Cosmetology for High School Credit

There are tons of course options available to homeschoolers! Sometimes we can forget how many there are for our kids to choose from. Are you teaching ...

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Unleashing the Fun Factor

It's inevitable that your children will goof off. At some point, you'll be wishing they were doing something productive, like homework or chores, but ...

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Course Description Catalog to Copy and Paste

Course descriptions for high school classes can cause anxiety - even panic! There is a great copy and paste solution for real homeschool families. You...

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Death, Taxes, and Course Descriptions - Only Two are Inevitable

When you think about writing high school course descriptions do your palms feel sweaty? Do you break out in hives? If so, I need to let you in on a se...

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Course Descriptions Earn College Scholarships

Many homeschool parents feel anxious that they will not remember to include everything in the course descriptions and reading lists. The key to writin...

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3 Writing Prompts for Course Descriptions

Some colleges say they don't need homeschool course descriptions for admission, but most colleges will request or appreciate course des...

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How to Avoid Writing Homeschool High School Course Descriptions

Please note that as of January 2021, The College Board has discontinued SAT Subject Tests® and SAT® essay. How to Avoid Writing Homeschool High School Course Descriptions I’m a huge advocate of parents creating homeschool course descriptions and transcripts, and I have all sorts of great resources on my website to help even the most intimidated and overwhelmed parent do this. But I also realize that some people won’t get around to. Although many, if not...

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Queen of Crime Course Title

What a great idea!  Take a classic book and turn it into a springboard for English and science!  Take a look at Debbies ideas about a class on Agatha Christie, and learn how to come up with creative, outside the box, class titles and course descriptions.I am trying to come up with a great name for a course description I'm/we are currently working on with my daughter. She is going into 11th grade next year and...

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Homeschooling High School - The Difference Between Transcripts and Course Descriptions

We all want to be ahead of the game, especially when making homeschool transcripts.  Knowing the difference between transcripts and course descriptions can help you get started with this important paperwork.“Honey, There’s a Crazed Mob of Scholarship Wielding Colleges Pounding on Our Front Door!!” Get the Comprehensive Record Solution!  

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How to Include Bible Classes on a Homeschool Transcript

Homeschoolers are often Christian families, and they regularly include Christian education in their homeschool. Let me show you how to include your st...

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How to Write Course Descriptions

Are you wondering how to write course descriptions for your homeschool high school student? Creating course descriptions can be fairly straight forwar...

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Colleges May Require, Request, or Appreciate Homeschool Course Descriptions

Most colleges require, request, or appreciate course descriptions. Most parents plan ahead by having homeschool course descriptions ready for college ...

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Writing a Course Description for Chorus

Writing a Course Description for Chorus Cindy was working on her course descriptions (go, team, go!!!) and got stuck with music class.  I would like to count all the singing our youth group does as Choir but not sure how to write it on a course description or on the transcript. How can I best represent this in a transcript and Course description. Oh yeah, they do a drama in the performance too!It's so common for...

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Carbonite Can Save Your Bacon

What's better than bacon? Keeping your files safe with Carbonite! {Note: this post contains affiliate links. If you click and buy I make a few pennies, but sadly, not enough for a latte.}   Most homeschoolers don’t have the time or energy to back up all their data like that, but disasters can happen.  A single computer virus, a major computer crash, or a household disaster or theft can destroy all the hard work you put...

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How to Earn $1600 an Hour Writing Course Descriptions

  If your homeschool family is struggling to make the time to write course descriptions, this might be a good blog post to share with your spouse.If you had the perfect job, working from home, loving your children, how much could you earn per hour, do you think? Traci found out that her job as a homeschool parent was actually earning her WELL over minimum wage. Can you believe it? $1600/hour for working on her homeschool...

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