Standardized Testing for Homeschoolers

Number 2 pencil. Palms sweaty. Heart racing. The answer could be A, B, C, or D. Answer D could be A plus B, or it could be none of the above. Acronyms...

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Should You Guess on the SAT or ACT?

Let's talk about guessing on the SAT® and ACT® tests. Should you guess on the SAT® or ACT®? How should you guess, and why? Is there a penalty for...

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What Is a Good ACT Score?

What Is a Good ACT® Score?  The definition of a "good ACT® score" always depends on what college you are applying to, but I can give you some gen...

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What Is a Good SAT Score?

The SAT® Score Range  The total SAT® score range is 400-1600, and it is divided into two parts. The Math section score is 200-800, and the Readin...

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SAT Change Coming - What You Need to Know About Computerized Adaptive Testing (CAT)

Breaking News! 2023 SAT Change - Get Ready for Computerized Adaptive Testing  The SAT® is making changes and is becoming an online test. It will ...

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When to Start Test Preparation and How

When do you start the process of test preparation? Which strategies are most effective for college admission test practice? The world of college test ...

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The CLT Test Alternative to SAT or ACT

You're likely familiar with the SAT® and ACT® tests, but are you familiar with the Classic Learning Test (CLT)? I'm not always able to spend...

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Homeschool Test Preparation for College Admission Tests

When your child is working hard on studying for college admission tests, like the SAT® or ACT®, you may be accumulating enough hours to make this...

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Cookies Improve Test Scores [Free Download]

Let me explain how cookies improve test scores! To choose the best high school test for your child in just 3 easy steps, begin with the time...

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Study Skills for Seriously Low SAT® or ACT® Scores


Please note that as of January 2021, The College Board has discontinued SAT Subject Tests® and SAT® essay. by Author First of all, look at some colleg...

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Test Preparation Without Getting Smarter

When the SAT® or ACT® is just a few days away, test preparation shouldn't make you worry about getting smarter! Just prepare for the test. Sure, ...

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Tips for Taking the PSAT®

Even though high school testing seems a bit daunting when you are getting ready to take the first one, these tips for taking the  PSAT® &nbs...

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Three Reasons for High School Testing

Please note that as of January 2021, The College Board has discontinued SAT Subject Tests® and SAT® essay.  Don't you just wish sometimes people would tell you EXACTLY what tests a high school student needs to take?  Unfortunately, it's not that easy!The number and type of tests depend on the college your student may attend.  Some will require certain tests, or allow other tests, or encourage or discourage community college classes.  Sadly, that means no pat...

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Deciding on SAT Subject Tests

Please note that as of January 2021, The College Board has discontinued SAT Subject Tests® and SAT® essay.  The SAT Subject Tests are required by SOME colleges, but not all. So here is what you need to do:1. Find out what colleges you are applying to (or the college you *may* apply to)2. Find out what tests they require for admission3. Take the tests if they require them.Virtually ALL colleges will accept either the SAT or...

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Reporting SAT Scores To Colleges

Please note that as of January 2021, The College Board has discontinued SAT Subject Tests® and SAT® essay. Reporting SAT Scores To Colleges I was just talking to one of my Gold Care Club members about the cost of sending SAT scores to colleges. Without planning, it can get priceyWhen you register for the SAT test, the student can indicate up to four college recipients during registration. Only four score sends are included with your registration;...

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