How to Put Crochet on Your Homeschool Transcript

You know you want to include fabulous fun electives on your homeschool transcript. But how? How do you put crocheting and other delight directed learning on a high school transcript!? You know you want to include fabulous fun electives on your homeschool transcript. But how? How do you put crocheting and other handcrafts on a high school transcript!?Mandi asked, "My daughter has taught herself to crochet and makes bags, headbands, coasters and whatever else pops into...

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Church Worship Band for High School Credit

Church Worship Band for High School Credit

If your child is a member of your church's youth band, have you considered turning that into a high school fine art credit? If you are swimming in fin...

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Too Many or Too Few Fine Arts Credits

Are you an art person? Most people tend to either love the arts, or if you are like me you struggle with them. Even if you or your student struggle with the fine arts, colleges still want to see some on a high school transcript. Learn more about high school credits and grades with my webinar.

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Homeschool Fine Arts Credits

Fine arts credits are an important part of your student's education and transcript. Some children are fine arts fanatics, while others have passions t...

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Writing a Course Description for Chorus

Writing a Course Description for Chorus Cindy was working on her course descriptions (go, team, go!!!) and got stuck with music class.  I would like to count all the singing our youth group does as Choir but not sure how to write it on a course description or on the transcript. How can I best represent this in a transcript and Course description. Oh yeah, they do a drama in the performance too!It's so common for...

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A Big Homeschool Question: Is This Class a Credit or Not?

Determining just how much theater comprises a high school credit is hard. The broad idea for almost all classes is 5 hours a week for a full year of school, which means you can easily determine if that’s an adequate amount of for a credit or perhaps for a half credit. There’s no real “absolute” right and wrong option.I like right-and-wrong math questions, therefore I never felt genuinely at ease estimating on credit value. I generally...

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Class Title for Piano

How do you choose a class title when nobody tells you what the class title should be? There are so many options for class titles. Even more so when you are talking about a skill that is repeated in high school. Lisa asked me how to name her piano class on a transcript.  The easy answer? You can do it any way that you want to, because all schools would do it differently.So many options. So few...

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Racking Up Music Credits

When kids love the arts, like music, they can quickly and easily rack up fine art credits. When I was in public high school, I took choir every year. At the end of high school I had 4 credits of fine art, all called "Choir." I had plenty of friends who took choir, band, AND orchestra. Those kids would have three credits of find art each year. If they kept that up for 4 years, they...

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Struggling With Homeschool Art

In my homeschool, there were things I did well (like math and science) and things that completely baffled me (like art.)  When we had a “bad homeschool day” it almost always involved art in one way or another.  I tried various art projects, but they were all so messy that I lacked the follow-through necessary to make sure the project actually happened.  Even when I did manage to start an art project, I never seemed to...

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Homeschool Credit for Special Courses

If you’re struggling to evaluate your student’s courses, and how to assign credit, you’re not alone!  A lot of parents have a particularly hard time figuring out how to evaluate special courses, such as the culinary or fine arts.  One approach is to think of all the different skills that your child demonstrates. In culinary arts, sometimes people come up with things like shopping, meal planning, and menu creation. Other times people will list general skill...

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Advice for Non-Art Enthusiasts

Dear Lee,"Did you schedule the art studies or simply allow them do it as they wanted? I debate a lot about whether its worth setting aside the time for art study." Art is really, TRULY my weak area, for that reason I basically reserved time for art study, or else we would most likely never do it! We never had a challenge getting math or science finished, only art, LOL! I planned it for 2-3 times...

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