Homeschool English: Beware of "Random" Quotation Marks

Just say "NO" to "random" quotation marks! I keep finding "random quotation marks" in things I have "written myself." I find it "frustrating" and think I should read the book "Eats, Shoots, and Leaves" by Lynne Truss again. It's a hilarious book.  I do remember that there were some "questionable" words, and I hesitated before showing it to my older teenagers.  Don't use it with "younger" children, and you may want to pre-read it before giving...

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Homeschool High School: Pemberly Ball

I've written in the past about our son's experience with a "Pemberly Ball." If you're wondering what that might be, check out these blog posts! Can't Get Enough Jane Austen?The Down-Side of Literature-Based EducationI Hate Literary Analysis - Part 4Now is a great time of year to start planning events for the winter and spring. If you are considering a “Pemberly Ball” for your own homeschool literary studies, you might be interested in how to find...

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Along the Latin Road

I really loved Latin Road. I had no real Latin background, and when I looked at the other books they looked SO difficult to even START their programs. Latin Road is written by a homeschool mom who assumes you know nothing — an accurate assumption in my case! I worked two weeks ahead of my kids for the whole year, doing the work before them. The student does copy work, copying off the information in the...

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Holiday Writing Prompts for Homeschooling Christmas

My favorite Christmas school project was our yearly creative writing assignment based on Norman Rockwell art. Have you seen some of his holiday paintings?  Amazing creative holiday writing prompts! I asked my boys to choose any picture in Norman Rockwell's Christmas Book. Their assignment was to write a story behind the picture. They came up with some GREAT creative writing ideas, and the pictures really helped to get those creative juices flowing. This tradition of creative...

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Perfect English Evaluation?

My husband volunteered to grade all of our English papers.  Not because I wasn't smart enough to do it myself, but because I didn't actually DO it.  I was always busy with other tasks, and it never seemed to get done.  My husband took over the job, and took it very seriously.  He was a little difficult to please.  He gave feedback;  circling things that were confusing.  Pointing out misspelled words or  mixed verb tenses.  It...

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How to Grade English Papers over Summer

How to Grade English Papers over Summer

Staring at a pile of English papers that need a grade? Here is how I suggest that you grade right now, during summer, so you can get the job done and ...

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Essential Writing Skills for College and Beyond

Right now, I'm guessing that your focus is essential writing skills for high school. Once your child can write reasonably well, your next worry is a simple one. Make sure they have the essential writing skills for college and career. This post contains affiliate links. If you click and buy I may make a few pennies, but not enough for a latte. Essential Writing Skills for College and Beyond I have a book recommendation for you!...

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Finding College Application Essays for Practice

Junior year is a great time to take advantage of college application essays for practice. Use each of them as an English writing assignment. Have your child practice how to brainstorm and polish a technically perfect, self-reflective essay. But how do you go about finding college application essays? Finding College Application Essays for Practice Hi Lee - I've been perusing the sites of the schools my high school junior is interested in applying to, wanting to see...

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Struggling with Writing?

I quit "teaching" literature in 5th grade and let my daughter pick books (from a list of classic literature) to read with no formal  instruction. She enjoyed this approach and has been a voracious reader over the years. After reading Hamlet, she decided she enjoyed Shakespeare's tragedies and comedies and read several of them. At 16, she just took the Analyzing and Interpreting Literature CLEP exam and scored very well. She now has 6 English college credits!  I...

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Finding Freedom in Homeschool Language Arts

Are you allowing yourself enough flexibility for delight directed learning or are you putting your Enlgish credits in a box? Do you feel insecure because you aren't sure what "Language Arts 10" means? How many books do your children read each year in high school? Finding Freedom in Homeschool Language Arts I was fascinated by an opinion column in the Seattle Times, Seattle Sacrifices Monster Lit, which stated:"We should allow principals and teachers to select the curriculum...

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Am I Teaching Too Much English?

Am I Teaching Too Much English? It can be tempting to double up in your homeschool, but is that a good idea? Are you teaching too much English? Click on Lee's video, below, to find out!Have you ever tried using more than one English curriculum at a time? What is your favorite English curriculum? Please share! Subscribe to my YouTube channel. You will be notified when I create new videos on homeschool high school topics!If you...

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Are You Qualified to Teach High School English?

Are You Qualified to Teach High School English? You are totally, completely, and 100% qualified to teach high school English! It's not because you know everything there is to know about literature, or even because you know how to grade perfectly, but because you are your child's parent - the one who knows them and loves them best. Remember that some public school English teachers don't have an English degree. They may not even have the...

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Is Logic a Math Course or English?

Course descriptions are an important part of your high school student’s records, but sometimes it’s easy to get stumped about what to call certain courses, or what to count them as.  Audrey recently asked me,“What category is ‘Logic’? Math or English?  I want to know where to give my son credit. Our math course (Geometry: Videotext) has logic in it, but I always thought logic was an ‘English’ subject. I also will be using ‘Introductory Logic’ by Wilson...

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What is Your High School Graduation Rate?

Great news!  In The Great State of Washington, 24 kids out of 100 don't graduate high school!  Oh, wait... that's not good news!  When you really think of it, a 24% drop out rate is amazingly high! What is YOUR graduation rate?  What is the rate for your local high school?  What is the rate for your own homeschool?I know a LOT of homeschoolers, representing a huge variety of kids and educational styles, and I haven’t...

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How to Document Homeschool Co-op Classes

Have you ever struggled to document your students co-op classes? I’ve had a few questions lately from homeschool families who are struggling to do this very thing. All co-ops have particular elements that make their classes unique and it can be hard to develop a class description for these classes when you weren’t the one teaching your student, but you want to make sure and get all of your students credits on their high school transcripts....

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