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Homemade Felt Ornaments for Christmas

Homemade Felt Ornaments for Christmas #Homeschool @TheHomeScholar

My assistant Robin is such a genius! Look at these ADORABLE homemade felt ornaments she created for her Christmas tree! Wouldn't they be awesome as a gift from a child, or to decorate your home with a classic Christmas feel?  Just download this pattern, cut out the colored felt, and stitch. Easy-peasy, cute-and-fun gifts!

Stone Soup


"We have lots of little ones joining our family! Having some older siblings with adult children, I now have several great nieces and great nephews! I remember when my  children were little. Our tree was bald from "toddler height" down! My teens and I will be making some felt ornaments for our family and friends with little ones this year. That way their trees will have toddler-friendly ornaments on the bottom of the tree." ~ Robin

You can create a cute red candy cane, icy-cold snowflake, or snowman with hat, scarf, and carrot nose!

Materials needed:

    • Felt in Christmas colors
    • Coordinating embroidery floss or thread and needle
    • A bit of tissue paper or cotton to stuff
    • Small buttons or sequins for embellishment
    • Ribbon for hanging on tree


    • Print the pattern out on regular copy paper
    • Cut out the pattern pieces
    • Lightly trace the shapes on the corresponding pieces of colored felt
    • Carefully cut out the felt pieces
    • Sew pieces together, making sure to sew in a loop of ribbon on the top so you can put it on the tree
    • If desired, with the snowman you can add a bit of stuffing to make him a little plump
    • Finish with any extra small buttons, beads, or sequins for embellishment
      Please note: adding extras like buttons, beads or sequins to your ornaments is a cute touch, but small children may be able to pull them off!  Another option is to use black embroidery floss, stitch French knots for eyes and straight stitches for smiles
    • Hang on the tree, or add as a tag for a gift!

These are just the sweetest homemade felt ornaments that are perfectly imperfect for your Christmas holidays!

Homemade Felt Ornaments for Christmas


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