Homeschooled Olympians Go For the Gold

Homeschooled Olympians Go for the Gold Years ago, I heard an Olympics commentator mention that many of the USA gymnasts are homeschooled because they have to practice for so many hours each day. I had never thought about it before. Each one of these kids has a gift. Their parents found the gift, fed the flames, and encouraged their children's unique specialization. And they ended up in the Olympics! How proud their parents must be! Did...

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How to Put Crochet on Your Homeschool Transcript

You know you want to include fabulous fun electives on your homeschool transcript. But how? How do you put crocheting and other delight directed learning on a high school transcript!? You know you want to include fabulous fun electives on your homeschool transcript. But how? How do you put crocheting and other handcrafts on a high school transcript!?Mandi asked, "My daughter has taught herself to crochet and makes bags, headbands, coasters and whatever else pops into...

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High School Centered Around Interests

High School Centered Around Interests Tricia wrote to share her graduation story. Read about her success overcoming obstacles, and creating a high school centered around the interests of her daughter. You'll be so encouraged today! I would love to share the story of my recent graduate from Homeschool because ours is such a testimony of what God can do when we don't see how it will ever work out!We recently graduated our second daughter from our homeschool. ...

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How to Include Delight Directed Learning

I once heard a mom say, "I really need to teach my child music because all he ever does is play bluegrass, and bluegrass isn't real music." I almost l...

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How to Put Fabulous Fun on Your Homeschool Transcript

Some people simply aren't textbook people! What do you do if your homeschooler learns by living, instead of studying textbooks? What if your child soa...

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How Do I Get Everything Done Homeschooling High School?

How Do I Get Everything Done Homeschooling High School? Watch my YouTube tip - I share a key strategy for ensuring you have enough time to homeschool. Subscribe to my YouTube channel. You will be notified when I create new videos on homeschool high school topics!

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Help! My Child Has No Interests!

"My child is not interested in ANYTHING!!!" I hear parents complain that their child has no interests fairly often, especially from those with younger children. Hang in there! It's like children learning to ride a bicycle; they use training wheels for so long, that you think they'll never learn to ride on their own. Then suddenly - they're off! If you are in the "training wheels" stage, what can you do when your child doesn't seem interested in...

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When to Start Delight Directed Learning

One of my favorite things about homeschooling is the opportunity it gives our children to learn more about the things they are passionate about, which is sometimes called delight directed learning. That kind of learning is sometimes a little foreign to people who are used to more ‘schoolish’ methods, and it leads to a lot of questions. “When did you start doing delight directed learning?  Did you find it hard to get through a year-long school...

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Using Delight Directed Learning to Earn Money for College

Using Delight Directed Learning to Earn Money for College Wondering how your child can earn money for college? Click on Lee's video, below (or here) to find out how delight directed learning can help!Are you including delight directed learning in your homeschool high school? Please share! Subscribe to my YouTube channel. You will be notified when I create new videos on homeschool high school topics!Learn how to capture specialization credits, determine course titles, values, grades, and...

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Photography Credit

When a child loves, loves, LOVES a subject, it can feel complicated to put it on the transcript or create a course description if it is not a standard subject like math or science. Instead of trying to get too technical with "fun" subjects, think about what your children are doing with this thing they love. How much time do they spend ... just a little, or too much to count?   Photography Credit For example, a client was talking...

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Cosmetology for High School Credit

Sometimes we forget how many homeschool high school course options there are for our kids to choose from. Are you teaching an occupational education class in your homeschool? If your child loves to spend time painting nails or trying out all the hairstyles on Pinterest and just enjoys all things having to do with beauty, why not consider cosmetology for high school credit? Occupational Education: Cosmetology You can call an elective class “Occupational Education: Cosmetology.” Some public high...

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Cover the Core and Capture Delight Directed Learning

Include as much delight directed learning as possible in your homeschool! This isn't because you want school to be easy or fun, but because you want it to be interesting and applicable.  When school is interesting, your kids will learn more and begin to LOVE learning more. Cover the Core and Capture Delight Directed Learning Parents do need to find a balance when incorporating delight directed learning, however. You want to both cover the core AND...

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Capture Learning for High School Credit

You can put FUN on your homeschool transcript! Did you know that? It's such a freeing concept! High school credits created for fun will be the easiest your child will ever earn. Your children do something for fun, you count the hours they work, and give them appropriate credit on their transcript. Easy-peasy! Capture Learning for High School Credit Evelyn wrote an example, so you can see how it works in real life....I have been following your blog and newsletter...

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HELP! They Don’t Love Learning!

 There may come a time when your child says they aren’t interested in learning anything. If they seem disinterested in their studies for a while, try to incorporate more delight-directed learning into your homeschooling.  Delight-directed learning is all about fostering the love of learning in our children, creating lifelong learners who can adapt to any situation. It helps children find areas they are passionate about pursuing, and incorporates this learning into their education.If your child is...

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