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[Free Class!] The 12 Keys to High School Success

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Have you ever wished there was a free workshop called "How to Homeschool High School Without Going Bonkers"? There is! You are cordially invited to this free class! 

Join me and retain your sanity with The 12 Keys to High School Success FREE workshop. This is just a one-day event, so be sure to reserve your spot today.

~ Thursday, September 30, 2021 at 1:00pm Pacific Time ~

Those universal homeschool mom stressors that can incapacitate you with intense feelings of anxiety are what I call "homeschool nutties." The homeschool nutties are always challenging, and they're made even more difficult if your battery is low, when you are already feeling drained. Having these KEYS in hand can make all the difference!

My upcoming workshop will provide you with the keys you need to charge your battery and help you overcome your particular homeschool nutty ... the keys that will give you the extra power (the ooomph!) to continue your journey to the summit that is high school graduation.

I know there are homeschool parents who can compete in the Tour de France while nursing their newborn and teaching their high-schoolers Advanced Latin but this class in NOT for them. This workshop IS for those mortal, human, sometimes frail and tired homeschoolers who truly want to do the best job possible preparing their children for college and life but could use a little extra boost. If this describes you, don't miss this free class that will refresh and empower you.

In this workshop you will learn 12 keys to high school success:

  • The keys to gaining confidence
  • The keys to the love of learning
  • The keys to choosing curriculum
  • The keys to success even with teens that have ever-changing situations

Join me for The 12 Keys to High School Success on Thursday, September 30, 2021 at 1:00pm Pacific Time, and I will give you those keys so you can have the confidence to finish this Ironman journey of homeschooling high school.

I'll also be sharing a freebie with attendees, my downloadable ebook How to Be a Better Home Educator. I think you'll find it super helpful! 

Please join me for this fast-paced, content-rich, FREE, live workshop in September. I think you are going to love it! 

Do you want to homeschool high school without going bonkers? If the answer is "yes", then this class is for you! This workshop help you diagnose the 12 most common nutties of homeschooling high school and give you the tools and wisdom to overcome them. I promise you will learn solid strategies that will make homeschooling EASIER and MORE REWARDING for both you and your children!

Learn more in my video invitation below!
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Saturday, 10 June 2023

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