How to Put Crochet on Your Homeschool Transcript

You know you want to include fabulous fun electives on your homeschool transcript. But how? How do you put crocheting and other delight directed learning on a high school transcript!? You know you want to include fabulous fun electives on your homeschool transcript. But how? How do you put crocheting and other handcrafts on a high school transcript!?Mandi asked, "My daughter has taught herself to crochet and makes bags, headbands, coasters and whatever else pops into...

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Homeschool Records: Proof on Paper

Homeschool Records: Proof on PaperColleges want proof of academic rigor. They need to know the academic preparation you provided in your homeschool classes. You need to prepare neat, thorough, and precise homeschool records to help colleges make admission and scholarship decisions in your favor.Now is the perfect time to complete this proof on paper. During your break from the regular homeschool schedule, spend time preparing your homeschool records.Take one of my free classes to get motivated!A...

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The Relative Importance of Homeschool Transcripts and Standardized Tests

"How important is the transcript compared to SAT or ACT scores when it comes to college admissions or scholarships? I know it is good to have both but without those great scores it seems like all is lost."~ Anne on FacebookHi Anne!The transcript is extremely important. It's the one page overview of your student so the college can give them a "thumbs up" or "thumbs down" quickly. It's a good idea to have some outside documentation...

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A Venn Diagram for Literature-Based Curriculum on the Reading List

When you use a literature-based curriculum, the boundaries between English course descriptions, history course descriptions, and reading lists get blu...

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Can You Help Me Make Homeschool Record Keeping Easy?

A super easy way to keep high school records. (I promise!) Subscribe to my YouTube channel. You will be notified when I create new videos on homeschool high school topics!

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The Problem with Homeschoolers

One of the biggest problems with homeschool parents and how to avoid it. Subscribe to my YouTube channel. You will be notified when I create new videos on homeschool high school topics!

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Failing Grades in Online School

Failing Grades in Online School Many parents choose online classes for their students, and from time to time will experience the "crash and burn" of failing grades from these classes. How can you make sure your smart child is represented fairly on the transcript, even if your child has failed some classes?If your classes are NOT accredited, then the class and grades are essentially like a homeschool co-op, and you are completely in charge of those...

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Homeschool Records: How Much to Keep?

What do you really need to keep? A military mom shares her frustrations with homeschool record keeping. How much of my kids' elementary or middle school paper work do I need to keep? I have every notebook, every workbook they have done. We just moved for the third summer in a row and as I moved that stuff, one more time, it got me thinking do I really need to keep all of it? I have tests and grades in a separate binder, but do I need to keep all...

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Great News About Grading Scales!

I have such marvelous news about grading scales! This is guaranteed to thrill! Or maybe not... Let me know after I explain the good news!You are in charge of your homeschool policy. As the parent, you can choose any grading scale that you want to use.  If you are homeschooling independently, then you get to decide.There are a few commonly-used grading scale options I usually suggest you consider.  Which of these will strike your fancy?  Grading...

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6 Ways to Deal with an Unfinished Class

When you don't finish a subject within the regular school year, you have options!  In a public, private, or alternative school, the only option is usually a big "W" on your transcript - for "Withdraw." But independent homeschoolers have many more options available!You can give 1/2 credit instead of 1 creditIf it's a class that doesn't need a whole credit, then you can award 1/2 credit and just be done with it. For example, if you...

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Are You Put Together?

When I go out, I try to look put together. You know, make up on, hair styled, appropriate clothing. Sometimes I get caught on my way home from exercising, which is embarrassing! But on the whole, I want to be ready to see people when I'm out and about. Good thing, too, because sometimes another homeschooler will spy me at Starbucks!As a homeschool parent, you need to have your homeschool records look put together too. One...

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Cheap and Easy High School Record Keeping

Use the "Binder Queen Method" of record keeping.My favorite method of record keeping is not a product you buy, it's reasonably price and easy to assemble.  I recommend a simple 3 ring binder, divider tabs, and lined notebook paper. Super-smart moms might want "college ruled" paper, but that is completely optional!I have seen far to many moms buy the latest and greatest record keeping, and then not use it. It doesn't matter what you BUY, you...

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Homeschool Summer Credits

Summer is the perfect time for fun miscellaneous activities like summer camps, swim teams, home improvement projects and family vacations! I understand that is a lot to balance, but have you ever wondered if your students can receive high school credit for any of these activities? It’s possible! Both of my boys earned their P.E. credits during the summer months through a swim team they participated in.You can count credits even though they’re over the summer...

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Summertime Fun with Record-keeping

Summertime Fun: Record-keepingIt’s summertime, and the living is… easy?  Probably not, if you’re a homeschool parent!  Now is the time to play catch-up. Summer provides an opportunity to work on all those tasks you’ve put off throughout the school year.  Little things such as cleaning out the closet under the stairs, or planning a visit to grandparents in another state.  Summertime is also a great opportunity to catch up on homeschool tasks that you’ve put off...

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Crazy Lifestyle of Learning

 Lots of homeschoolers have a "Crazy Lifestyle of Learning".  I'm a huge fan of Delight Directed Learning , and I love helping my members turn that into words and numbers that colleges understand - and putting those on a Homeschool Transcript. Here is one example!"My son spends his remaining school day working on film projects. He had already won two contests. I took him to the San Antonio Christian film festival academy a few Weeks back....

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