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Homeschool: Freedom to Tailor Education

Homeschooling is successful because we can tailor education to the needs of our own child, giving them information in a way that makes sense to them. Homeschooling works because we are highly motivated by love to work for the ultimate success of our child. Using techniques and curriculum that fit, we can make sure any child is successful.

Of course, every child is unique, and each family has their own challenges and struggles. But we don't need to teach a classroom filled with unique students; we only need to homeschool the children in our home, and I daresay we don't have 30 of them at one time. Without the constraints of public school, we are free to modify education as we go.

Homeschool Freedom to Strengthen Skills

When my mom pulled me from public school to begin homeschooling in 6th grade, we very quickly realized my education was not as thorough as we thought it was. I was behind in math. Very behind. In 6th grade, I couldn't understand fractions, basic pre-algebraic formulas, or percentages, all because I wasn't properly taught how to multiply. Fractions were the worst. Multiplying fractions may as well have been a different language! We had to slow down and back up to fill in the holes that were left by the public education system.

So that's exactly what we did. It was awful at first. I felt like a little kid doing all of these drills, not the sophisticated, brilliant young lady I thought I was (6th grade me had a lot to learn about maturity!). My mom didn't give up on me. She knew I could and would eventually get it. We drilled my multiplication facts until I actually knew them. Not just kinda knew them, but truly understood. We drilled until I had mastered multiplication. Suddenly, multiplying fractions made sense! Had we just continued to bulldoze through the math curriculum, my lack of understanding would have compounded until I eventually flunked.

Homeschooling gave me the freedom to slow down, to understand, and to master.

Homeschool Freedom to Meet Needs

Freedom for Reesa was found in the ability to tailor her son's education to his special needs. Reesa wrote to Lee, our founder, after Lee helped her tailor her son's education!

Hi Lee,

It's been a couple of years since I signed up for your transcript program. At the time I was trying to get my eldest son into college. He was really struggling to finish his senior year of home school and hadn't completed all his coursework. He just really needed to get on with things. I read through all of your materials and we had a phone consultation shortly afterward. Speaking with you that day gave me the extra confidence I needed to step outside of my comfort zone and let go of my need to "check all the boxes". 

I was able to customize his final semester and transcript based on his primary strengths and interests. Following graduation, he took the Texas college entrance exam (TSI), required for students who haven't taken the SAT or ACT and started at our local junior college that fall. He's legally blind and this past May he completed the 30 hours necessary to apply for transfer to university. Due to his 3.8 GPA at junior college, he was accepted to the University of Texas for this fall to pursue a degree in information technology. In the meantime, his younger brother just graduated from home school, scored well on the SAT, and was also accepted to University of Texas for this fall. I'm officially retired as a home school mom! 

I just wanted to say thanks for your excellent materials and encouragement. I recommend your website to anyone who asks about home schooling through high school. Wishing you all the best as you continue helping other home school parents out there!

Reesa in Texas

Homeschool Freedom for You

Yes, homeschooling is a challenge, and sometimes it can be overwhelming to look at the needs of your child. Ultimately though, the love you have for your child will ensure success. The love that my mom has for me, and the love Reesa has for her son made it possible for us, their respective children, to experience success!

Reesa used the Total Transcript Solution to help her successfully complete her child's transcript. The Total Transcript Solution can give you the confidence you need to step outside your comfort zone. Maybe you'd like to consider it for your homeschool, too.

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