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Homeschool Test Preparation for College Admission Tests

When your child is working hard on studying for college admission tests, like the SAT® or ACT®, you may be accumulating enough hours to make this...

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Discouraging College Admission Policy? Be the Change!

College admission policy can be full to the brim with big words, confusing jargon, and acronyms that we are seemingly supposed to intuitively know. It...

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Remedial and Almost Illiterate in College

Two news stories provided shocking statistics on the quality of high school education right now. Put these thoughts side by side and see if your head ...

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Homeschool College with CLEP This Summer

The summer before our senior year, I decided we would begin to "homeschool college" with CLEP® exams. I wanted to do it in the summer so that we could...

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Why Homeschoolers Should Prepare for College

Think back to when your child was a newborn. Now think of what a child is like at 4 years old. That's the amount of difference you can expect before g...

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Why College Preparation is Important for Homeschoolers

High school is like driving on auto-pilot. You arrive at the destination, but can't remember driving! When you homeschool high school, sometimes life ...

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The Best Citation Format for College Preparation

The Best Citation Format for College Preparation

The 3 most important citation formats are APA, MLA, and Chicago. It's challenging to figure out which one is the best citation format for preparing yo...

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