Use Your Annoy-O-Meter Skillfully

Confessions of a homeschool mom: I sometimes felt annoyed with my children. My son Kevin seemed always to be playing chess, no matter what I said or d...

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Making a Transcript Decades Later is Stressful

Rosie called to ask about homeschool transcript templates. Her grown son graduated from homeschool many years ago. He completed college and earned an ...

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Creating Transcripts for Your Unique Child [Free Class!]

Oh no! Did you miss our webinar event?Sign up for my monthly newsletter and stay up-to-date on our upcoming events!We'd love to have you join! You don...

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15 Reasons to Make a Homeschool Transcript

A homeschool transcript is part of your child's educational background that you will have to provide when you help them go through the college admissi...

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Do You Need a Homeschool High School Transcript for College Admission?

Is your child homeschooling high school? Is college fast approaching? Click on the video below to learn if your child needs a homeschool high school transcript for college admission and how to get one completed quickly! Total Transcript Solution[Digital Resource] The end of your homeschool transcript worries! The Total Transcript Solution includes simple DIY instructions, classes to get you started, and easy-to-use templates. Also included: A personal consultation with Lee! This is a really good value,...

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Capturing CLEP Credit on a Homeschool Transcript

A CLEP Exam is a college level test that measures college level knowledge in a specific subject area. If a child takes and passes a CLEP test in ANYTHING then it goes on the high school transcript.When determining high school credit for CLEP, it does not matter how long it took the student to learn the material. Whether it was 2 weeks or 2 years, credit is not determined by the hours of study. With CLEP, you...

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Homeschooling and Boy Scouts

Confession - my boys never did boy scouts.  The local public school had a group of truly rotten kids that I didn't want my boys to play with, so we never started the boy scout tradition.  But scouting is such a great activity!  Especially in high school! Some colleges have told me that an Eagle Scout is GREAT for college admission!  The military academies particularly love Eagle Scout candidate. It demonstrated leadership, physical fitness, volunteerism, and...

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