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Ambassadors for Excellence

In 2008, Lee and I had a wonderful week in Hawaii. We went to "chaperone" Alex so he could chair a session and present his research to the Western Eco...

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How to Say No in 3 Simple Steps

Saying no and setting boundaries is not always easy. Whether the boundary is physical, emotional, financial, or for the sake of your schedule, it is i...

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The Psychology of Letting Go - A Success Story

Letting go is tough, regardless of what we are letting go of. Our chocolate addiction, our old high school friends, our adult child. None of it is eas...

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How to Start Homeschooling High School - Tips for Freaked-Out Parents

Today is a new beginning. Let's talk about real feelings. How do you feel when you think about homeschooling high school? Do any of these words sound ...

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3 Reasons Why You are Qualified to Homeschool

Many parents ask, "Am I qualified to homeschool my kids?" when they first begin thinking about homeschooling. The short answer is, "YES! You are ...

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Which AP® Classes are Best for Self Study?

Did you know? Any student can take an AP® test, even if they do not take an AP® course. What?? AP® courses are extra difficult, and often take 2-3 hou...

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Unleashing the Fun Factor

It's inevitable that your children will goof off. At some point, you'll be wishing they were doing something productive, like homework or chores, but ...

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Technology Addiction and the Coming Zombie Apocalypse

Parenting has always been challenging, but these days, one of the hardest parts of parenting involves navigating around ever-changing gadgets and tech...

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Admission Policies of Unique Colleges

When looking at a college website and the admission requirements for homeschoolers, it can be off-putting to say the least. Often it looks intimidatin...

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The Classroom of Babel - Learning Styles

Imagine you are a public-school teacher on the first day of class faced with 30 children, none of whom speak English. Worse yet, imagine that there we...

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Automatic Academic Scholarships

Did you know that some colleges link scholarship amounts directly to a student's ACT® or SAT® score? They set a minimum SAT® score and if the student ...

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Super-score to Improve Scholarships

When planning for college, you will need to have your child take high school tests. You can find out all about high school tests in my article, High S...

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Finishing the Year with The Popcorn Party Plan

When it's time to finish up the school year, it can be difficult to feel done. For parents who are not completely finished with a textbook or unit of ...

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How do Homeschooling and Socialization Work Together?

Parents worry about homeschooling and socialization. Neighbors wonder if homeschoolers are weird. And kids just want to find friends. Here is wha...

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Avoid Digital Curriculum When You Can

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics regarding children ages 13-18 years, teenagers should have no more than two hours per day of personal ...

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