Documentation + Work Samples + Grading = Easy-Peasy DONE!

Mary Beth asked me on Facebook, "What type of documentation is recommended to support our student’s transcripts? Sample of work? How do we determined the grade? Do we need to be able to defend the grade we gave our student?"  Documentation + Work Samples + Grading I suggest that you keep course descriptions as you go, updating them each year, so that you have a record of your curriculum and class experiences. A course description can...

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Homeschool Records Worth Imitating

One of the most rewarding parts of my job is hearing the stories my clients tell of their success in college admission and scholarships.  I know from experience the excitement of hearing that my student was admitted to his number one college, and the relief we felt when he won scholarships.  Hearing your stories is what keeps me doing this work of encouragement, so imagine my delight when Lisa in Washington sent me this:                                                           “Hi Lee!  During the registration...

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Help for Tubbies, Cubbies, and Binder Queens

Help for Tubbies, Cubbies, and Binder Queens If you are homeschooling a high school student, you’ve probably given at least a little thought to keeping homeschool records. Perhaps you’ve only thought about it vaguely and said to yourself, “I’ll get to it someday." Even if you’re convinced your student will never go to college, chances are a situation will arise when you will need to provide a record of your student’s high school experience, even if...

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Great News About Grading Scales!

I have such marvelous news about grading scales! This is guaranteed to thrill! Or maybe not... Let me know after I explain the good news!You are in charge of your homeschool policy. As the parent, you can choose any grading scale that you want to use.  If you are homeschooling independently, then you get to decide.There are a few commonly-used grading scale options I usually suggest you consider.  Which of these will strike your fancy?  Grading...

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Documenting Homeschool Academic Records

Should you include documentation of your students academic record by year or by subject on your transcript? Do colleges prefer to see the classes by subject organization: english, math, history etc. or do they prefer to know which year your student completed what subject: Freshman, sophomore, junior etc.? The trouble with these questions is that there isn’t a one size fits all answer.I decided to put both on my sons transcripts. The reason why is because...

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Summertime Fun with Record-keeping

Summertime Fun: Record-keepingIt’s summertime, and the living is… easy?  Probably not, if you’re a homeschool parent!  Now is the time to play catch-up. Summer provides an opportunity to work on all those tasks you’ve put off throughout the school year.  Little things such as cleaning out the closet under the stairs, or planning a visit to grandparents in another state.  Summertime is also a great opportunity to catch up on homeschool tasks that you’ve put off...

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Transcripts or Course Descriptions?

   Although most homeschool students utilize transcripts for college admissions, many students are also now submitting a homeschool portfolio when they apply to colleges.  What’s the difference, and why should you use a portfolio?  In general, a transcript is a one-page piece of paper that gives a college the opportunity to get a snapshot of your student, and decide whether they get a thumbs-up or a thumbs-down on admissions.  A portfolio, also known as a comprehensive...

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Applications, Course Descriptions, and Questions

Start your college applications early.  It can be complicated, and questions can come up.  Read how it took this mother weeks to prepare detailed course descriptions. Plan ahead, like Leanne.Hello, Lee-I have been working for weeks now preparing detailed course descriptions (like yours in your publications on the subject). I take my son to Grove City College next week for an interview.I was wondering about a course that you really only have a pass/fail grade for....

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Homeschooling High School: Complicated Answers Take Time

Some questions are easy to answer.When is the PSAT?How do I find a College Fair?Should my freshman take Physics before Biology?But other questions are very big, and very complicated.  Sandi asked a big and complicated question on my blog the other day.Hi Lee. I have 5 kids, 3 remain to be homeschooled. All high school age. My 17 yo has had some issues with seizures since Spring. As a result he has fallen behind somewhat in...

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Playing the Name Game!

Several people tend to be intimidated by grading. A number of parents tend to be fearful of high school credits. Then you will find some unschool or delight-directed homeschools that definitely stress out regarding naming courses. It can be very easy if you use textbooks (look at the title of the textbook! ) however in other conditions it’s not as simple.I just got off the telephone with a mom attempting to name an unconventional class. If...

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What is Perfect for Your Family?

When you are making your comprehensive homeschool records, it’s a great deal like cooking Thanksgiving Dinner. There is usually a whole lot of work involved, that’s true, however there are a great number of  choices! You can find a huge number of “correct ways” to create great homeschool records! You can  choose to create your information appear the way that is JUST RIGHT for your family. I offer  options as well as templates you are able...

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Merry Course Descriptions!

It's early December and I'm already done with my Christmas cards.  To be fair, I have a LOT of Christmas cards to write!  Still, it's a  "wee bit" early to be doing that.  What are the consequences of not working on your Christmas cards early?  Nothing much.  You might conceivably not get them out on time, I suppose.  I have lots of friends that don't send cards out on time, and I'm not offended.  I even...

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Paperless Homeschool?

Somewhere between hoarding and a sterile paperless environment is the perfect amount of high school records. Laura wrote:"Do you have any thoughts on student work typed and saved on the computer vs handwritten work?  I thought colleges would want to see examples of student's work in his own handwriting rather than work done on computer that theoretically could have been done by anyone.  I want to move my kids to a paperless (or almost paperless) school. ...

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