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Have Fun on April Fool's Day

Do you have a plan for April Fool's day? Harmless food pranks are fun! Need some ideas?

April Fool's Day Food Pranks

Holiday food is fun to make, and here are some suggestions that will put a smile on everyone's faces.

For breakfast, you can make "Fried Eggs." The egg is white yogurt or pudding with a peach half on top. It's easy, inexpensive, and fun! Put one drop of food coloring in their glass to magically turn their milk blue!

For lunch, serve faux grilled cheese sandwiches, made with orange frosting between pieces of sponge cake. You could serve it with undrinkable juice - Jell-o in a glass with a straw in it. Yes, you probably need to include some healthy food too... you're on your own there!

For dinner, serve dessert first! Serve a faux dessert called fauxberry pie. This pie is actually a chocolate-looking meatloaf with pink-colored mashed potato "frosting" that looks strawberry-flavored. Adorable!

After "eating dessert first," you can serve meatloaf and mashed potatoes again - in style! This time, make the "meatloaf" with Cocoa Krispies. For "mashed potatoes," use vanilla ice cream for the potatoes and caramel topping for the gravy.

These ideas are fun, but make sure to turn the lights down low, and eat by candlelight for best results.

More Fun on April Fool's Day

Good Housekeeping has a fun list of 20 Fun April Fool's Pranks. From switching the kids to a different bed at night to filling their shoes with tissue so they don't fit, these are very cute ideas!

Have fun ~ they grow up so quickly!

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