July Homeschool Calendar Reminders

It's time to enjoy the summer while doing a bit of planning for the homeschool year ahead. Here are some July homeschool calendar reminders to make th...

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June Homeschool Calendar Reminders

You made it to June! It's time to sit back, relax your homeschool life, and enjoy the summer. Don't completely check out though, or you'll miss o...

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May Homeschool Calendar Reminders

Wow! We're already well into May! Can you believe it? Are you on track? Here are some homeschool calendar reminders for you to check your goals agains...

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April Homeschool Calendar Reminders

Each month there are reminders that will help you in your homeschool journey! Have you looked at the calendar this month for the April homeschool...

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March Homeschool Calendar Reminders

Here are your homeschool calendar reminders for March! These resources will help keep you on track. Middle School: Get your homeschool high schoo...

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February Homeschool Calendar Reminders

Each month there are homeschool calendar reminders that will help you create an organized homeschool! Have you looked at the calendar for February? Ho...

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January Homeschool Calendar Reminders

New homeschool calendar reminders for the new year! These will keep you on track as you homeschool high school this January. Middle School: Avoid pani...

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December Homeschool Calendar Reminders

Here are your homeschool calendar reminders for December! Middle School: High school level classes go on your child's high school transcript. Do you k...

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November Homeschool Calendar Reminders

These November homeschool calendar reminders will keep you on track as we head into the holiday season!  Middle School: Encouraging reading can b...

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October Homeschool Calendar Reminders

Can you believe it's already October? Follow these homeschool calendar reminders, and complete your tasks as you enjoy the month. Middle School: Pract...

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September Homeschool Calendar Reminders

Can you believe it's already September? I can't! There's lots to do ~ check out the reminders below. They'll help you stay on track for a successful y...

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August Homeschool Calendar Reminders

These August homeschool calendar reminders will keep you up to date in your work as you enjoy these last days of summer! Middle School: Your purpose a...

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Carbonite Can Save Your Bacon

What's better than bacon? Keeping your files safe with Carbonite! {Note: this post contains affiliate links. If you click and buy I make a few pennies, but sadly, not enough for a latte.}   Most homeschoolers don’t have the time or energy to back up all their data like that, but disasters can happen.  A single computer virus, a major computer crash, or a household disaster or theft can destroy all the hard work you put...

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Time to Have "The Talk"

When children are young, we shield them from much of our "rated R" world.  But something happens that changes that.....  Your children grow up.  That's when we realize that we need to shelter young children, but discuss with teens. When your children enter their teen years, it's time to begin having "the talk" about social issues, morality, and integrity.  Allow them to see more of the world, and explain to them what you see in the...

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4 Most Important Things for Parents of Seniors

Dear Parents of Seniors,I know how busy you are, so I'll keep this simple.For scholarships, the most important thing is to DO THE APPLICATION NOW.  I often suggest that by January of senior year, if you haven't completed all your applications, that becomes your priority.  I suggest you put ALL other things on hold and do ONLY your applications.  It can make a huge difference financially to get them done as quickly as possible.  Often scholarship money...

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