January Homeschool Calendar Reminders

New homeschool calendar reminders for the new year! These will keep you on track as you homeschool high school this January.

Middle School: Avoid panic! Spend some time this month learning how to homeschool high school. Next year you'll begin high school feeling confident in your decision to homeschool. Taming Middle School Anxiety

Freshmen: It doesn't have to be overwhelming! Let me reassure you that you can relax during freshman and sophomore year—you can't mess it up beyond repair! How to Homeschool 9th and 10th Grades: Simple Steps for Starting Strong

Sophomores: Look online at two colleges: a private and a public school. What do they want from homeschool high school students? What courses does your child need? Does your child need to take a subject test this year? Learn more about Planning High School.

Juniors: Give your homeschooler the advantage in the high stakes college admission sweepstakes! Craft high school transcripts and records that gain choice college admission and win BIG scholarships. Setting the Records Straight

Seniors: A college may want a thirty-minute interview for admission, or an eight-hour competition for scholarships. How do you prepare for something like that? How to Win a Scholarship Competition

[Free Class] Creating Transcripts for Your Unique ...
Mid-Year Grades for College Applications

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Monday, 17 January 2022

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