Be Kind to Yourself

Speak kindly to yourself. You are God's precious child. He is kind and loving, and He wants us to be kind and loving to ourselves as well.  Women...

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Test Preparation in Middle School

  Test Preparation in Middle School What do you do to prepare for the SAT and ACT when your child is in middle school? Read these 7 ways to effectively prepare for the SAT and ACT before high school. The best test prep in middle school is making sure you do a good job with reading, writing, penmanship, and math. Also, providing practice with fill in the bubble tests can ensure that they will be successful...

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The Perfect Plan for Homeschool High School

Planning the coming year with high school students? Let me give you a quick review of what you really need to cover each year of high school. You'll e...

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Planning for Homeschooling High School during Uncertain Times

We are living in uncertain times - especially when it comes to homeschooling high school. There are public and private schools that are undecided abou...

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 Read-Aloud Families Create Successful Students

 Read-Aloud Families Create Successful Students

I believe that read-aloud families create successful students. I requested an opportunity to review, The Read-Aloud Family by Sarah Mackenzie to see w...

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7 Simple Steps to Planning 7th and 8th Grade

7 Simple Steps to Planning 7th and 8th Grade

It can be a temptation to totally panic when you start planning middle school for the first time. You may like my article, Taming Middle School A...

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International Travel Tips

International Travel Tips

I was recently on a European River Cruise, and lots of people have been asking me for advice on international travel. Since this was my first time, I ...

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31 Educational Games for Teens

31 Educational Games for Teens

Games for teens can make summer more fun. Staying sane in summer requires a careful balance of structure (so the kids don't go crazy) and time away fr...

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The 5 Stages of Homeschooling High School

The 5 Stages of Homeschooling High School Many homeschool parents today are intimidated by the thought of homeschooling through high school, overwhelmed by the thought of college applications, and unsure how to plan for this final stage of their child’s education. Generally, parents tend to react in one of two ways to this challenge. Some are stressed out and need minimal information, because if they are given too much information, they become immobilized and can’t do...

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What Grade is Your Child in Next Year?

What Grade is Your Child in Next Year? What grade is your child in next year? Are you ready? If you need to plan for the coming year, I have a book that's a perfect fit, no matter what grade!Homeschooling Middle School with Powerful Purpose: How to Successfully Navigate 6th through 8th GradeMiddle school is a time when homeschool parents often get frightened and quit. But now is no time to panic! Middle school can be...

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How to Encourage Reading with Teens

Encourage Reading with Teens Are you having trouble encouraging your middle school or high school child to read? It can be so difficult to find suitable books for a pre-teen or teenager! Never fear; you CAN encourage reading with teens! Let me help with ideas and free resources for you. Make Reading Fun Encourage fun by using real, quality literature. If you're having trouble finding suitable books, you might like my handy Printable Middle School Reading List PDF to help...

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Junior High is Training Time for Parents

Junior High is Training Time for Parents Junior High is a great time for both homeschool parents and their students to get ready to homeschool high school! During 6th, 7th and 8th grade, parents should be spending time learning how to homeschool high school. Take classes on homeschooling high school at a convention or online convention, read books on how to homeschool high school, and visit the College Board® website to check out their college prep plan.In...

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Surprise! Course Descriptions Needed Early!

The trials and tribulations of having a gifted child...  It's not as easy as it may sound to others.  Surprises happen.  And you know, surprises are rarely convenient! For example, Lauren was surprised to find out she needed a transcript and course descriptions for her 14 year old, but it really paid off! I wanted to tell you that my oldest son just was accepted to the dual enrollment program at Georgia Perimeter College. Here in...

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Middle School Math Credits

As a homeschooler, I’m sure you are wondering or will wonder at some point if math done in middle school can go on your students high school transcript. I’m here to assure you that it probably can! Math credits earned are unique to each family, so here are a few examples that you may relate to:If a 6th grader takes Algebra with Geometry over a year and a half, do we include that on their transcript?I...

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Early High School Credits or Extra Middle School Fun?

Should we count extensive European travel during middle school as early high school credit? Traveling Europe, learning foreign languages, and experiencing the art and culture of other countries is awesome!  If these were done during high school, then you can give high school credit for the whole experience. If these experiences are completed prior to high school, does it count? In  my opinion only the academic subjects taught at high school level can be counted as high school...

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