The Total Transcript Solution will Help You Create a Transcript Colleges will Love ... and Believe!

Picture yourself handing a perfectly formatted and professional-looking transcript to college admission staff, secure in the knowledge that your child will be looked upon favorably for admission and scholarships. How?

By following a simple step by step process in the Total Transcript Solution, I'll help you finish your transcript quickly and easily. It doesn't have to be scary - I can help!

If you’ve been homeschooling for any amount of time, I’m sure you have gotten seen advertisements from accreditation agencies, and alternative education programs on what you should do about your high school transcript. If you feel less than adequate when you read an advertisement, steer clear.

There is a better way! You are capable of creating an offical transcript. Let me help you create an Official Homeschool Transcript that colleges will love. I can help you do it simply, without relying on any outside agencies. Best of all, the Total Transcript Solution is yours for life! You can use it for all your kids and never have to purchase again.

I am so excited to offer you my four step Total Transcript Solution, which explains everything you need to know to create a homeschool transcript to perfectly reflect your student and your homeschool (whether classical, unschooled or all-over-the-board eclectic mix). You can translate any wonderful educational experience into grades and credits on your own official homeschool transcript. (Psst...if you're in a hurry, look for the "Emergency Transcript Help" bonus to help you get it done today!)

Instead of feeling stressed and absolutely overwhelmed by the magnitude of the task, you will relax in freedom and confidence, knowing your official homeschool transcript is the perfect representation of the best homeschool work and a complete, well-rounded student.

Scholarship Winning Transcript Templates
Get my favorite, easy-to-use transcript templates, including the one we used to win two full-tuition scholarships
Comprehensive Training and Tools
Learn all the tricks and tips for transcript preparation to give your student a competitive advantage over non-homeschoolers
Personal & Private Review and Coaching
Get your final product reviewed and your remaining questions answered in a 20 minute, private one-on-one coaching call, or consultation email.
“My daughter was not only accepted to the one and only school she applied, but she was offered the highest scholarship they award and invited to join the honors program. While in the parent's meeting on of the administators praised the transcript we sent in. They said it was the best one they had see, and that perhaps I should teach a class. I thought, "teach a class, no, I took a class and my teacher was Lee Binz!”
Aleyne in Maine
Aleyne in Maine
“I am one of your Happy Customers! I have a daughter that is getting ready to graduate. I ordered your transcript package and watched your webinars hoping to learn how to make them look good and what exactly to apply to them. Long Story Short : My daughter was accepted and awarded a $24,000 scholarship for her application and academic achievements!! I'm so grateful for you and your love for helping us homeschool parents. So I feel more confident for getting them through.”
Michelle in Arizona
Michelle in Arizona