New FAFSA Available October 1st

New FAFSA Available October 1st Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is trying to make life easier for you. They will now allow you to begin filling out your FAFSA on October 1st of each year.You will use the prior year's tax information, so there is no waiting around to collect all the tax info that you need to complete the FAFSA.You will get a more prompt financial award, so that you can learn about...

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College Admission and Scholarships Received!

College Admission and Scholarships Received A homeschool mom posted on Facebook to say thank you for her successes. She followed my advice, and with hard work and conscientious effort she received college admission and scholarships for her child. Good things can happen to you, too! Here is the good-news report Lizzy shared on my Facebook page!If you need some guidance on earning college admission and scholarships, like me on Facebook, check out my pins on Pinterest, and...

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Better than an iPad?

Better than an iPad? It's funny how kids think. A homeschooled student received big scholarships and her little brother is only excited because she is getting an iPad along with her 4 years of full tuition, plus $5,000 a year for housing! Because that's a big deal, right?Check out this letter from Lin. I have linked to the resources she references, in case you find something you need to check out.Thanks for all the help-Big Scholarship...

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How You Can be Shocked by $112,000 in Scholarships

How You Can be Shocked by $112,000 in Scholarships First, the good news! Joy's daughter received HUGE scholarships worth $112,000 toward the cost of college! Joy worked hard to give colleges just what they love. Read her note to me:My daughter received an $8,000 annual music scholarship and an annual $20,000 dean scholarship both for the 4 full years - $28,000 x 4!! Thank you very much! We are waiting for offers from other colleges to...

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Super-score to Improve Scholarships

When planning for college, you will need to have your child take high school tests. You can find out all about high school tests in my article, High S...

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The 3 Most Important Scholarship Tips

Every year some perfectly wonderful homeschool students miss out on college scholarships. It doesn't have to be that way, though. Read on to find out ...

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What to do After Earning Scholarships

What to do After Earning Scholarships

You've done the hard work and gotten the scholarships. Now what? Let me give you some tips on what to do next. What to do if you have gotten some grea...

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Is a Perfect PSAT Score Required for Merit Scholarships?

Perfect is swell, but is a perfect PSAT score required for merit scholarships? (Of course, you could always use studying as a way to do better on all of the high school tests! Test Preparation without Getting Smarter) "I finished watching your DVD Getting The Big Scholarships.... it was awesome!  Thank you for taking the time to help others.  In receiving a merit scholarship wouldn't you have to have a perfect PSAT score?  I 've had...

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Scholarship Tips for Poor Test Takers

Scholarship Tips for Poor Test Takers

When you are visiting and applying to colleges, try to convince the college that your child is a good investment for their scholarship donations. You ...

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[Free Class] Super Scholarships for Humble Homeschoolers

 Oh no! Did you miss our webinar event?Sign up for my monthly newsletter and stay up-to-date on our upcoming events.We'd love to have you join! Y...

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9 Tips to Earn More Scholarships

It's tempting to think that our goal is to get our children in to college. No, no! Our goal is that our children can get in AND afford to go to colleg...

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What to Do When You Need Scholarships NOW!

Learn about scholarships when your child starts high school. During junior year, the things you do can determine the scholarships you receive. College choice, test preparation, and application essays are the 3 biggest factors in receiving college scholarships. What to Do When You Need Scholarships NOW! It's much more difficult, and certainly more emotional, to stand in the middle of senior year, wondering where the money will come from. If that is you, I feel your...

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How much does college cost?

How much does college cost? It could be less than you think. Here's why. How much does college cost? Sticker Shock When parents first start shopping for college, they experience some tremendous sticker shock. Look to the net price calculator, which will factor in the expected financial aid you might receive.  The College Board offers a one-stop-shopping net price calculator on its website that will figure the price for different colleges. → Big tip!  Don't compare the...

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Simple Formula for Scholarship Success

Simple Formula for Scholarship Success The secrets of college admission and scholarships are actually pretty easy. Start your research early. Diligently keep your transcripts and course descriptions up to date. Apply early during Senior year. Scholarship money is first-come, first-served, and you want to be first in line! But that means you must have all your ducks in a row before you start the application. What can you do today, so that you are successful? Start...

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Scholarships Worth 93% of College Costs

Scholarships Worth 93% of College Costs I got a wonderful letter from a member, and she was very specific about why she felt her daughter got a huge, Huge, HUGE scholarship that covered a full 93% of the cost of attending college! Here is the short version, in case you are in a hurry, but need to know what Kathleen did to become so successful.Executive summary for busy parents Start your transcript early - learn how...

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