Create Your Official, Professional, Scholarship-Worthy Homeschool Transcript Today!

You can create a winning homeschool transcript that colleges will love and trust! 

Create Your Official, Professional, Scholarship-Worthy Homeschool Transcript Today!

You can create a winning homeschool transcript that colleges will love and trust! 

Create Your Official, Professional, Scholarship-Worthy Homeschool Transcript Today!

You can create a winning homeschool transcript that colleges will love and trust! 

Get Full Family Use, Lifetime Access to the Total Transcript Solution for only $47

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You Don't Need Accreditation Agencies or Government Programs to Validate Your Homeschool Transcript for College!

Dear Homeschool Parent:

My name is Lee Binz. I’m just a regular homeschool mom who awhile back struck gold in the form of two full-tuition scholarships.

Ever since then, parents have been asking me, “How did you create such beautiful homeschool transcript templates for your boys?” Well, the truth is: it wasn’t easy.

When I started homeschooling high school, I was filled with insecurity and self-doubt.  I mean, who was to say what colleges wanted in homeschool records?  The truth was, I didn’t know.  Worse, I KNEW I DIDN’T KNOW and that truth terrified me.

My husband and I desperately wanted to graduate our boys from homeschool.  We had tasted the bitterness of public schools when our kids were younger and we were positively committed to not returning.  And we didn’t have the money for college, let alone for private Christian high school.

Besides, homeschooling our boys had been the most wonderful experience of our lives and we would have done anything to finish the job right.  

Still, every time I thought about preparing and maintaining a believable homeschool transcript, I’d break out in a cold sweat.

I’m different in the way I deal with stress, though….  I research like crazy until I master the information! When I was studying how to create my sons’ high school transcript, I noticed none of the homeschool experts seemed to agree about anything!

I would read six different books and end up with seven different opinions on how to do a homeschool transcript for college! Each book would have an entirely different approach to grades, credits, record keeping, co-op classes, format and just about every other aspect of creating a high school transcript. It was so frustrating!

So, I decided to look into the popular options of accreditation programs and alternative education.  These groups, however, seemed to totally dismiss and discount my method of homeschooling and made me feel inadequate as a teacher and a mother.

I Knew There Had to be a Better Way to Make a Homeschool Transcript for college

I was totally overwhelmed by all the conflicting “hard and fast” rules on how a high school transcript HAD to be done, most of which did not apply to my situation.

I grew weary of the suggestion that my way of homeschooling was somehow deficient.

And I felt extremely frustrated when I was told a certain format, a particular approach, or a single method would guarantee success! I had already seen homeschoolers of all varieties succeed, so I knew it had to be possible.

None of these rigid “declarations” worked for me. In addition, none of the books I read helped me in my “free form” homeschool, which was very hard to compartmentalize.  The books seemed to be geared either to unschooling or “school at home,” with no help for people in the middle or families who do both.  I could find no single source that would speak to parents who were elsewhere on the unschooling-to-classical continuum.

I remember at one point feeling so discouraged and inadequate that I really considered throwing in the towel. Through this process, though, one thought kept coming back to me:  “This shouldn’t be so hard!”

The Shocking Truth About Homeschool Transcripts!

My breakthrough came when I started talking to colleges.  My reasoning was they were going to be the customer of all my hard work, so why not ask them directly what they were looking for? That’s when I discovered the shocking truth about the high school transcript – the truth the experts and agencies won’t divulge!

And what is that truth???

(Drumroll please) Ahem:  “There are lots of right ways of doing things.”

Ta-Da!  That’s it.  Now before you go getting all disappointed in this message, keep in mind that there is one very important corollary to this truth.

The colleges completely get this!

That’s right — colleges understand homeschooling and transcripts.  Beyond that, colleges really LIKE homeschool students.  We’ve come a long way, baby, from the early days of homeschooling when colleges looked at parents like they just crawled out from under a rock.

These days, most colleges appreciate all of the variety they see coming from independent homeschool students.  They love our quirky course titles, our “delight directed learning,” our “mommy-grades” and “kitchen credits”.  Most shocking of all, they didn’t seem to even care much about accreditation, which seemed like the “be-all-end-all” to many homeschooling experts.

In fact, in my research, it has become clear that only one group really cares about accreditation – the agencies that make money on accreditation!  You see, accredited transcripts cost lots of money.  Accreditation agencies want to take lots of your money.  They place ads all over the internet and in magazines, spouting phrases like “accredited homeschool” and “real transcript” and (most offensive of all) “real teachers.”

Do you catch the irony here?  The people who want you to pay them the big bucks are the only ones who seem to care deeply about accreditation.  That presents a massive conflict of interest!  It pays for them to confuse you, make you feel insecure and emphasize the importance of high priced accreditation when most colleges couldn’t care less!

But Why Don't the Colleges Care?

It’s simple, really.  Colleges see unaccredited transcripts all the time from public and private schools.  That’s right; transcripts from a brick-and-mortar school may be just as unaccredited as your own high school transcript.

Part of the college’s job is to assess the high school records of ALL students who apply.  And the most shocking part of all: They know that even if an accredited transcript says English 1 with an “A” grade, the student may not be able to read and write at a college level!  For heaven’s sake, they don’t even take an accredited GPA at face value, but will often recalculate it to meet their standards!

It is their job to assess every student and they learned long ago not to blindly accept accredited transcripts.  They operate under the Ronald Reagan philosophy of “Trust, but verify.”

Sure, there are a handful of backward-thinking colleges that want homeschoolers to jump through unreasonable hoops but they are a rapidly shrinking minority.

Homeschool Transcript Relief!

You cannot imagine how liberating this realization was for me.

It meant I had the freedom to teach any subject or skill in a way that worked for my family without being judged harshly by people who didn’t know me or my children.

It meant I didn’t have to change my homeschool, just so I could fit into the way some book said that I had to homeschool.

It meant I could relax and feel confident about my children’s college preparation and could give them the freedom to just enjoy learning, without second-guessing myself about tests, textbooks and grades.

But how about you?  Where are you in your homeschooling journey?

See if Any of These Scenarios Seem Familiar to You…

Maybe you have a junior high student and the thing that keeps you from continuing your effective homeschool is fear of making the “Permanent Record?”

Or maybe you are starting your high school years and don’t know how to organize your homeschool or what classes are required for college, or how to determine grades or credits.

Perhaps you’re progressing through high school and the transcript is growing to be an all-encompassing worry, filling every waking moment.  You feel like you are too busy teaching to keep records or learn about transcripts.  What’s worse, you are beginning to worry about the homeschool courses and experiences that you might be forgetting!

You may have a senior, and you are feeling dread because you know the transcript should have been done long ago. You might even be in full panic mode:

“Is my child prepared for college?” “Can I pull together a transcript in time?” “Can I get everything done?” “Has everyone else done a better job homeschooling than me?”

If you find yourself in one of these situations I’ve got some bad news…

Almost Everything You've Been Told About Homeschool Transcripts is Wrong!

If you’ve been homeschooling for any amount of time, I’m sure you have gotten an earful of advice from experts, accreditation agencies, and alternative education programs on what you should do about high school.

The problem with all the well-intended advice is it usually comes from biased sources.  Just take a look at the ads on homeschooling websites.  If you click on some, you will likely be taken to websites for software, virtual schools, accreditation agencies, or thinly veiled public school programs using online access to get to your child.  All will promise a solution to your transcript problem.

But what’s behind their promises?  Let’s take a look:

If you go the expert advice route, you will get lots of transcript “do’s and don’ts” that will put your joyful homeschool in a tiny, cramped high school box.

If you go the software route, you will get a program to play with, but it won’t help you with the all-important question of what should go on the transcript.

If you go the virtual school route, you will get some free curriculum but you will also endure a government-run “assembly-line” program with all the rules, inflexibility, and questionable values that we have seen for years.

If you go with an accreditation agency, you will get some consultation, but you will also be subjected to strict rules and requirements that will put your homeschool in a straight-jacket – while increasing your record-keeping requirements.

If you give up and put your kids in public schools then you will be throwing away all of the benefits of homeschooling at the time when they are most important – high school.

But there is one thing I can guarantee you will get from all of these groups – grief!

Grief in the form of inflexible requirements, “we know better than you” judgments, and limiting options.

Do you hear what I’m saying?  The “professionals” will put your student in a box, and hamstring you, your child’s best teacher.   They will judge you, and evaluate your children against societal norms because, in the end…they don't trust your judgement!

As you can imagine, my message of empowerment to homeschoolers has not been very well received by professional educators and accreditation agencies.  I remember at one homeschool convention being accosted by one of the representatives of an accreditation agency who was very concerned that I was telling parents that they could homeschool independently.

At the low point of the discussion, she actually uttered the one question that true homeschoolers hate the most:   “But what about socialization?!” That pretty much ended the conversation because I knew this person didn’t really understand what independent homeschooling was all about.

In the past, homeschoolers like us had little choice but to submit ourselves to these groups and their judgments, their rules, their limitations if we wanted a chance to get our child admitted to the college or university of their dreams.

That is, until now…

YES! You Can Create a Winning Homeschool Transcript with the Total Transcript Solution!

Here's Why You Need It!

The Total Transcript Solution is available to help parents just like you. Better than regular transcript software (which requires "brain-ware"), the Total Transcript Solution is the low-tech way to get your transcript done quickly. Because you just need your transcript done and not spend your time figuring out how to set up a fancy program.  But the Total Transcript Solution is very different than other transcript software packages in some very important ways: 

  • You don't download and set up complicated software - the Total Transcript Solution is as easy to use as typing a document.
  • You don't have to purchase the product every year or for every child - the Total Transcript Solution is yours to use forever for all your children.
  • You don't have to store your transcript on someone else's server and then depend on them to access it - the Total Transcript Solution will let you save your transcript and templates directly on your PC or into your own cloud account.
  • You won't just have a nifty tool to enter your transcript information but without any help on what to type - the Total Transcript Solution will teach your HOW to make your transcript, name classes, assign grades and credits, calculate GPA, etc, etc.
  • You won't be left wondering if what you have created will "pass muster" with the colleges - the Total Transcript Solution will unlock professional coaching and feedback on your transcript from Lee Binz, the nation's leading expert on homeschooling high school.

Look at All You'll Get:

The Total Transcript Solution Gives You Comprehensive Tools, Templates, and Training to Make a Scholarship Winning Template that Colleges will Trust and Respect!  Specifically, it includes:
  • 8 hours of training classes with video, audio, downloadables, and resources. Courses cover making a transcript (of course), but also, grades, credits, GPA, and creating course titles,
  • Comprehensive homeschool transcript eBook plus additional reading on all aspects of the transcript
  • 10 transcript templates in Word, Excel, and Pages (Mac) format, including an NCAA compliant template and the best template we know for earning scholarships, the HomeScholar transcript template
  • One 20 minute personal phone or email consultation with Lee Binz to go over your final product or answer any lingering questions
  • 4 great bonuses on high school testing, planning, book savings, and 30 days of free continuous homeschool parent training through our Silver Training Club support
  • 4 surprise bonuses with additional training on keys to success, scholarships and finding a college, plus an "emergency transcript pack" for when you need your transcript done TODAY!
  • Lifetime access that you can use to guide all your children, plus a 30-day, money-back guarantee

What People Are Saying About the Total Transcript Solution

“My daughter was not only accepted to the one and the only school she applied to, but she was offered the highest scholarship they awarded and invited to join the honors program. While in the parents' meeting one of the administrators praised the transcript we sent in. They said it was the best one they had seen, and that perhaps I should teach a class. I thought, 'Teach a class, no, I took a class and my teacher was Lee Binz'!”

Happy HomeScholar Customer
Alenya in Maine

"The college coordinator emailed me back: 'This is great! I'm going to hold you up as the shining example of how to do homeschool transcript templates and course descriptions!' I am so very grateful to you and your ministry! With all my heart I wish more and more families would follow your wonderful advice so that the homeschool community would continue to raise the bar of excellence in all things. My deepest gratitude!"

Happy Total Transcript Solution Customer
Chelle in Georgia

"I am one of your Happy Customers! I have a daughter that is getting ready to graduate. I ordered your transcript package and watched your webinars hoping to learn how to make them look good and what exactly to apply to them. My daughter was accepted and awarded a $24,000 scholarship for her application and academic achievements!! I'm so grateful for you and your love for helping us homeschool parents."

Happy Homeschool Transcript Customer
Michelle in Arizona

4 Great Homeschool Transcript Modules

  • Training

    Comprehensive training on how to make a transcript. 

    Your purchase includes over 7 hours of training covering ...

    - How to make a transcript quickly and in a way that will reflect the uniqueness of your homeschool and your student

    - How to determine grades and assign credits

    - How to calculate GPA

    - The best way to determine class titles.

  • Book Instruction

    Complete book training on every aspect of creating a scholarship winning transcript. 

    Your purchase includes over 100 pages of instruction covering ...

    - The nuts and bolts of making a transcript, including, why make a transcript,

    - How to grade fairly and believably and how to calculate GPA

    - How to assign credits colleges will believe

  • Choosing a Template

    Understand the strategies and tactics for minimizing your college costs, including junior year strategies, dual enrollment, college financing options, avoiding debt, and earning scholarships.

    Your purchase includes over 8 hours of video training, plus tools, resources, and  ebooks on how to ...

    - Win merit scholarships

    - Find private scholarships

    - Secure financial aid, and 

    - Shorten the time to earn your degree. 

  • Feedback and Support

    Complete training and tools to succeed in the college application process, including filling out the forms, essays, recommendation letters, homeschool records, activity list, and interviews. 

    Your purchase includes over 8 hours of video training, plus tools, resources, and ebooks on how to ...

    - Plan for and implement critical steps required during senior year 

    - Prepare homeschool records that will help your admission and scholarship chances

    - Interpret and fulfill college admission requirements and complete the essays

    - Track your college applications and compare college costs in order to make a final decision.

4 Great Bonuses

Testing Pack

Get a Handle on the SAT, ACT, and other Standard High School Tests

  • High School Testing: Workshop with Handout
  • High School Testing Chart
  • Supplemental Reading and Instruction

Resource Pack

My Favorite Homeschool Resources in One Spot!

  • The HomeScholar Planning Guide
  • Grading Criteria
  • GPA Calculator
  • The HomeScholar College Planning Calendar

Savings Pack

Free and Discounted Books

  • Free Book - "7 Secrets of Homeschooling through a Financial Storm"
  • $10 off - "Setting the Records Straight"

Continuing Education Pack

Learn at Your Own Pace with the Silver Training Club

  • 30 Days of Free Access to my Continually Refreshed Parent Training Site, the Silver Training Club
  • Each additional 30 days is $27
  • Cancel Anytime

About Lee Binz

Lee Binz, The HomeScholar is a Homeschooling Expert

My name is Lee Binz and I'm the HomeScholar.  For over a decade I have been helping parents homeschool high school. In fact, the transcripts and records that we put together for our kids was the genesis of The HomeScholar.  When we showed them off during our high school graduation, the other moms said, "You HAVE to teach me how to do this!"  A month later, The HomeScholar was born.   Our transcripts and records were the key to our boys getting invited to, and subsequently winning, the full-tuition scholarship competition at their first choice university (the college told us).

That is the main benefit.... your transcripts will open doors for you kids.  Your transcripts can give your children a real competitive advantage in college admission and scholarships.  

All these testimonials you are reading are real parents who were in your position just a short time ago.  You will never regret taking action today that could save your family thousands of dollars and get your children successfully launched to the college of their choice.  

It's a wild ride! I'm so excited to help you along the way!


What Customers Are Saying About Lee

"Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions at the conference. I’ve been praying for an answer to my unique needs in homeschooling my oldest son. I believe God answered my prayers by sending me to you. A huge weight was lifted after speaking with you and your husband. It’s hard for me to let go and let God have complete control of our homeschool high school, but I’m learning and it’s getting easier. I will definitely let you know when I need help. You and your family have been such a blessing to me and mine."

Janel in North Dakota
Janel in North Dakota

"Lee is an expert in homeschool high school transcripts. Many people send me things to review but Lee's stuff really grabbed me. I said 'this is a like-minded person. This is a woman with the voice of experience and common sense that so many of us are so desperately looking for in the educational world.' Lee has the expertise of a professional to help with this tricky issue of assigning credits and grades and creating transcripts in preparation for college applications."

Homeschool Leader, Andrew Pudewa
Andrew Pudewa, Director of IEW

"I want to highly recommend Lee's services to anyone who has questions about the high school years! I had a consultation with her yesterday and it was so helpful and amazing to watch the transcript fill before my very eyes. I think as homeschoolers we can be VERY critical of our little schools and I didn't even realize how much was learned last year. Lee's service is truly a blessing and her rates are very reasonable! I will be using her service again next year and probably every year until both of my older kids graduate."

Lisa in Florida Loves the Total Transcript Solution
Lisa in Florida

What Are You Waiting For?

Right now, I am standing by to give you instant access to my four-step Total Transcript Solution, which explains everything you need to know to create a believable homeschool transcript that perfectly reflects your student and your homeschool high school, whether it is classical, unschooled or an all-over-the-board eclectic mix.

You can translate ANY wonderful educational experience into grades and credits on your own official transcript.

Instead of feeling stressed and absolutely overwhelmed by the magnitude of the task, you will relax in freedom and confidence, knowing your official transcript is the perfect representation of your best homeschool work and your complete student.

In fact, instead of worrying about your ability to create a transcript, you will be focused on the joy of homeschooling your children through graduation!

Now I realize what you don't is just another ebook sitting on your computer telling you the things you SHOULD be doing – I think we all have enough “shoulds” in our lives.  That is why I am offering you a "Total Solution" – a direct path from wherever you are right now to transcript completion.

There is Still Time to Get Additional Bonuses on the Total Transcript Solution!

The HomeScholar Real Homeschool Mom Guarantee

What Customers Think About Their Total Transcript Solution Purchase

“In April, my homeschooled senior daughter was applying to a very competitive specialty summer college program at a major Ivy League university. I had to come up with a really professional looking transcript, FAST. I ordered your Total Transcript Solution and it was all you said it was! I was able to find legitimate credits in activities and learning experiences I had never thought of as 'transcript material' before! And the format was very professional and official looking, plus easy to use. You even made the process fun! In a program where they seldom give scholarships -- she received TWO different scholarships! THANK YOU so much for your common-sense and friendly information. It was worth about $6,000 to our family!"

Sue in North Carolina
Sue in North Carolina

“I have been so blessed by the Total Transcript Solution. Last October, my daughter was accepted and awarded the highest academic scholarship from all four of the colleges she applied to. All combined, Michaela was awarded 93% of her tuition for four years. I recently met with the Director of the Honors Program at the University who identified with interest, an unusual activity Michaela completed during high school that was listed on her TTS transcript. The Total Transcript Solution made it easier for the university to conclude that Michaela’s unique homeschooling experiences would be a welcome addition to the University community! Your recommendations and resources have empowered me to take control of my children’s high school education."

Kathleen in California
Kathleen in California

"With the Total Transcript Solution, I was able to craft a transcript for my daughter that showed the depth of her learning throughout her high school years. It impressed me when it was all jotted down on paper that we had done way more than I originally thought. It helped me see that though she was not strong in one area, she had actually accomplished quite a bit in several other subjects. I was also able to allay my husband’s fears that her high school transcript's scope and depth would make her a stand out student. And knowing that I have permanent access to all of your homeschool transcript templates, makes my investment worth it because I can use it for the seven children coming up behind her. Thanks again for your help."

Debbie in Colorado
Debbie in Colorado

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will the Total Transcript Solution work on a Mac?

    Yes, the templates are formatted for MS Word, Excel, and Pages. The Pages documents will run on a Mac. If you need to open a Word or Excel document on your Mac you will need a special application. There are many free and paid programs out there that allow Macs to open Microsoft products. Here are a few that will allow you to run Word and Excel files:

    For pdf files you just need the Mac version of the free Adobe Reader.

  • Does the Total Transcript Solution teach me how to make course descriptions and other homeschool documentation I will need for college applications?
  • How do I cancel my Silver Training Club membership?
  • What if I want to cancel but forget?

I know homeschooling high school is hard. You should not be burdened by something as simple as a homeschool transcript.

Please, let me take "transcript anxiety" off your shoulders once and for all!

Imagine the blessed relief you will feel when you hold your child’s completed transcript in your hands, and the total validation you will feel when the colleges express their acceptance about your homeschool by granting your child admission and (even) scholarships.  You will have all you need to complete this once dreaded task when you follow the four simple steps of my Total Transcript Solution