Early High School Credits in Middle School

Homeschoolers may earn high school credits in middle school. If you are sure your middle school child is doing high school level work in an acade...

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How to Assess Student Learning Without Homeschool Tests

Homeschool parents can assess student learning naturally, the way that a piano teacher evaluates a piano student. Teachers in schools utilize tests be...

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Ways to Earn High School Credit

There are different ways to earn high school credit when you are legally homeschooling. These ways don't overlap - you can't give four credits because...

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Should Homeschoolers Weight Grades?

Have you ever wondered if homeschoolers should weight grades? Perhaps you have heard of students taking AP® courses or honors courses and receiving a ...

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Homeschooling High School - How to Get it All Done

How do I get it ALL done? That is a big question. It all depends on what your "ALL" means to you? Is your "All" too big? What are your priorities?

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How to Put Dual Enrollment on Your Homeschool Transcript

Dual enrollment. It can be such a sticking point for homeschool families making a homeschool transcript. Follow the 6 steps below to put dual enrollment on your child's transcript.This post will tell you how to put dual enrollment on a transcript. Want to see what a scholarship-winning transcript actually looks like? Click to download The HomeScholar Record Keeping SamplesYou can count college credits in high school. Below are the specifics of converting college credits to high...

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The Real Value of Grades on a Transcript

The Real Value of Grades on a Transcript I always recommend that parents put grades on every class on your homeschool transcript. Either letter grades (A, B, C) or number grades (4.0, 3.5, 3.) will be equally helpful, but grades are important. I do not recommend using Pass or Fail on your transcript.Colleges award scholarships based on the GPA of your child - and the GPA is determined by the grades you provide. Without grades, you...

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Test Scores Low but High Homeschool Grades

Test Scores Low but High Homeschool Grades What do you do? What do you do when your test scores don't match your homeschool grades? First rule of homeschooling - do not panic! Especially with the first time taking the SAT or ACT, the scores may not be accurate as the child is adjusting to the test.Tammy asked this question on my Video Tip of the Week.I have been working through my daughter’s transcripts, and her grades...

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What if I Homeschool Only Senior Year?

Mary Jo emailed asking for advice as to whether a public-schooled high school junior should consider homeschooling for only her senior year of high school. Here's what I said. My best advice is this;  "Know your child and trust yourself."  If you know that homeschooling is the best fit for your child, then trust yourself and do it.  Don't avoid homeschooling out of fear. Senior year can be busy with college applications. Get 75 application essay...

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Comprehensive Record Solution vs. Total Transcript Solution

How do you compare the Comprehensive Record Solution and the Total Transcript Solution? The key is in the name!  Do you need Comprehensive Records?  Or do you need help with a Transcript? Most parents appreciate a little help and encouragement on their homeschooling journey. My free newsletter delivers this fresh each month. Click to get some yourself: The HomeScholar Record NewsletterThe Total Transcript Solution is geared for parents who need to make a transcript. It is...

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Homeschool High School: Driven Crazy by Drivers Ed!

I remember when I was homeschooling high school.  Sometimes I'd get hung up on ONE small issue that would drive me completely BATTY!  I remember wishing for ANYONE to give me one clear, concise, yes-or-no answer.  One issue I seemed to stress about was driver education.  Wendy asked a question I asked myself years ago! Hi Lee,I'm putting together my first transcript and I've seen differing credits (.25/.50)/grades for Drivers Education on samples.  I have to...

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Better Grades Through Baking

As you can imagine, I get a lot of "interesting" press releases.   Recently I received information about how grades improve when the house smells good. Here are the very important statistics: We’re working with homeschooling mom and the founder of Mom Bloggers Club, Jennifer James, to let people know about this new study which shows that 84% of students reporting GPAs of A or B reported positive childhood home smells, such as lemon, mint or “clean.”...

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How Many Credits?

  Homeschool parents can be worriers, "Do I have enough structure in my homeschool? Not enough? Are my grades too lenient? Too strict?" In addition to a long list of other potential worries, some parents wonder about homeschool credits and whether their child will have enough to graduate, while others are embarrassed by the large number their child has accrued. How many is normal? Let’s take a look at the possibilities. Not Enough Credits If you...

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The Problem with Homeschoolers

One of the biggest problems with homeschool parents and how to avoid it. Subscribe to my YouTube channel. You will be notified when I create new videos on homeschool high school topics!

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Are You an Assertive Homeschooler?

It never hurts to ask.  If you are denied admission because of homeschooling, be assertive, and ask tough questions!  Socially active parents can change admission policy, as I have written in the past.  If you get a barricade, and it looks like bricks, it may not be an impenetrable as it appears. Ask questions.  See second opinions.  Demonstrate facts.  Don't panic! I am planning on attending Technical College in January, but unfortunately the women over admissions...

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