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[Book Excerpt] Finding the Faith to Homeschool High School

In this post, I share a selection from my book:

Finding the Faith to Homeschool High School

Grab the Kindle version HERE!

When you choose to homeschool high school, sometimes the thing separating success from failure is faith and a friend. I know it can be so challenging. I also know that sharing scripture with a friend can really help.

I have a 5-minute weekly devotional for homeschool moms to encourage you. I'm not a Bible scholar, I'm The HomeScholar. My area of expertise is homeschooling. I also know that searching the scriptures helped me cope with the daily challenges. While I'm not a theologian, I am a mom who loves my Bible. I'd love to encourage you to meditate on God's word too.

In Finding the Faith to Homeschool High School, we can share underlined verses together over coffee. It's not a dissertation about heavy theological concepts. This book is about you and I sharing "What did you read in God's word today?" Imagine sitting across the table at your favorite coffee shop, sharing struggles and scriptures with each other.

Unlike other homeschool books which cover a broad range of challenges, this 52-week Christian devotional for homeschool moms covers the challenges we face while homeschooling high school. Gain a refreshing perspective on "homeschooling from a place of rest" that will support and encourage you along the way. You will have a new scripture and lesson to meditate on each week throughout the year.

Homeschool Moms Love This Weekly Devotional for Women! 

Jennifer was digging through piles of homeschool records and found my book, Finding the Faith to Homeschool High School. She went from panic to peace in 20 pages, saying...  

"I uncovered a pile of my school-related record keeping items and discovered your book Finding the Faith to Homeschool High School. I randomly opened to page 85 and read about The Great Pause. Thank you for writing this book. I read about 20 pages, and I felt like you were exactly describing my feelings, my heart, my concerns, my worries, etc ... and the peace I felt after realizing this isn't just my story, my kid, my fears ... the peace was solid. Thank you for writing this book!! I appreciate you! And that book is just what I need right now!"  - Jennifer in Oregon

How Would "Finding the Faith" Weekly Devotional Be Encouraging to You? 

"Finding the Faith to Homeschool High School is like having a dear friend provide heart-felt reassurance that is invaluable when the struggles of self-doubt arise. This book is filled with weekly scripture and encouragements for the homeschool mom, providing a message of hope and guidance as you go through your week." — Merri Cue, Homeschool Mom of six, President of Frisco HIS Homeschool Support Group, Texas

"In her conversational style, Lee has driven right down to the secret places in my homeschool mom's heart and set up a coffee shop for a visit. What an encouragement to read Finding the Faith and seeing that we all have struggles, yet we all can make it." — Renita Terrell, Homeschool Mom of four, Kansas

"You addressed very practical issues with scriptural encouragement. As are all of your materials, it was down-to-earth and practical, but with encouragement from God's word to help us to put things in perspective and press on with courage and confidence." — Ann Sadoian, Homeschool Mom of three, Connecticut

"It is as though a friend has sat down beside you to whisper needed encouragement into your tired, anxious ears. Having second thoughts about your calling to educate your children outside of the school context? Lee's beautiful weekly devotional will turn your heart back towards God and your children." — Dorothy Murphy, Home Educating Parent and Exam Tutor, United Kingdom

"Lee Binz has delivered up a wonderful book full of advice that I wish I had heard when I was just starting out, full of discouragement and questioning if I made the right choice. Fast-forward to high school, when the doubt became even worse, and this would have helped ease my uncertainties." — Lisa Berry, Homeschool Mom to three boys, Maine

Get your copy of Finding the Faith to Homeschool High School and go from panic to peace!

The Lord created your child for your family. Before this child was even born, their entire life span was known to God. All of the days for your child are already ordained. You simply can't do anything so bad that it will change those plans. God is in control, not us! This encouraging weekly devotional will give dozens of scriptural reasons that will strengthen you and encourage you throughout the coming year. My goal is for you to homeschool with confidence!

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