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Socialization for Homeschool Students

~ A word from our founder, The HomeScholar Emeritus, Lee Binz ~ I was thinking about socialization because of a conversation I recently had with a non...

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3 Budget Christmas Gift Ideas

You can save money on gifts for the holidays! Great ways to save money on gifts include buying things that are useful AND are things you will eventual...

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Test Preparation in Middle School

What do you do to prepare for the SAT and ACT when your child is in middle school? Read these 7 ways to effectively prepare for the SAT and ACT before high school. The best test prep in middle school is making sure you do a good job with reading, writing, penmanship, and math. Also, providing practice with fill in the bubble tests can ensure that they will be successful on standardized tests.  While things like...

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Quality over Quantity in Education

Headline: NEW and IMPROVED Public Schools! -- Now with 50% MORE Education!! It is amazing what you can find on Public Access TV on a lazy Saturday mor...

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Is an Ivy League School Right for Your Homeschooler?

A slip of the finger and the email goes to the wrong person. It's mortifying...I always hope it won't be hurtful to anyone, though. One day, I was on ...

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SAT Vocabulary - Improve your Skills the Fun Way!

When children have reached the point of reading and writing well, working on vocabulary development can change from previous years. I have a variety o...

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How to Start Homeschooling High School - Tips for Freaked-Out Parents

Today is a new beginning. Let's talk about real feelings. How do you feel when you think about homeschooling high school? Do any of these words sound ...

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3 Reasons Why You are Qualified to Homeschool

Many parents ask, "Am I qualified to homeschool my kids?" when they first begin thinking about homeschooling. The short answer is, "YES! You are ...

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The best preparation for the SAT® or ACT® is a well-educated student who has received quality education covering all the core classes. The worst prepa...

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Which AP® Classes are Best for Self Study?

Did you know? Any student can take an AP® test, even if they do not take an AP® course. What?? AP® courses are extra difficult, and often take 2-3 hou...

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How to Stand Out to Colleges - 5 Characteristics to Market to Colleges

Do you ever wonder why seemingly rational and prestigious colleges will yearly award millions of dollars of merit-based scholarships to fresh-out-of-h...

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Homeschool Timeline by Year

The Homeschool Coach's Play-by-Play Guide As we gear up for the new football season, let's not forget that the game reflects life itself. As homeschoo...

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Homeschool Grades and Credits without Formal Curriculum

Some parents work hard to homeschool for free. Free homeschooling is possible, and parents can pull together a hodge-podge of resources for homeschool...

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Get Organized! - Record Keeping for Butterfingers

Are your homeschool records slipping away from you? When it comes to high school record keeping, I have noticed that there are four kinds of homeschoo...

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Certified Teachers vs Regular Homeschool Parents

You would be amazed at how many certified teachers with public and private school backgrounds contact me for support. Some feel inadequate because the...

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