Hey, Homeschool Dad: You're Doing Great!

Dear Homeschool Dad,  This letter is for you—a celebration of the amazing job you're doing in your children's lives and education. In a role that...

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June Homeschool Calendar Reminders

You made it to June! Summer is my favorite time of year. It's time to sit back, relax your homeschool life, and enjoy the summer. Don't completel...

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[Free Class] Course Description Pool Party!

 Oh no! Did you miss our webinar event? Sign up for my monthly newsletter and stay up-to-date on our upcoming events. We'd love to have you join!...

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[Book Excerpt] How to Homeschool College

 ~ A word from our founder, The HomeScholar Emeritus, Lee Binz ~ This is a chapter from my book, How to Homeschool College: Save Time, Reduce Str...

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Cosmetology for High School Credit

There are tons of course options available to homeschoolers! Sometimes we can forget how many there are for our kids to choose from. Are you teaching ...

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How Homeschool Graduates Enlist in the Army

Good news for homeschoolers who want to enlist in the army upon graduation: they can! In the past, it may have been a detriment. Years ago, homeschool...

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May Gold Care Club Update

Welcome! Here are the new resources for this month in the Gold Care Club. How To Training CoursesQuick Start: How to Homeschool IndependentlyBeginner:...

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10 Ways to Advance Your Homeschool Skills with Professional Development

Parents who make time for their own continuing education are far more likely to be successful in their homeschooling. Kelly was taking one of my free ...

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Evaluating Classes and Estimating Grades

Unless you're one of those super-conscientious homeschool parents who keep all your homeschool records up to date, you probably need to spend a little...

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May Homeschool Calendar Reminders

Wow! We're already well into May! Can you believe it? Are you on track? Here are some homeschool calendar reminders for you to check your goals agains...

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[Book Excerpt] Essential Electives for Homeschooling High School

~ A word from our founder, The HomeScholar Emeritus, Lee Binz ~ This is a chapter from my book, Essential Electives for Homeschooling High School: How...

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Applying to California Colleges

California colleges can seem a little "unfriendly" towards homeschoolers at times, but it really is possible to attend these colleges as an independen...

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Course Hero - A Review

Thinking of hiring a tutor for your homeschool student? Course Hero might be just what you are looking for. Affiliate Disclaimer: This post conta...

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April Gold Care Club Update

Enjoy your new resources for this month in the Gold Care Club. How To Training CoursesQuick Start: Finding Curriculum That's Effective and Fun Be...

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Computer Coding as a Foreign Language

Some states are thinking about allowing high school students to fulfill foreign language-learning requirements with a computer language instead of spo...

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