Field Trip Ideas for Homeschoolers

What homeschool field trips have you taken this year—or past years—that you have really enjoyed with your teens? Some great ideas were shared in my Fa...

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Four Homeschool Advantages for High School

My two sons graduated the same year from homeschool high school. They were both invited to compete in an all-day, full-tuition scholarship competition...

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Seek Individuality and Capitalize on Strengths

How can you ensure long-term success when you are homeschooling unique children and preparing for unknown plans in their college or career future? Seek Individuality and Capitalize on Strengths Seek individuality, don't hid from it. And capitalize on strengths instead of focusing on weaknesses. Read Mary's story for some real encouragement today!It’s not About Me, It’s About Themby Mary in NC, mother of 3Stunt actor, criminal justice student, and flutist – what do they all have...

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Where Do I Begin?

Where Do I Begin? Watch my YouTube tip to learn how to begin preparing to teach your children at home through graduation. Subscribe to my YouTube channel. You will be notified when I create new videos on homeschool high school topics!

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Underwater Basket Weaving: Sometimes Easy is OK

Relax!  Some classes will be easier than others!Our homeschool group wants to have a choir/drama class this semester but they want it to count for 1/2 a credit for the high schoolers. We only meet nine times with three extra rehearsals/practices and the final performance is a short play that is to be memorized. There is singing, dancing, and acting in the play. They are also required to write a 3-5 page character study as well...

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Socialization: Can't Mess with Destiny

Socialization: Can't Mess With Destiny Years ago, my husband and I went on an Alaskan cruise with my parents. It was wonderful, and we had SUCH a good time! It was fun to see a client and her family on the ship, too! Midway through the cruise, I had the chance to speak to our cruise director, Jason Venner on the Holland America MS Westerdam.  Jason was raised in the Pacific Northwest. He lived in a remote location of...

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Inspiration for Course Descriptions

Google is a marvelous thing!  It's possible to find course titles and descriptions with a simple search!  For example, the website for the Indiana Department of Education has a page of Course Titles and Descriptions. That means acres and acres of real public school classes for you to stare at in amazement, enjoying their strange mixture.Look at the variety of course titles here - great options!  Look at the words for course descriptions - mix and match!...

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Homeschool Yearbook Solution

My writer and editor Jill Bell just graduated her high school senior (congratulations, Jill!)  I asked her to write a review of Total Yearbooks so I could see how it would work for a real homeschooler.  Guess what?  She LOVED it!  Read her review and see for yourself - this could be the solution for your homeschool yearbook too! Total Yearbooks Review   If you’re like many homeschool moms, the photos you’ve taken of your family...

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Why You Shouldn't be Afraid of High School

You can homeschool high school and I can prove it from scripture!  So don't be afraid!What’s the most common problem for homeschool parents facing the high school years?  Fear—being afraid that you’ll somehow fail your student, or ruin their future, or not be able to provide what they need to succeed.  Confidence In homeschooling is something we often take for granted during our children’s younger years, but when kids reach 9th grade, all of the sudden...

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CLEP Success!

You can give high school credit for students who earn college credits, regardless of how old the student may be.  Of course, when I tell that to parents, half of them laugh and think, 'MY child getting college credits in high school?  HA!"  I know it's easy to be skeptical - I remember thinking that way myself!  But when kids really start to learn a subject they love, it's completely possible to reach college credits through...

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Showing Respect to our Children

A while ago, a segment of one of my newsletters was plagiarized. I consulted my in-house “lawyer in training” – my son Alex.Whenever I think of our discussion that day, it really warms my heart. On one Sunday, in our “Love and Respect” Sunday School class, I think I finally recognized why Alex’s assistance had been so important to me that day. He was defending me – which was showing that he loved me.In the book,...

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Homeschool Moms: Having a hard time?

Life is not always easy.  Homeschooling is not always easy.  In fact, sometimes it's downright HARD.   I love reading 2 Corinthians during difficult times. God does not look down at us and think, "My goodness!  What a whiner!"  Read this passage to see how God REALLY feels about our hard times.  What does he want to give us?  Not much ambiguity here... The Father of compassion and the God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our troubles,...

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Homeschool High School Inspiration: A Graduation Story

One thing that I love about the homeschool community is that most of us love to encourage others with our stories. In this post Joyce, a homeschool mom, shares the story of her two sons so that it will encourage each of you. You CAN homeschool high school! Joyce's Sons: Devin & Michael Wow!  I can’t believe they are graduated!We put our twins, Devin and Michael in the public school system from kindergarten thru 2ndgrade and when...

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Homeschooling High School: Born That Way, Stay That Way, Succeed That Way!

As parents, our job is to take the child we are given, and shape and mold them into the adults they are meant to be. Carol has finished homeschooling her oldest child, and she provides a wonderful example for others. You can't change who your child is, but you can make sure they are happy and successful!My son, CJ is graduating from our homeschool high school this week! Wanting to be an encouragement to other younger...

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