How Do I Get a Homeschool Diploma that Colleges Will Accept?

I often get asked about how to get a homeschool diploma.  In this video clip I answer that question and also share what colleges are looking for in your homeschool education.Learn how to translate all those great homeschool high school classes into the words and numbers that colleges will understand.  Get the Total Transcript Solution.

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College Consulting

"Do you know of any type of coaches or consultants to help us get our kids into a college and program of their choice?"Considering a college counselor?  There are business that are dedicated to only college consulting.   They normally work with public and private school students.  Although high school guidance counselors are supposed to fill the role, many parents don't feel they provide enough guidance, or enough individual support, so they look to a dedicated...

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How to Assess College Admission Requirements

How to understand college admission requirements. Subscribe to my YouTube channel. You will be notified when I create new videos on homeschool high school topics!

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Reach, Fit and Safety Colleges

Ah statistics!  You gotta love 'em!  Except when you don't....   But if you DO like numbers, this blog post is for you!  Let me explain the concept of "reach, fit, and safety" for math lovers!To find a reach, fit, and safety college, you have to look at "Admissions Data" found online and in books.  Little tip; just Google the school name and the words "admission data" and you'll find it. Then compare it to your...

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Making the Most of Community College

 If you are planning to use community college classes to replace or supplement junior and senior year, I have some specific suggestions.For maximum benefit.... Make sure to have your child take a class in each major subject area: English, math, history, etc.  If you are trying to get an AA degree, that means you will be covering all of those major subject areas plus a little more. Make sure to have her take a class for...

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College Prep, Step by Step, Part 1

Preparing for college can start even before your child hits high school.  If you have a middle school student, it’s a great time to review or preview. If you need to do remedial work with your student when they don’t quite know their basic math facts, now’s the time. Likewise, if your child is ready for algebra or geometry, 7th or 8th grade is a perfectly fine time for you to teach those classes.Middle school is...

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College Prep, Step by Step, Part 2

 Junior YearAs you continue to prepare your student for college, their Junior year is a particularly important year.  You really want to work hard at high school advising during junior year, because that’s when the rubber meets the road. The first task for junior year is to take the PSAT; the junior PSAT is the one that qualifies your student for the National Merit Scholarship. It’s the one that counts, and it’s the one for the...

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May Day is Important to Seniors

 So many holidays in May!  For parents with young children, you may be thinking about May Day and celebrating with flowers.  Moms of all ages are thinking about Mother's Day .  Patriotic Parents are thinking about Memorial Day. But parents of seniors have a special day to remember, called the National Candidates Reply Deadline.On May 1, high school seniors who have been offered college admission have to make their final decision. Most students have until that...

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Outside documentation with Community College

 I'm not a big fan of dual enrollment at community college, but I know that it makes sense in some situations.  If it's a good fit for your family, I want to make sure to pass along one tip.Community college classes provide outside documentation, and provide some "proof" that a child can be successful in a college level class in each subject.  For that reason, it's helpful to have a community college class in each general...

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Ivy League Admission

Ivy League Admission   Is your child headed toward Ivy League schools?  This information may help!The "true" Ivy League schools are Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard, Pennsylvania, Princeton, and Yale.Do your research early in high school to find out exactly what they want in their applicants, and do your best to give it to them.  Here are examples of Ivy League homeschool admission policies.Brown FAQ for HomeschoolersI suggest thorough course descriptions and extra subject tests.Columbia Admission...

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Crazy Lifestyle of Learning

 Lots of homeschoolers have a "Crazy Lifestyle of Learning".  I'm a huge fan of Delight Directed Learning , and I love helping my members turn that into words and numbers that colleges understand - and putting those on a Homeschool Transcript. Here is one example!"My son spends his remaining school day working on film projects. He had already won two contests. I took him to the San Antonio Christian film festival academy a few Weeks back....

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Time to Go College Visiting

 Time to Go College VisitingWhen you visit a college campus with your high school student, you will likely be given the opportunity to visit a classroom and take a campus tour.  These are great opportunities—don’t miss them!  Choose a class that interests your student, or a general freshman level class to see what the first year of college will be like.  Throughout these activities, you and your student should be taking notes.  Write down the details...

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Homeschooling High School: Planning Ahead for the College Application Process

Sharon asked me about  how she should plan ahead for the college application process.  She didn't want to miss a huge piece and make any huge mistakes.  Is this a question you have too? I hope this video post can help you both.   Get a Free 20 minute weekly phone consultation with me as part of your Gold Care Club membership.

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March is College Visit Time

 College Visit TimeIf you’re a parent of a homeschooled teenager, you’ve probably been thinking about college for a while now! As you and your student prepare for that not-so-far-away event, now is the time to start visiting colleges that interest you.  Deciding which colleges to consider is a big job—and you should take your time doing it, since your student will be spending four years of their life in this place.  For help in the process...

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How Important is a Homeschool Diploma?

I often get asked about how to get a homeschool diploma. That is an easy question to answer. What is more difficult is the education behind that piece of paper. That is what colleges are most interested in. As you wrap up your homeschooling years let me help you finish strong.

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