[Free Class!] A Homeschool Parent's Guide to Grades, Credits, and Transcripts

 Oh no! Did you miss our webinar event?Sign up for my monthly newsletter and stay up-to-date on our upcoming events!We'd love to have you join. W...

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"Secrets of the College Launch" Master Class [Virtual Homeschool Convention]

Not everyone has a homeschool convention nearby. No fair! Let me help you with that! Today you can sign up for a convention all your own, that yo...

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[Free Class] Planning High School Courses

Do you ever wonder if you have everything you need to plan high school courses for your child? Well, wonder no more! In my free class, I'll teach you ...

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Teaching the Difficult Classes

What do you do if your student needs to take a class that is way out of your comfort zone. We all have that subject, don't we? This video shares how I "taught" physics.Whether you teach the classes or not, learn how to translate all those great homeschool high school classes into the words and numbers that colleges will understand.  Get the Total Transcript Solution.

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How Much College Debt is Acceptable?

Every person has to decide for themselves how much college debt is worthwhile. I can tell you what my debt boundaries are as you begin your research. Ultimately, that will be a family decision that you'll have to make.For me, I think college debt may be worthwhile only if you can pay it back within one year. Estimate how much your child could make at a minimum wage job while living at home for one year....

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10 Ways to Advance Your Homeschool Skills with Professional Development

Kelly was taking one of my free classes and explained her commitment to quality continuing education. She wrote, "I set time aside a minimum of 3 hour...

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Gear Up to Homeschool High School

 Facing high school? You can anticipate fall with excitement and enthusiasm! I have planned a wonderful "Gear Up for High School" Event, Septembe...

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The Organized Homeschool Life

A clean house is a sign of a wasted life. Cleaning house while the kids are home is like shoveling snow while it's still snowing. I just cleaned the h...

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7 Point Sanity-Saving Checklist for Planning Your Homeschool Year

So you have bought your curriculum and now it's sitting there, staring at you. As you are looking over the awesome curriculum you plan to use this fall, I encourage you to consider this Sanity Saving Checklist for Planning Your Homeschool Year before the first day of school.Are there enough hours in the day?It's possible you have purchased 18 hours worth of curriculum, but I don't suggest you homeschool for 18 hours a day.Will it cause burnout?If...

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[Free Class] Homeschool Records That Open Doors

[Free Class] Homeschool Records That Open Doors

[Free Class] Homeschool Records That Open Doors Want a GREAT return for your homeschool investment? Creating excellent records for our boys had, by fa...

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Scripture Study on Winners and Losers

Talking with a homeschool group, my friend Kathy shared a scripture study on winning and losing. I think it's wonderful!  It will be a great quick study for summer - no matter how old or young your children are! Be a Good Winner AND a Good LoserBy Kathy Moore EdgrenUsed with permission BE A GOOD WINNER1. Be A Gracious Winner When you win, share the praise! "Let another praise you, and not your own mouth;  someone...

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Perfect Children Always Complete Their Work

"But How do I Get Them to Work?!"I get a lot of different questions about homeschooling high school. A big one is “How do I get my student to do the work?”  Especially for parents new to homeschooling, this is the big worry.  How do you make them listen and get the job done?Unfortunately, perhaps, children are free moral agents.  They sometimes do not cooperate, and there isn’t any magic way to force them to work. ...

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Prevent the Zombie Apocalypse in Your Home! How to Create Safe and Sane Technology Boundaries!

Are you scared at the thought of what’s lurking online? Is your child becoming a zombie in front of any screen? During this spooky time, prevent the Zombie Apocalypse in your home by setting critical technology boundaries!TechnoLogic: Critical Technology Boundaries for Children and Teens Webinar Series It’s a new world! Parenting has always been challenging, but these days the hardest parts of parenting involve electronic gadgets or technology. Do you need help figuring out how to...

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The Problem with Homeschoolers

One of the biggest problems with homeschool parents and how to avoid it. Subscribe to my YouTube channel. You will be notified when I create new videos on homeschool high school topics!

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How to Teach a Homeschool Geek

Strategies for teaching your geeky homeschool student. Subscribe to my YouTube channel. You will be notified when I create new videos on homeschool high school topics!

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