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[Free Class] Course Description Pool Party!

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I love lounging by the pool in the summer. Quite frankly, the relaxation of regular summer breaks from homeschooling really pays off. Are you there yet? Are you all finished with the paperwork tasks from the last school year so you can really, REALLY relax? 

Finishing up your homeschool records for the year means you need to ...

  • Put on your swim suit - and face the cold reality of what did and didn't happen this past school year.
  • Arrange the pool deck chairs - and organize your records so they look tidy and inviting too.
  • Add some sunscreen – make sure you don't get burned in the admission process by making sure you are 100% honest in your homeschool documents.
  • Open your umbrella – cover all possible career plans by creating complete records so your student is ready for anything.
  • Rock some hip sunglasses - complete your poolside ensemble by creating sweet, professional-looking homeschool records!

Choose Tuesday, August 15 at 12 PM or Thursday, August 17, 2023 at 1 PM (Pacific Time).

Come to class and I'll help you dive into those course descriptions and quickly finish, so you can kick back with a cool drink in your hand and flipped-off flip-flops. You bring the sunscreen, and I'll bring the fun!

You will learn...

  • The importance of a transcript
  • How to write course descriptions
  • Why reading lists are important
  • How to expand your activities and awards lists
  • Five important tips for creating professional records

Choose either Tuesday, August 15 at 12 PM or Thursday, August 17, 2023 at 1 PM (Pacific Time). 

Hear what Wendy had to say about the class:

"I wanted to thank you for offering this free class. I learned so much and appreciated all of the time you took at the end to answer questions." ~ Wendy G.

Join the class to learn, and get your questions answered too!

You'll receive a downloadable workbook to keep notes in during class, plus a bonus for every attendee... a FREE downloadable ebook, Comprehensive Homeschool Records. This will help you learn how to "put your best foot forward to win college admission and scholarships!"

Don't miss out on the best pool-side spot for my Course Description Pool Party. Join this free class and we will make fast work of those nagging course descriptions and get all your questions answered so you can finish off the summer with a splash! You will finally be ready to tackle next year without the burden of incomplete records weighing you down. Your normal homeschool student can have beautiful course descriptions that will help them attend the college of their dreams. Register today to reserve your deck chair at the pool party. I look forward to seeing you in class!

Homeschool Test Preparation for College Admission ...
[Book Excerpt] College Admission Policies Demystif...

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Thursday, 23 May 2024

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