Remedial and Almost Illiterate in College

Two news stories provided shocking statistics on the quality of high school education right now. Put these thoughts side by side and see if your head ...

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November Gold Care Club Update

New this month for my Gold Care Club members! How To Training CoursesQuick Start: Grades and CreditsBeginner: Preparing to Homeschool High School - Li...

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How to Assign Homeschool Grades without Grading Tests

Creating a homeschool transcript is vital, even when made at home. The university gave my child a full-tuition scholarship based on my "mommy grades" ...

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November Homeschool Calendar Reminders

These November homeschool calendar reminders will keep you on track as we head into the holiday season!  Middle School: Encouraging reading can b...

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Pros and Cons of Public and Christian University [for Christian Parents]

Why should Christian families apply to both public and private school? It's complicated, so pay close attention. I encourage parents to apply to both ...

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English Grading Simplified

Parents are often nervous about high school subjects, and English is one of the more intimidating courses - at least it was for me. High School Englis...

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[Book Excerpt] Delight Directed Learning

This is a chapter from my book, Delight Directed Learning: Guide Your Homeschooler Toward Passionate Learning. You can purchase a copy in print or Kin...

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How to Submit Your Comprehensive Homeschool Records

After all the blood, sweat, and tears of creating comprehensive homeschool records, and carefully documenting course descriptions, you have to submit ...

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Character Qualities NOT Measured by Tests [Free Printable Poster]

Tests don't validate homeschooling. They are just one kind of tool we use to evaluate our children. Tests don't measure everything, and they cert...

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October Gold Care Club Update

New for this month in the Gold Care Club updates ...  How To Training CoursesQuick Start: Keys to High School SuccessBeginner: Preparing to Homes...

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Creating an Official Transcript for Homeschool

When is your official transcript for homeschool really official? When do you add grades? How do you present records to colleges? Update Each Year When...

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October Homeschool Calendar Reminders

Can you believe it's already October? Follow these homeschool calendar reminders, and complete your tasks as you enjoy the month. Middle School: Pract...

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Test Preparation Without Getting Smarter

When do you start the process of test preparation? Which strategies are most effective for college admission test practice? The world of college test ...

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[Book Excerpt] High School Testing

This is a chapter from my book, High School Testing: Knowledge That Saves Money. You can purchase a copy in print or Kindle version on Amazon. Study f...

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Top 7 Reasons to Make a High School Transcript

There are LOTS of reasons to create a homeschool transcript. It's very common for a parent to think "Not me! I'm immune!" as if they are the only ones...

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