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How to Have Happy Teens

Great stories in the news, providing tips on "How to Have Happy Teens."

How to Have Happy Teens

Study: Homeschoolers Happier, Better-Adjusted in College
The authors also report that "they [homeschoolers] have achieved greater academic success and...rate their college experience more positively" than traditionally-schooled counterparts. In a telephone interview, Cohen said the study results reflect that homeschoolers' support structure - such as family relationships - is stronger and more defined.
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Kids Who Sleep More Cope Better
I saw an article on CNN saying that "Kids who sleep more cope better."  I think it's true, and probably one reason why homeschoolers tend to achieve higher test scores.  It's also true in college, when kids tend to give up sleep in order to study and have fun.  It might be a good idea to have a conversation now, while kids are still at home, to talk about the importance of sleep and how it improves the ability to cope with life - and cope with college when they get there.  Here is that article, in case you want to use it for a discussion prompt.

Teen Designer Succeeds
Homeschool Student Shows at New York Fashion Week
"Brandon, who is home-schooled, said the management and self-promotional skills he learned as an actor and model have prepared him for his new role. He said he also serves as his own manager, publicist and creative director."
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Enjoy Science More
State Science Standards Are "Mediocre to Awful"  "What's going wrong with the way many American students are learning science? High standards are a first step on the road to high student achievement."
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Setting Digital Limits for Happier Teens
Here is an article all about how Steve Jobs and how he and other tech moguls are low-tech parents. It discusses some great limits for happier children and teens.
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