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"After homeschooling my own two children, and spending over 15 years helping other homeschoolers, I am here to help you in provide a superior education for your child!"

Lee Binz The HomeScholar
Best selling author, conference speaker,
and homeschool consultant

Best-Selling Homeschool Author

Lee has written 42 books on homeschooling high school!

Convention Speaker

Homeschooling Convention Speaker

Book Lee for the High School Track at your Next Convention!

Lee is available to speak on middle school and high school topics at support group meetings, conventions, and webinars or other online venues. Attendees leave refreshed and encouraged. Lee is know as the "homeschool speaker who WON'T make you cry!"

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Want to Reach the Home High School Community?

The homeschooling families who visit might want to know about your product or service! We have a worldwide audience of parents dedicated to homeschooling their children through high school.


Teaching your child semed almost easy in the early years when you first started homeschooling. Your child was like a litle sponge, soaking up every bit of information you could read aloud.

But now, your child is approaching the dreaded high school years and you are afraid that:

  • You won’t be good enough
  • You won’t be able to handle high school subjects
  • You will ruin your child’s chances at getting into college
  • Unlike a certified teacher, I won't judge you or evaluate your child - I am the homeschool consultant who won't make you cry.
  • I am here to come alongside you and help you homeschool through high school. You will be able to enjoy these high school years, treasure the memories, and see your child launch successfully into college or career.



Homeschooling independently provides the best possible learning environment.


Every child deserves a college-prep education, whether or not they choose to go to college.


Parents are capable of providing a superior education for their children.

Why Us?

We’ll give UNBIASED, EXPERT advice. From one homeschool parent to another based on our years of success helping parents just like you.

We will CHAMPION and ENABLE your skills as a home educator and will not sell you things you don’t need. Much of our help is free.

We will BUILD your confidence. If our humble homeschool achieved life-changing success, yours can too!


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Rebecca Borger Administrative Assistant
Jennifer Ross Administrative Assistant

Happy Customers

Amy in NY

Speaking of college applications, I consulted so many terrific websites during the year leading up to application time but special mention goes to Lee Binz for the... Read More

Jenny in California
Jenny in California

My name is Jenny. I am an independent homeschool mom of 4. I graduated the first through a charter his last two years of high school. After I found several resources, I decided I was not going to... Read More

Tamie in Washington
Tamie in Washington

I started reading your books and attending your classes when my son entered ninth grade. How did you know us so well when we had never met? As a Gold Care member, I couldn’t wait for Wednesday to... Read More

Danika from Thinking Kids Press
Danika from Thinking Kids Press

Lee Binz's wonderful resources helped me homeschool my boys through high school. Every college and scholarship they applied to accepted the transcripts and course descriptions that her books helped... Read More

Christy in Arkansas
Christy in Arkansas

I want to thank you SO much for ALL you do (and have done) for my family! Your constant words of encouragement, love for homeschooling parents and homeschooled teens, and your vast wealth of... Read More

Judy in Ohio

Lee, Thank you so much for this excellent course! I have been homeschooling for about 25 years and am always interested in learning something fresh and new. Thank you for being such a great guidance... Read More

Stephanie Fenton

I began by reading a few of Lee's articles and signing up for a free webinar -- all of which blew me away. Suddenly, the idea of homeschooling high school seemed a little bit less daunting and... Read More

Linda from Ohio

"I have attended all the workshops, and purchased several programs. I have enjoyed listening to all your advice, always given with humor and compassion. I was terribly frightened to begin... Read More

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