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homescholar product differences

The HomeScholar Product Differences

If you are confused about which of our homeschool products or memberships would be best for you, wonder no more!

Below is a handy summary of each of our major products and how they compare with each other. You will find products that will answer every question you have about homeschooling high school, whether you have a rising middle schooler or rising senior. If you want more personalized support, our Gold Care Club will give you the one-on-one help you crave and deserve. If books are your thing, Lee Binz. has written over 40 homeschooling high school books available on Amazon.

All of our Solution products include lifetime access so you can purchase once and use for all of your kids.

No annoying renewals to worry about! It is a great way to stretch your educational dollar.

Total Transcript Solution

  • Everything you need to finish your transcript
  • Training and tools
  • 10 customizable Word and Excel templates
  • Opportunity for 1 free consultation
  • Lifetime family access

Comprehensive Record Solution

  • Everything you need to create homeschool records for college
  • Training & templates
  • Course descriptions to copy
  • Opportunity for free document review
  • Lifetime family access

High School Solution

  • Everything you need to set up your homeschool middle school and high school
  • Tools for each stage
  • Guidance on teaching the toughest subjects
  • Live monthly support
  • Lifetime family access

College Launch Solution

  • Everything you need to launch your child into college and life
  • Parent and teen training
  • Launch help for each phase
  • Weekly or monthly support
  • Lifetime family access

All-in-One Solution

  • Everything you need to homeschool from middle school through graduation
  • Chart your high school path
  • Complete all your records
  • Launch your kids into college and life success
  • Lifetime family access

Gold Care Club Membership

  • Personal consultations 20 minutes per week
  • Members-only webinars
  • Monthly how-to training
  • Monthly tips & resources
  • Stay as long as you like

Silver Training Club Membership

  • Monthly how-to training
  • Monthly tips, templates & resources
  • College planning helps
  • Tools and templates
  • Stay as long as you like

Parent Training Courses

  • Topical training videos
  • Reading and resources
  • Covers 20 critical topics
  • Tricks, tips and hints
  • Great for visual learners
  • Lifetime family access

HomeScholar Books

$4.49 - $25
  • Answers to vital homeschool high school questions
  • Full reference books
  • Books to encourage
  • Single-sitting books
  • Detailed yet approachable

HomeScholar Bookshelf

$167 (with free shipping)
  • 21 paperbacks, including:
  • 2 reference books
  • 2 encouraging books
  • 17 Coffee Break Books
  • FREE shipping
  • US-addresses only
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