Internet Addiction and how it Relates to Homeschooling

It used to be that parents were concerned about our children receiving  accidental exposure to pornography, or wasting time with video games. As Internet Addiction becomes a popular topic on the news, I keep thinking about how it relates to homeschoolers. Read these recent articles warning against internet addiction:Technology Companies Want Your Kids Addicted    Internet companies are learning what the tobacco industry has long known -- addiction is good for business. Much of what we do online releases...

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Identify Theft and the FAFSA

Identify Theft and the FAFSA

Identity thieves might have access to your FAFSA information. At least that's a possibility, because the IRS has shut off their FAFSA application tool...

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Homeschooled Olympians

The Olympics are over, and homeschoolers brought home some metal!  Check out these homeschooled Olympians! Gabby Douglas - Gymnastics"Being homeschooled gives me the freedom not to be confined to just a classroom for learning.  I'm learning everywhere, everyday.  My classroom really is the world!  I travel to competitions in countries all over the world and we use that as part of my studies. I work at my own pace which allows me to follow my gymnastics...

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11 Long-term Consequences of Excessive Technology Use

In addition to short term issues, there are so many long-term consequences of excessive technology use. This is why it's important to set technology boundaries with young children, and to continue explaining, discussing, and modifying technology boundaries in your home with older children. Eventually young adults need to be able to set technology boundaries for themselves, when they become adults, so explaining the consequences of excess use is important. Read all about the long-term consequences of excessive...

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Just Another Reason To Homeschool

5 More Reasons to Homeschool Why are we doing this?   Have You Seen the News?! You have been homeschooling for a while now, and you may feel frustrated or overwhelmed.   Why are we working so hard at this, anyway?  Why do we do this, what do we want?  What's the point?Nobody is perfect, and no school is perfect.  On the other hand, there have been many stories in the news about the failures of public education. ...

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How to Have Happy Teens

Great stories in the news, providing tips on "How to Have Happy Teens." How to Have Happy Teens Study: Homeschoolers Happier, Better-Adjusted in CollegeThe authors also report that "they [homeschoolers] have achieved greater academic success and...rate their college experience more positively" than traditionally-schooled counterparts. In a telephone interview, Cohen said the study results reflect that homeschoolers' support structure - such as family relationships - is stronger and more defined.Read Heartlander Kids Who Sleep More Cope BetterI...

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What about it? Socialization in the news.

It was a bad day for local schools in my newspaper the other day.  In the Thursday paper I read these stories: Highline student charged with violent rape attempt By Levi Pulkkinen, Seattle PI.  A Highline High School student accused of attacking a teen girl with a brick has been charged with attempted rape.Des Moines teens could face pornography charges by The Associated Press Public school teens at a party shared cell phone video of classmates,...

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The World’s 15 Most Extraordinary Homeschoolers

Recently a website posted an article on "The  World’s 15 Most Extraordinary Homeschoolers."  The people mentioned certainly aren't ordinary.  Nor are they ordinary homeschoolers.Each of the homeschoolers on this list is highly gifted, and many are described as prodigies.  Not ALL homeschoolers are highly gifted.  However, homeschooling allows children of all abilities to learn at their level. Whether advanced or behind the bell curve, children who learn at their own level will learn more and learn...

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