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Homeschool Grades and Credits without Formal Curriculum

Some parents work hard to homeschool for free. Free homeschooling is possible, and parents can pull together a hodge-podge of resources for homeschool...

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The Great Courses for High School Credit

Some homeschoolers feel The Great Courses classes are college level, so when you complete a big series (48 lectures) they give a full credit...

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Public Speaking and Speech and Debate

Public speaking is often considered one of the major fears of humans. Studies show that as much as 70% of the population have experienced fear of publ...

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Ways to Earn High School Credit

There are different ways to earn high school credit when you are legally homeschooling. These ways don't overlap - you can't give four credits because...

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How to Calculate Completely Unbiased Homeschool Grades

Homeschoolers can create a professional, official homeschool transcript that earns college admission and scholarships. To see how simple it can be, do...

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Should Homeschoolers Weight Grades?

Have you ever wondered if homeschoolers should weight grades? Perhaps you have heard of students taking AP® courses or honors courses and receiving a ...

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Should Homeschoolers Worry About Portfolios?

Dear Lee,I am reading Homeschoolers' College Admissions Handbook by  Cafi Cohen.  I know the books is a bit dated.  Should  homeschoolers worry about portfolios anymore?  I don't really recall you talking about them.Blessings,~ KatePortfolios are also called course descriptions, comprehensive records, and other names.  A portfolio is technically more of an art major or unschooling "scrapbook" of work.  That's why I opted to call mine a comprehensive record.Many colleges (most?) want course descriptions, and it can...

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Early High School Credits or Extra Middle School Fun?

Should we count extensive European travel during middle school as early high school credit? Traveling Europe, learning foreign languages, and experiencing the art and culture of other countries is awesome!  If these were done during high school, then you can give high school credit for the whole experience. If these experiences are completed prior to high school, does it count? In  my opinion only the academic subjects taught at high school level can be counted as high school...

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How to Assign Homeschool Grades without Grading Tests

Creating a homeschool transcript is vital, even when made at home. The university gave my child a full-tuition scholarship based on my "mommy grades" ...

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Academic Cheating - Solutions and Prevention

Sometimes issues will come out of the blue. Even in good families with sweet children, academic cheating can be a temptation. Cheating on tests, looki...

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Evaluating Classes and Estimating Grades

Evaluating Classes and Estimating Grades Unless you’re one of those super-conscientious homeschool parents who keep all your homeschool records up to date, you probably need to spend a little time catching up on record keeping. Grading, filing, and planning are all important, especially in the high school years!If any of this feels intimidating to you, let me encourage you that you’re not alone. Many parents feel unsure of themselves, especially when it comes to grading high...

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Amazing Records! A Model for Others!

Lisa was so excited to take her son to college this fall. I often hear stories of "Shock and Awe" and Lisa has a great one! The college loved her homeschool records so much, they asked to use them as an example for other homeschoolers! Dear Lee,We dropped my son off at NU Wednesday. During the registration process, one of the check in location representatives stopped me and said,"Your documents for your son when applying to...

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The Great Courses: Honors, or Just High School Credit?

Homeschoolers use lots of different resources, and one of the ones I’ve recommended in the past are The Great Courses.  With choices in science, mathematics, business and economics (just to name a few), many homeschoolers are utilizing these classes.  Parents have asked me whether the Great Courses should be considered AP Honor’s classes or high school level, but it really depends on how you utilize them. Obviously, the high school courses they offer are high school...

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Applications, Course Descriptions, and Questions

Start your college applications early.  It can be complicated, and questions can come up.  Read how it took this mother weeks to prepare detailed course descriptions. Plan ahead, like Leanne.Hello, Lee-I have been working for weeks now preparing detailed course descriptions (like yours in your publications on the subject). I take my son to Grove City College next week for an interview.I was wondering about a course that you really only have a pass/fail grade for....

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How Many Credits?

  Homeschool parents can be worriers, "Do I have enough structure in my homeschool? Not enough? Are my grades too lenient? Too strict?" In addition to a long list of other potential worries, some parents wonder about homeschool credits and whether their child will have enough to graduate, while others are embarrassed by the large number their child has accrued. How many is normal? Let’s take a look at the possibilities. Not Enough Credits If you...

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