your started. 

  • Educate

    All the Training You Need to Get the Job Done.

    Your purchase includes over 5 hours of video training, plus tools, resources, and  ebooks on how to ...

    - Use the Comprehensive Record Solution templates.

    - Grading criteria suggestions, turning transcripts into course descriptions, reading and awards lists, special situations, putting it all together, submitting to the colleges.

    - Additional documentation on cover letters, school profiles, letters of recommendation, activity list, reading list, volunteer tracking, report cards, high school resume, and homeschool diplomas.

  • Empower

    In-depth Document Reviews with The HomeScholar. 

    - With your purchase, you are entitled to in-depth document reviews of four individual (one-page) course descriptions you develop.

    - Send all four course descriptions that you want reviewed together in a single email to my special members-only email address and I will review them for you and provide you feedback!

    - If you need more support, I will give you a special $50/month discount on membership to my Gold Care Club.

4 Great Bonuses

Transcript Pack

Get a Handle on the SAT, ACT, and other Standard High School Tests

  • High School Testing: Workshop with Handout
  • High School Testing Chart
  • Supplemental Reading and Instruction

Planning Pack

My Favorite Homeschool Resources in One Spot!

  • The HomeScholar Planning Guide
  • Grading Criteria
  • GPA Calculator
  • The HomeScholar College Planning Calendar

Record Keeping Pack

Free and Discounted Books

  • Free Book - "7 Secrets of Homeschooling through a Financial Storm"
  • $10 off - "Setting the Records Straight"

Continuing Education Pack

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  • 30 Days of Free Access to my Continually Refreshed Parent Training Site, the Silver Training Club
  • Each additional 30 days is $27
  • Cancel Anytime

Plus, 4 Amazing Surprise Bonuses

Another $120 Worth of Goodies is Waiting for you on the Inside!

About Lee Binz

Lee Binz, The HomeScholar is a Homeschool Records Expert

My name is Lee Binz and I'm the HomeScholar.  After homeschooling my own two children through high school, and spending over a decade helping other homeschoolers, I am here to tell you that you are capable of providing a superior education for your child! Unlike a certified teacher, I won't judge you or evaluate your child - I am the homeschool consultant that won't make you cry. 

I am here to come alongside you and help you homeschool through high school. You will be able to enjoy these high school years, treasure the memories, and see your child go on to college and career.

I have three core beliefs about homeschooling:

1. Homeschooling independently provides the best possible learning environment.

2. Every child deserves a college-prep education, whether or not they choose to go to college.

3. Parents are capable of providing a superior education for their children.

All these testimonials you are reading are real parents who were in your position just a short time ago.  You will never regret taking action today that could save your family thousands of dollars and get your children successfully launched to the college of their choice.  

It's a wild ride! I'm so excited to help you along the way!


What Customers Are Saying About Lee

"I thought I would have to convince my husband that we wanted to spend this amount, but he is fully convinced that your materials are an investment in my daughter's education. That, my friend, is a compliment in the highest! We've been talking about it, and I told him that not only am I impressed with your materials, but my true respect for you has grown over the years. Your posts and answers are just so genuine that you can tell that you just have such a passion for this. You've had all too many opportunities to show that you were just in it for the dime by suggesting that people pay for a session, etc. I know that you have a heart for God, and that shines through too."

Stephanie in Ohio
Stephanie in Ohio

"I have been following your advice for 3 years now! I am so thankful for your willingness to mentor the homeschool community. My family has just gone through the college application process for the first time. Thanks to you, I felt very aware of what to expect, and confident in our coursework, preparation and transcript. We chose to send a full package, with a cover letter, school profile, table of contents, transcript and course descriptions to each college where our daughter applied. Her top three college choices have already sent acceptance letters with initial scholarship offers based on GPA and test scores. As a homeschooling mother, teacher, tutor and guidance counselor, I truly appreciate all you do!"

Kathy and Sarah
Kathy and daughter, Sarah

"I am so so so thankful to God for you. I spent the morning becoming confused and in despair over math and science next year. I was reading a homeschool forum trying to decide what to do for science next year. Some of the moms had the idea that you HAD to do certain things or your child's college career, not to mention life, would be ruined if you didn't do things a certain way. I finally remembered many of your encouraging, reassuring words regarding individuality and turned off that silly forum. I'm serious, I was nearly in tears. And the Lord brought your words so clearly to my thoughts."

Christy in Texas
Christy in Texas

From My Family’s Dream to Yours…

Winning those two full-tuition scholarships was like a dream come true for my family. It culminated long years of preparation, planning and learning. After talking to many colleges and universities, I am more convinced than ever that our comprehensive record played a key role in opening those doors that our children walked through.

So while I would love to promise you the same or even better results than we had, I know there are simply too many variables.

Here’s what I can promise though. Complete the four modules included in the Comprehensive Record Solution and you will be fully-equipped to complete a comprehensive record for your student that will perfectly reflect who they are to the colleges.

There is Still Time to Get $50 off and Extra Bonuses on Your Purchase of the Comprehensive Record Solution, using Coupon Code: 50FAIR2020

The HomeScholar Real Homeschool Mom Guarantee

What Customers Think About Their Comprehensive Record Solution Purchase

"Thank you, Lee, you helped me tremendously complete transcripts, and especially, course descriptions. Your books are fantastic and have helped me for years! I especially love that you empower us to capture the learning going on in our homes without changing the way we each homeschool!! I have one daughter attending a private college and another has just received three college acceptances with Presidential Scholarships! We are very excited!! NY universities are not always accepting of homeschool transcripts and records, because of the state laws. With the course descriptions you helped me create, we had no issues. Yeah! All the best to you."

Tanya in Connecticut
Tanya in Connecticut

"During the registration process, one of the representatives stopped me and said, 'Your documents for your son were amazing. We would like to use them as a model for others, as they were really helpful for us and especially for homeschoolers!' Of course, I followed the Comprehensive Record Solution that you provide, and heard about your success with the admission process…. but never expected to hear it for our own admission! I believe that his homeschool accomplishments, along with his Comprehensive Record set him up for an amazing start for his first year of college. It was super fun to be able to customize it to make it a little bit of a portfolio as well. He actually received a higher scholarship offer from another university. Thank you AGAIN for the wonderful resource and training you provide to help us along the way. I would love to give everyone a vote of confidence for you!"

Lisa in Washington
Lisa in Washington

"I am writing to say thank you and to share our success story with you. Our son was just accepted early decision into college! Your resources were invaluable in helping me wade through the application process. I used both your Total Transcript Solution and Comprehensive Record Solution. I recommend your materials to all homeschoolers who have high school students, and I also agree with your suggestions that homeschoolers with younger students should also begin to learn all about keeping records before their children are in high school. Blessings and joy as you and your family!"

Cynthia in New Jersey
Cynthia in New Jersey

Frequently Asked Questions

  • With the Comprehensive Record Solution work on a Mac?

    Yes, the templates are formatted for MS Word, Excel, and Pages. The Pages documents will run on a Mac. If you need to open a Word or Excel document on your Mac you will need a special application. There are many free and paid programs out there that allow Macs to open Microsoft products. Here are a few that will allow you to run Word and Excel files:

    For pdf files, you just need the Mac version of the free Adobe Reader.

  • Will the Comprehensive Record Solution help me make my transcripts?
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The Homeschool Olympics

I loved watching the Olympic games, but it seems like every four years the networks find at least one “tragic” story to share with the audience. Perhaps it’s the Olympic skier who trains for 10 years only to fall 5 seconds out of the gate or the marathon runner who gets incorrect information from the trainer and misses his qualifying heat. I guess it is the mixture of “the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat” that makes this such compelling television.

Homeschooling high school has a lot in common with preparing for the Olympics. There is rigorous training, coaching, preparation, and loads of practice. Then, after four years of hard work comes your student’s opportunity to shine. What will the colleges say when you present your student to them?

Will they give them the Gold Medal, or will they be disqualified? 

Just like the Olympics, the stakes are high. You play a critical role in preparing your “athlete.” A beautiful comprehensive record is one great way for your family to “go for the gold.”

Our Investment, Your Reward

For me, one of the best feelings in the world was knowing my husband and I did the very best job possible preparing our children for adult life: academically, socially and spiritually. 

It is even sweeter knowing that we did everything in our power to help them attend the college of their dreams and then begin their adult life without the burden of crushing college debt.

We invested A LOT in our children’s homeschool career. We struggled with insecurity and not knowing how we would pay for college. We trusted God…and worked like crazy! But of all the work, worry and struggle, our success boiled down to this one indisputable fact: creating excellent comprehensive records for our boys had by far the BEST RETURN of any single investment we made as homeschool parents. 

Now I want to help you gain that same reward and also save you a boatload of time, money and frustration. You owe it to yourself and your family to embrace this challenge and develop a stunning homeschool comprehensive record that will AMAZE the colleges. You will be shocked at how easy it can be to produce and overwhelmed by the sweet feelings of pride and confidence you will gain by doing it.

Step into My Time Machine

Before we go, I would like you to imagine the following scene just a few years into the future:

The admission officer stares at the tsunami of application packages piled high on his desk. Diving in, he quickly and deftly dispatches package after package with fatal finality. “Boring,” “cookie-cutter,” “unprepared,” are his unspoken judgments as the reject stack grows dangerously high. Now he’s in the zone….

One package, however, stops him short. Leaning back in his chair he notes that this student has had a remarkable education, filled with challenging courses. They have had tremendous experiences not just in the world of students but also in the world of adults. They come across as well-rounded, mature, with a strong sense of self. “I Am A Leader!” seems to scream from every page.

The official instantly makes the decision. Noting that this is a homeschool student, he places that application apart from the bulk of rejects to be given special attention for the biggest scholarship awards his university has to offer.

The message is clear: You want that to be your student!

Investing in my Comprehensive Record Solution can help you make that happen!

I know you can do this.

I know I can help you get it done!