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How to Calculate Completely Unbiased Homeschool Grades

Homeschoolers can create a professional, official homeschool transcript that earns college admission and scholarships. To see how simple it can be, download Homeschool Transcript Template and Record Keeping Samples.

You may be wondering how anyone can take "mommy" homeschool grades seriously. I know you are worried, but your homemade grades really do matter when homeschooling high school! Yes, you are biased in grades, as all teachers are biased based on how much they like or don't like each individual student.

A study conducted by the National Centre for Social Research in the UK shows that bias can occur in schools. The research involved more than 2,000 teachers and showed that teacher bias gives better marks to their favorite student. You can read more about teachers and bias in this article in Time Magazine: All Teachers Should Be Trained To Overcome Their Hidden Biases. But that's not the point. The point is that ALL teachers worry about bias. Not just you.

Yes, you are motivated to want your child to get good grades, but so are school teachers whose pay is roughly tied to the performance of their students—so they want the students to get A's as well.

Yes, we want our children to get objectively good grades. We also want our child to work hard, and we expect them to understand concepts before moving on. But really, isn't the point of an A grade ultimately "working hard and understanding?" If that's what you expect from your child, they will get good grades whether you are biased or not.

What is unique in homeschooling is our ability to ensure that solid homeschool grades happen. We have the ability to stop, repeat, relearn, and retest until a child finally understands a concept. While it may look weird to have such good grades, as homeschoolers we can teach to excellence and be confident in the results.

I encourage you to take some continuing education on making grades, so you feel confident and capable of providing accurate homeschool grades. These may help....

3. You can read this short article, How to Make a Homeschool Transcript.
4. You can jump in with both feet and make your transcript today, with The Total Transcript Solution.

Yes, homeschool grades are legitimate. And yes, you are qualified.

Get Great Scholarships with a Homemade Transcript and GPA

Anne reported great news about her homeschooled daughter. Her homemade transcript, homeschool grades, and homeschool GPA earned huge rewards. Her daughter received wonderful scholarships based on her transcript, and her daughter is successfully launched into adulthood!

"My daughter was accepted to the Bible college - a small school in Pennsylvania that does not offer full-ride scholarships, but:

  • She received the institutional President's Scholarship of $10,000 a year because her GPA was over 3.7. Thank you for helping me make a transcript that reflected how well she did in her studies!
  • Her "mommy-made" GPA was confirmed by her excellent grades in online dual-enrollment classes. If she finishes her 4-year degree through this school and keeps her grades up, I understand that the fees for these classes will be reimbursed to us. That's like getting a semester for free!
  • When we took her to school last month, she was given a $1000 gift card to spend at a special shopping day at Best Buy.

We couldn't understand what we had done to earn this, but the admissions counselor told us that it was because Nicola had enrolled "super early." All students who turned their applications in by December 15, 2016, received either a MacBook or $1000. Wow! Thank you for encouraging us to apply early! Thanks for helping me to build a qualified transcript!

She was offered a job on campus through the work-study program to be an assistant in the Financial Aid office of the school. One of her jobs will be . . . posting scholarship opportunities to their social media sites. So she'll be one of the first to know what is available to apply for! God is just SO good . . .

Feel free to pass any of this along to encourage others. I want people to know that there are still blessings available ~ even from schools that don't give full-ride scholarships!" ~ Anne

What a blessing to hear from Anne! Did you hear the tips you can use today?

  • Make a transcript
  • Give homeschool grades
  • Calculate a GPA
  • Apply early
  • Provide excellent documentation for great scholarships

I hope you feel empowered to grade your child's work with confidence! You can do this and make a wonderful transcript for your child. If you would like some help making your transcript, the Total Transcript Solution is what Anne used for her daughter. Check it out!

I've also got a wonderful Coffee Break Book titled Making the Grades that will help you determine your student's transcript grades! It's available on Amazon in Kindle or print version.

Learn more in my video book review!

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