Homeschool Foreign Language Requirements and Curriculum

The usual requirement for high school foreign or world language is two, three, or four years of a single language. Most high schools require language ...

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Foreign Language Credit for Bilingual Students

In public schools, they give high school credit for being bilingual, and you can do it too. My local school district has the goal of 10...

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Is Foreign Language Really Required by College?

Please note that as of January 2021, The College Board has discontinued SAT Subject Tests® and SAT® essay. Although better than most places, the homeschool world is not completely free from the rumor mills—or if you’re a Veggie Tales fan, the rumor ‘weeds.’  Here are a few homeschool ‘rumor weeds’ I’ve heard recently from concerned parents: "Colleges won’t accept foreign language credit if you used Rosetta Stone.""Colleges don’t accept Latin as a foreign language, since it’s not...

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Teaching Latin: The Not-Quite-So-Dead Language

Teaching Latin. It is a language that is intimidating to some, but can be helpful in helping to learn other languages. Before you blow it off as ...

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5 Keys to Foreign Language Study

5 Keys to Foreign Language Study

Are you getting ready to study foreign language? Be sure you include these 5 things to increase your success! Foreign language studies should include ...

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Computer Coding as a Foreign Language

Computer Coding as a Foreign Language

Some states are thinking about allowing high school students to fulfill foreign language-learning requirements with a computer language instead of spo...

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Why Foreign Language? 3 Important Purposes

How important is a foreign language? I don’t know about you, but I’m not one of those people who naturally picks up foreign languages. I did learn some Latin along with my kids, but I had to study hard to stay ahead of them, and eventually I realized that they were passing me up no matter how hard I tried! I don’t feel too bad, though, because there are many adults who don’t know a foreign language. What...

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Rosetta Stone or Power Glide?

This post contains affiliate links. If you click through and buy I may make a few pennies, but not enough for a latte. Rosetta Stone or Power Glide? I am often asked about which foreign language curriculum to use. There are many to choose from out there! Choosing probably boils down to learning style, and the ways your child learns the best. The three I often recommend are Tell Me More, Power Glide, and Rosetta Stone....

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Homeschool Foreign Language Success

Homeschool Teaching Tips for Foreign Language  It's important to start your foreign language study early in high school, because some states require 2-4 years for high school graduation, and some colleges require it for college admission.  When I was homeschooling, I felt stumped on how to teach it, though!  So I collected a bunch of fun ideas in this article that I think will really help you. What will you learn in this article? 25 Great...

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SAT Entirely in Aramaic?

High school testing is a subject that interests many of my clients. There is something about seeing an acronym of letters that makes homeschooling parents nervous. Never fear! Prepping for and taking the SAT is not a scary thing.  Today Jennifer Karan, Executive Director of the SAT Program at shares more reasons why we should lower our misconceptions of the SAT. Three Misconceptions about the SATBy: Jennifer Karan, Executive Director of SAT Program at the College Board®Though...

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Community College Language on the High School Transcript

 Making a transcript isn't so hard....  Well....  Until it gets complicated, LOL!  Renee asked a question about how to put foreign language on the high school transcript when classes were taken at a community colleges.Lee,I am watching your DVD's for high school.  Question about college classes.My son took Elementary German 1 @ a college first semesterNow, 2nd semester, he is taking Elementary German 2So - in high school credits - would those classes each receive a credit,...

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Ideas for Making Foreign Language Fun

Learning a new language is work.  You can't just plop kids in front of a video screen and let them enjoy the ambiance of French.  They really need to work at it.  Success with foreign language requires being consistent every day.  The problem with foreign language is the same problem I have with Weight Watchers.  It only works when you actually DO the program!  So sad... but so true.Just because it's work doesn't mean it can't...

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Gifted Education and a Free Foreign Language Resource

I received a sweet note from a client, and she gave a wonderful review of a free homeschool resource for foreign language.  I thought it might encourage others, so I'm passing it along. Hi Lee,Thank you so much for focusing on high school, homeschool students! Your web site has been very valuable to me.  I am homeschooling a son who is profoundly gifted.  We are "refugees homeschoolers" - We always believed our son would be schooled...

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Foreign Language on Your iPad!

This just in!  You can watch foreign language channels on your iPad or iPod and practice your foreign language skills!Find the iPod Touch app called "TVU."  You can't get your local channels, but you can get channels from across the country and the globe!  The app costs $4.99, so it's much cheaper than cable, and you can get channels that broadcast in the language you want your children to learn. There are dozens of foreign language...

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Homeschool Foreign Language And Rosetta Stone

Foreign language requirements vary from college to college.  Check with the college website and see what their policy is.  Go to a college fair and ask questions of each college, to get their opinion.  You'll be surprised at the variety of answers, I'm sure!I have a slightly off-topic question regarding whether Rosetta Stone and/or Power Glide are accepted as Foreign Language high school credits in preparation for most state colleges. Anyone have any information on that?...

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