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[Free Class] Planning High School Courses

Do you ever wonder if you have everything you need to plan high school courses for your child? Well, wonder no more! In my free class, I'll teach you all you need to know to get you through high school planning. 

When they were young, my boys would sometimes argue silly questions with all the passion of television political commentators. "In a fair fight, who would win, Superman or Batman?" (Spoiler alert, it's Superman.)

Sometimes homeschool parents will get in endless arguments over an equally silly question, "which is more important, life skills or academics?"

The answer, of course, is both. Life and academic skills are critical to your teen's success in college and life. The real question to consider is how to plan your homeschool so that the high school courses curriculum is challenging (but not overwhelming) and your student will learn all the skills they need (no matter what the future holds.) 

That's what I will be discussing in my next workshop, Planning High School Courses. Join me!

Register Here!

 Planning High School Courses - ONE CLASS ONLY

Tuesday, May 26 (evening class) 1:00 Pacific Time (2pm MT – 3pm CT – 4pm ET)

You won't ever have to wonder if you are doing enough (that elusive word). You will feel confidence that your homeschool planning will get you to the end goal you so deeply desire for your kids.

AND, if you come to my class, I'll give you a free ebook to enjoy all summer long! All attendees will receive my ebook, How to Be a Better Home Educator. Of course, you know I'll have a free workbook for you, too!  

 Don't feel paralyzed when choosing homeschool high school courses. In my free class, I'll teach you:

  • What core classes you must teach in high school.
  • How to go beyond the core classes to meet college admission requirements.
  • What the three critical and awesome electives are.
  • Three keys to creating a successful homeschool plan.
  • How to adapt the plan as needs change and still succeed! 

There will be so many great takeaways that you won't want to miss this opportunity! ​

See you online soon!

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