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Ask Questions During College Visits

Is your child a high school Junior? It's time for college visits!

One of the most important things to do during college visits is to ask questions that will engage people in dialogue. This allows you to show that you value their opinions, and it helps them get to know you better as you share your own opinions and information about yourself. Engaging in dialogue will demonstrate that you can both listen and express yourself well.

For example, you might discuss your college major. "I'm thinking about this major, but I'm concerned about this aspect," or "I really love this major. How would I know if it's a good fit?" These types of personal, open questions will spark meaningful dialogue.

While "yes or no" questions are important and will come up, focusing on questions that engage authentic dialogue will help college faculty and staff get to know you and be more likely to remember you! Do you struggle with coming up with questions? This blog post, Essential Questions for Your College Visits, can help.

You may also want to discuss extra-curricular, on-campus activities. "I've had so much fun with my high school activities, and I'm wondering what activities you think I might enjoy on campus." This kind of question will answer the usually unspoken question, "What about socialization?" By openly discussing your high school activities and saying how much you enjoy them, it demonstrates great social skills. More importantly perhaps, colleges value students that will become active on campus. They want students who will participate in more than just academics. By showing that you are eager to join on-campus groups, you are showing that you will be a valuable asset to the college for the long run. You want them to know you won't just be hiding in the library studying and will bring more to campus than just your brain.

Everyone likes the sound of their own voice, even college admission advisers. Ask questions, but also ask them what they think, and show you value their opinion. Remember, it's mostly about being yourself, vulnerable and genuine. Look them in the eye, and be interested in them as a person.

Making college visits isn't the only thing you should be doing in junior year of high school. Find out more about what makes junior year succesful in Lee Binz's Coffee Break Book, Junior Year is the Key to Homeschool Success.

Are you starting to tour colleges with your high school junior? Please share!

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