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How do You Gain Ivy League Admission as a Homeschooler?

If your child has dreams of gaining admission to an Ivy League school, there are certain things you'll need to do to help them reach their g...

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Is an Ivy League School Right for Your Homeschooler?

A slip of the finger and the email goes to the wrong person. It's mortifying...I always hope it won't be hurtful to anyone, though. One day, I was on ...

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How to Stand Out to Colleges - 5 Characteristics to Market to Colleges

Do you ever wonder why seemingly rational and prestigious colleges will yearly award millions of dollars of merit-based scholarships to fresh-out-of-h...

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Homeschool Test Preparation for College Admission Tests

When your child is working hard on studying for college admission tests, like the SAT® or ACT®, you may be accumulating enough hours to make this...

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Recommended Study Guides for High School Test Prep for 2023-24

High school tests are updated and changed fairly often. For example, the SAT® dropped the essay portion of the test and completely discontinued the SA...

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Practice College Application Essays Junior Year

If you have a child in high school and are beginning to look at colleges, you will soon discover there are three different options for applying. The f...

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Discouraging College Admission Policy? Be the Change!

College admission policy can be full to the brim with big words, confusing jargon, and acronyms that we are seemingly supposed to intuitively know. It...

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Admission Policies of Unique Colleges

When looking at a college website and the admission requirements for homeschoolers, it can be off-putting to say the least. Often it looks intimidatin...

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Death, Taxes, and Course Descriptions - Only Two are Inevitable

When you think about writing high school course descriptions do your palms feel sweaty? Do you break out in hives? If so, I need to let you in on a se...

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12 Steps to Homeschool Graduation (Even if it is Last Minute)

Graduating your homeschool student can seem very intimidating on the outside. But with all of the right information and correct steps, your student's ...

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Accept or Reject College Admissions Requests

You have visited each of the college campuses that you were interested in applying to. You were diligent to do all that was necessary to apply to each of the homeschool friendly campuses. You got accepted into some of your favorites. And, now, the time has come to let each of the colleges that you gained admission into whether you will be joining them in the fall. Sounds like a tall order! It is easier than it...

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[Book Excerpt] Preparation Beyond Academics

This is a chapter from my book, The HomeScholar Guide to College Admission and Scholarships: Homeschool Secrets to Getting Ready, Getting In, and Gett...

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Digging Into College Statistics (and what they tell you!)

When you are looking at different colleges, spend some time digging into college statistics before you visit a campus. College statistics may look lik...

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Don't Miss Manners!

Do you ever find yourself observing children at a supermarket, library, or a shopping mall? I do. My wife and I will sometimes play a game called, "Sp...

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Should Homeschoolers Worry About Portfolios?

Dear Lee,I am reading Homeschoolers' College Admissions Handbook by  Cafi Cohen.  I know the books is a bit dated.  Should  homeschoolers worry about portfolios anymore?  I don't really recall you talking about them.Blessings,~ KatePortfolios are also called course descriptions, comprehensive records, and other names.  A portfolio is technically more of an art major or unschooling "scrapbook" of work.  That's why I opted to call mine a comprehensive record.Many colleges (most?) want course descriptions, and it can...

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