Record Keeping Round Up: Transcripts - Course Descriptions - Samples

Record Keeping Round Up: Transcripts - Course Descriptions - Samples

Record Keeping Round UpA collection of the best resources available to homeschoolers with high school record keeping, transcripts, and course descript...

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Should Homeschoolers Weight Grades?

Have you ever wondered if homeschoolers should weight grades? Perhaps you have heard of students taking AP® courses or honors courses and receiving a ...

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Homeschool Documentation and Work Samples

It is important to provide colleges with the information they need when going through the college admission process. Although the transcript...

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3 Reasons to Write Course Descriptions

 Why write course descriptions? Many people will tell you they aren't necessary, but here are three important reasons not to shirk on t...

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College Application Lexicon

College application has it's own unique vocabulary.  As you look toward college admission, you'll notice you have many different choices on how to apply.  Here are the NACAC definitions of terms for different kinds of application plans.  If you need a primer on what "application" means, this blog post is for you. ADMISSION TERMS PER NACAC Non-Restrictive Application Plans: All of these plans allow students to wait until May 1 to confirm enrollment. Regular Decision is...

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What Colleges Really Want is Demonstrated Interest

​You will need to demonstrate interest in a college if you want to get admitted and get scholarships. Applying to a college without showing a genuine ...

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Reach, Fit, and Safety Simplified

Finding a college is more than watching where your friends and neighbors’ children go to school. Take your sophomore or junior to a college fair and/or search online for the perfect college match for your student. Once you have some possibilities, visit the college in person. Visiting is the only way to see if it’s a perfect match. Try to whittle down the list to a handful of colleges by the end of junior year. When...

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Letter Template to Request Change of Admission Policy

Letter Template to Request Change of Admission Policy

The GED test is intended for high school drop-outs, so avoid taking that test as a homeschool student, even if a college asks for it. As you are looki...

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45 Simple Tips for a College Admission Interview

45 Simple Tips for a College Admission Interview

A college admission interview is a great opportunity to learn the adult skill of interviewing for a job. Perfect for college bound or non-college boun...

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