Remedial and Almost Illiterate in College

Two news stories provided shocking statistics on the quality of high school education right now. Put these thoughts side by side and see if your head ...

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High School with Learning Challenges

If your child struggles with learning challenges, you are not alone!  Read my article "College for Struggling Learners" to hear about other teenagers with learning problems. These are the resources listed in the article, linked so you can easily access the information. Learning Disabilities Association of AmericaTypical learning difficulties include dyslexia, dyscalculia, and dysgraphia - often complicated by associated disorders such as attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder. Learning Disabilities Association Tips for College AdmissionLearning Disabilities - 8 Tips For...

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Teaching Strategies to Help Struggling Learners

If you have a struggling learner, you know the challenges that come with every day. Whether the struggle comes from one individual subject or from acr...

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How Homeschoolers Measure Up: Comparing Percentiles

How Homeschoolers Measure Up with Test Scores Homeschoolers tend to do GREAT on standardized test scores. For example: on average, homeschoolers score above the 79th percentile in reading. But what does that mean to you? How does your homeschooler measure up? Are you average? Of course not!Homeschooling alone can't guarantee that your child will score in the 79th percentile in reading, because every child is unique! But what homeschooing CAN do, is allow your child to...

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Awana is a wonderful program, and a great way to get Bible credit naturally in a fun activity.  I know it take a LOT of work.  Because it takes so much time and effort, I usually suggest including it on your high school transcripts.  In private schools and many homeschools, families include Bible on their transcript as a regular subject area - just like math, or science, or physical education.  On my transcript, I had Bible...

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Homeschooling High School: Complicated Answers Take Time

Some questions are easy to answer.When is the PSAT?How do I find a College Fair?Should my freshman take Physics before Biology?But other questions are very big, and very complicated.  Sandi asked a big and complicated question on my blog the other day.Hi Lee. I have 5 kids, 3 remain to be homeschooled. All high school age. My 17 yo has had some issues with seizures since Spring. As a result he has fallen behind somewhat in...

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Math at the High School Level

At the high school level, sometimes it can see like math takes FOREVER!  It can simply take a LONG time to complete math when you are working at a high school level.  Kids get slower after they have worked for an hour or more, so it makes sense to break it up into two pieces.  Some kids need more practice and some need less.  Each child only NEEDS to do the number of problems necessary in...

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Encouragement for Parents of Struggling Learners

What happens when REAL homeschoolers grow up?  You know, the kids who have to actually WORK to learn?  I'll tell you what happens - they succeed! This is a letter I recently received from a friend willing to share the ups and downs of her journey - and their ultimate success! I just have to share what happened today. My oldest child, Rhett age 16 and in the 11th grade, won the National Guard Outstanding Achievement...

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Real Help for Struggling Learners

In Lake Wobegon all the children are above average, but in the real world some kids struggle.  What is a parent to do?I have a son with fairly significant learning disabilities.  He is dues to begin high school this fall.  He is on a sixth grade level in we keep I give him high school level credit for the math we do next year?  His writing looks like a second grader's ~ do we...

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