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Welcome to The HomeScholar
Welcome to The HomeScholar

Our mission is to help you homeschool middle school and homeschool high school. We don't judge you or evaluate your children. We come alongside to equip, train, and encourage you. Whether you’re a veteran or a new homeschool parent, we have resources for all learning styles and budgets.


The amazing transcript secrets known by top colleges officials will unlock university admission decisions and top scholarship awards!

Kathleen in California

My daughter was awarded the highest scholarship from all of the colleges she applied to, worth 93% of total tuition. The Director indicated that her Total Transcript Solution transcript helped them conclude that Michaela's unique homeschooling experiences would be a welcome addition to their community!

-Kathleen in California

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Lee Binz, The HomeScholar

Lee Binz, The HomeScholar

Best selling author, conference speaker, and homeschool consultant Lee Binz specializes in helping parents homeschool high school with excellence. Take a look around. I am certain you will find the home high school help you need!



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Feature Article

#homeschoolart @TheHomeScholar

Homeschool Art in High School

Homeschool art is something parents either love or hate to teach. My own relationship with homeschool art is kind of twisted, really. I love science, but I really don’t like art! As a nurse, I have a science and math background. Those are my favorite subjects! When we did microscope work, I would find myself going back again and again to look through the microscope by myself! But art…That was a completely different story. Here are some tips to help you thrive whether you are artistically gifted or hopeless or somewhere in between.
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#helpforhomesdhoolessaywriting @TheHomeScholar

Help for Homeschool Essay Writing

“Thanks, Mom!” What would you give to hear these words? Wouldn’t you just love to get some recognition and thankfulness years from now, when your child is all grown up? It can happen! With a little time and distance, your hard work can pay off and your child may come home and thank you. Essay writing is an essential skill that homeschoolers need to master before college. Here are important tips that will help your kids master essay writing.
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#homeschoolgraduation @TheHomeScholar

Homeschool Graduation Checklist

I remember the spring before my boys homeschool graduation. It was a time of tremendous excitement and stress. But planning homeschool graduation should begin long before the party. It should begin the day you decide to go the distance and homeschool your child all the way through high school!
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#betterhomeeducator @TheHomeScholar

How to Be a Better Home Educator

You don’t need to be a certified teacher or have credentials to homeschool your children. Teachers learn to teach groups. You learn to teach your child. Surprised? Anxiety and feelings of insecurity can come and go. When you are faced with feelings of inadequacy, you may start wondering how to become a better homeschool parent. How do you become successful? Let me explain what will and will not help.
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#collegepackinglist @TheHomeScholar

College Packing List

The following is a recommended college packing list when moving from homeschooling to college. With this list, they should have what they need. Some items may be restricted by your university, so check their policy before buying electrical equipment like microwaves, refrigerators, and toaster ovens.
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#homeschoolscience @TheHomeScholar

Homeschool Science for High School Students

Homeschool science can be done the easy way or the hard way. Some STEM-crazy parents can do science in their sleep with both hands tied behind their backs. Other parents … let’s just say they aren’t so enthusiastic. Whether science is your passion or the bane of your existence, let me show you how to make science simple in your homeschool.
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#collegecreditinhighschool @TheHomeScholar

Earn College Credit in High School

AP® and CLEP® are college-level subject tests taken in high school that help earn college credit and increase chances of college admission. Whether required or optional, understanding these tests are helpful in planning for college-bound students. Since these tests might earn college credit, they can decrease college costs. This guide will explain these tests simply for homeschool parents new to the maze of testing acronyms.
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#highschoolmath @TheHomeScholar

High School Math at Home

High school math tops the list of classes that homeschoolers like to moan about. Math seems like such hard work, for both teacher and student! It takes time, practice, and review; then rinse and repeat! Even for math-loving parents it can be challenging. As a math person myself, I enjoyed teaching math, at least until we got into Algebra 2. At that point, I joined the ranks of “in over my head” homeschool parents!
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#visitcolleges @TheHomeScholar

Visit Colleges in the Spring

Spring is the time to visit colleges. Arranging college visits during spring of junior year is an important step toward getting into a perfect-fit college. Your family needs to really get to know the college. Colleges can look very similar on paper, with brochures full of sunny days and beautiful fall leaves. Even when pictures and statistics look the same, you really don’t know what a college is like until you visit. Let me explain.
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#homeschoolplanning @TheHomeScholar

Homeschool Planning in High School

As a homeschool parent, you know how to educate your children best. You use what you know about your students and their learning styles, and make sure to cover a wide range of academic areas. But when it comes to homeschooling planning in high school, sometimes parents become paralyzed when choosing courses. This article will help you plan your high school courses.
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#beathomeschoolburnout @TheHomeScholar

iTired: Beat Homeschool Burnout

Homeschool burnout is the epic battle for parents. Often it’s the biggest issue that homeschoolers face in the middle of winter. Between school, housework, and spousal needs, homeschool moms can feel stretched. Add your own need for self-care, the needs of your children and spouse, and it can feel impossible. Let me give you 7 strategies to overcome homeschool mom fatigue.
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#Homeschool PE @TheHomeScholar

Homeschool PE - Outside the Box Options

Homeschool PE, when taught outside-the-box, is one of the greatest joys of homeschooling. Whether your child is a current couch potato or destined for professional sports, all children can benefit from homeschool P.E. You can keep them always challenged, but never overwhelmed, by choosing the appropriate physical education experience for your child. Starting where they are, you can help them become more physically fit for the rest of their life, while also preparing them for college or career goals.
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Amy in NY

Speaking of college applications, I consulted so many terrific websites during the year leading up to application time but special mention goes to Lee Binz for the tons of free webinars she does for homeschooling parents and the tons of free (or inexpensive) books she provides on kindle. She has a paid service (various pricing tiers) for those who want more help. I am grateful to her for the knowledge I gained from her free services.

Recommends HomeScholar Freebies
Tesa in VA

You feel like a family friend walking alongside us on this homeschool journey. I am so grateful for your services. Thank you!

Recommends the Total Transcript Solution
Betsey in VA

I have graduated two already and used your Total Transcript program. One daughter graduated debt free in May, the other is on track for similar results. My youngest is a Sr in high school this year and is the first of our kids to take advantage of dual credit last year. I have followed your advice (learned the hard way with the oldest) to finish up that school year's transcript in the Spring, so I don't forget anything and it's done. She already has 22 credits from the community college under her belt and had straight A's, so was awarded the Presidential Scholar award as a Junior in high school. Hoping this will help bring some money in for her as she wants to become a nurse or physician assistant. She has basically put me out of a job as homeschool mom, as this year she is basically all dual credit. What will I do with myself?

Anyway, thank you again for having this up and as clear as possible. I do refer your site to others who are now thinking of homeschooling high school. Once you get yourself into the routine at the beginning of the school year, a little tweaking in the middle and a bit at the end it takes hardly any time at all.

Recommends the Total Transcript Solution
Linda from Ohio

"I have attended all the workshops, and purchased several programs. I have enjoyed listening to all your advice, always given with humor and compassion. I was terribly frightened to begin homeschooling a special needs grandchild. Even though I have a teaching degree, with 12 years of teaching experience, I was afraid I would be unable to organize her curriculum, and address her learning styles and perform as her intervention specialist.

I could not have done it without your advice and help. If I had known how rewarding and inspiring it would be to see my dear grandchild blossom and succeed so well, I would have withdrawn her from public school years ago. All those years of trying to persuade the Special Education department to meet her needs adequately have finally changed to success. Due to her brain damage and cerebral palsy, mathematics is her weakest subject. But she is learning Geometry! Really learning! We are enjoying school every day.

Our field trips are fun and educational. Our daily tasks at home are relevant to learning the school courses. She shines in English Composition. I don't even have to edit her grammar and punctuation. We are even utilizing our college textbooks as supplements to enrich her high school learning. Tenth grade is turning out to be the best year.

I have printed out all of the materials you have offered. They are filed in folders ready to use as needed. Our grandchild has already had some online interviews with college admissions counselors, professors, and college students. Your work is worthy of the highest praise for your dedication to helping us, the timid, to become intrepid teachers. I am so grateful that you share your expertise with us. Thank you so much."

Recommends The HomeScholar
Jenny in California

My name is Jenny. I am an independent homeschool mom of 4. I graduated the first through a charter his last two years of high school. After I found several resources, I decided I was not going to jump through any more hoops.

I also found your website through The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, I believe. You helped give me courage to stick to independent homeschooling. I want to extend a huge “Thank you” for all you have done and given to the greater homeschool community. I appreciate all I have learned from you.

I wish I had found you much sooner than I did! I have now graduated 3 and have one to go. Praise God. My daughter has gotten into her first choice private Christian school with a nearly fully paid tuition in scholarships and grants. All Glory to God! It’s nothing I did!

Recommends The HomeScholar
Danika from Thinking Kids Press

Lee Binz's wonderful resources helped me homeschool my boys through high school. Every college and scholarship they applied to accepted the transcripts and course descriptions that her books helped me create. I was able to confidently assign grades and credit hours to homeschool classes based on curriculum, to classes I designed myself, and to individual study classes based on the interests of my teens. Lee's resources also helped me understand the process of applying for scholarships. Her mentorship helped create a path to college for our kids. I recommend Lee's books and teaching sessions to everyone who asks me about homeschooling high school!

Recommends The HomeScholar
Laura in China

I can’t tell you how much the Lord has used you over and over again to give me peace, direction, and confidence during my homeschooling journey thus far. My husband and I see so much value in your services beyond my son's college acceptance and scholarship awards that you helped so much with. You are such a gift to us and countless others and we ask our Father’s richest blessings on you and your dear family!

Recommends the Gold Care Club
Deborah Wuehler, Senior Editor of The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine

Thank you for your recent help with my daughter’s transcript! The LORD is faithful to give us the help we need, and this time, YOU were that help! The college stated that with her excellent transcript, she would be given many scholarships when she decides to go full time, so that she would probably not end up paying anything. They also offered a job in the music department on the spot for whenever she wants to take it. I thought I’d share the good news that even without applying for scholarships, her transcript and other awards very much impressed the college of her choice! And God answered her prayers! ~ Deborah is a homeschool mom of eight from Northern CO, and Senior Editor of The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, at

Recommends the Total Transcript Solution
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