Help with College Applications: Your Social Security Number is Private!

Should you put your social security number on a college application? That is a very common question that I hear from parents. Filling out college appl...

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Debt Free and Tuition Free College


Debt free, tuition free college doesn't sound possible, I know. But, it is! Follow these pointers and read about how Tracey did it!Parents need to be ...

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Helping Students With College Applications

Even perfect homeschool teens don't have a thorough understanding of college applications. And who among us has perfect teenagers? It's tempting ...

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What to Include on a Homeschool Transcript for College Applications

It's fall of senior year and you and your child are sitting down to submit college applications. Of course, your job will be much easier if the homesc...

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What Homeschool Families Need to Know About the Common Application

The Common Application can be the cause of anxiety for many homeschool families. You get into it and invariably there are questions that you have, as ...

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Transcripts & Applying to College Can Be a Breeze!

Transcripts & Applying to College Can Be a Breeze! It's that time of year again, when my Gold Care Club members are graduating their children. I love hearing about their successes, and I feel their uncertainty about facing the empty nest after years of homeschooling. I got this sweet note from Jennifer recently. Check it out!With a heavy heart I am writing you an email to say goodbye.  My last home schooled child is graduating in...

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Homeschool Records + Talent = Julliard Dreams Fulfilled

Homeschool Records + Talent = Julliard Dreams Fulfilled Getting into Julliard is like getting into Harvard. You really have to have it ALL - academics, special talent, passion, and luck! Anytime you are trying to get into a highly selective school, it requires some extra effort from both the parent and the child.Recently I received this lovely thank you note from a Gold Care Club member. Their family achieved wonderful success!"I have enjoyed being a gold...

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College Application Lexicon

College application has it's own unique vocabulary.  As you look toward college admission, you'll notice you have many different choices on how to apply.  Here are the NACAC definitions of terms for different kinds of application plans.  If you need a primer on what "application" means, this blog post is for you. ADMISSION TERMS PER NACAC Non-Restrictive Application Plans: All of these plans allow students to wait until May 1 to confirm enrollment. Regular Decision is...

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How to Assess College Admission Requirements

How to understand college admission requirements. Subscribe to my YouTube channel. You will be notified when I create new videos on homeschool high school topics!

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3 Tips for Including Dual Enrollment on College Applications

3 Tips for Including Dual Enrollment on College Applications Dual enrollment classes on the transcriptUse an acronym before the class title to clearly show which classes were taken at the community college. That shows that senior year classes are harder than last year - a good trend to show.  You can read about that trend in this blog post, Acronym for Outside Classes.  For the classes your student is currently enrolled in, replace the grade with...

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Budget for College Applications

Budget for College Applications It's normal to pay $30-$100 per college applicationDon't think about it as your homeschool budget, think of it as a down payment on the total cost of college - as if by applying you will get more scholarships. It's possible to have the application cost deferred, if you ask. Most colleges will defer the cost of application if you simple go for a college visit. You can also ask the college to...

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How Can I Get My Homeschooler into College?

Is your child entering junior or senior year? College is on the horizon! Click on the video below to learn how to get your child accepted into college.Is your child in the middle of college applications? Or have they already been accepted? Feel free to brag! Let me know in the comments below! Subscribe to my YouTube channel. You will be notified when I create new videos on homeschool high school topics!For college application help, you...

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45 Tips for Earning Big Scholarships

The best scholarships come to those with the biggest effort. If your child has a college interview, be prepared! Read these 45 tips for earning big college scholarships and be well prepared for any college interview or scholarship competition. You've done a great job educating your kids. They are bright, intelligent, well socialized and have an area of passionate interest. They have all the required classes, great grades, excellent test scores, and wonderful letters of recommendation. You...

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Sinking Homeschoolers Feeling the Squeeze

Do you feel like you are SINKING? Are you feeling the squeeze? Do you feel like you are SINKING? Are you feeling the squeeze?Many homeschoolers are sinking financially.  You know, SINK – single income, numerous kids!My family functioned on a single income, so when we started thinking about college for two boys, we knew we’d have to come up with some creative ways to fund it. I spent a lot of time researching scholarships, and developed...

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Successful College Applications

 Check this out!  One of my Gold Care Club members just found out that she is getting some AMAZING college scholarships!  This is a the senior portrait of Rebecca's daughter.How does that happen? Here are some tips for success.  When Rebecca wrote to me about her daughter, she spoke about things that worked well (or not) and gave some great suggestions for others.What can we glean from this successful homeschool to college application?October 26thDear Lee,I was a...

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