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Covid-19 Information for Homeschoolers



#visitcolleges @TheHomeScholar

Visit Colleges in the Spring

Homeschoolers should plan to visit colleges in the Spring. Arranging college visits during spring of junior year is an important step toward getting into a perfect-fit ...
The Best #Homeschool High School Guidance Counselor Is YOU! @TheHomeScholar

The Best High School Guidance Counselor Is YOU!

August 2018 By Lee Binz The HomeScholar ***Please note that as of January 2021, The College Board has discontinued SAT Subject Tests® and the SAT® essay.*** Guess who is the best high school guidance counselor? You are! And I can prove it! The average high school guidance counselor has 478 students. Based on this fact alone, it’s easy to see that the best high school guidance counselor is a loving parent, homeschooling naturally at home. You can homeschool high school fearlessly and confidently, knowing you are the best ...
aming Middle School Anxiety #Homeschool @TheHomeScholar

Taming Middle School Anxiety

July 2018By Lee Binz The HomeScholar Awkward Age Middle school can be the sweetest, most rewarding time to homeschool! Parents can gently guide their preteen through the physical, intellectual, and social changes that come with this age. If you have been homeschooling successfully, nothing dramatic will happen when your child changes grade levels and enters middle school. They will still have the same learning style. The strategies that worked for you before will still work. You can reconnect with your child and prepare them for high school and beyond. Middle school doesn't have to be the train wreck you remember or have ...
College for Struggling Learners #Homeschooling @TheHomeScholar

College for Struggling Learners

June 2018By Lee BinzThe HomeScholar Dealing with learning challenges is difficult, but in high school, it can become seriously concerning. You don't have to be afraid! With the great student to teacher ratio of homeschooling, and the love for your child, you can overcome learning struggles! A parent is a successful homeschooler if their child is performing to the best of their ability. It’s an emotional struggle, best understood by other parents who have faced the challenge. Learn the “12 Keys to High School Success” and understand how struggling learners can succeed as they begin high school. Homeschooling works, because it can improve ...
Military Careers After #Homeschool @TheHomeScholar

Military Careers After Homeschool

April 2018By Lee BinzThe HomeScholar Homeschoolers love their country, and many want to show their patriotic pride by serving in the military. All branches of the military and all military academies are homeschool friendly. They love when patriotic teenagers join their fold. The military wants to see proof of academics, proof you have obeyed your state homeschool law, and proof that your child is physically fit and demonstrates leadership abilities. For all military careers, make sure to keep your high school transcript up to date, every year, without fail. The Total Transcript Solution will be perfect!  The branches of military service are: Air ...
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