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Identify Theft and the FAFSA

Identify Theft and the FAFSA
Identity thieves might have access to your FAFSA information . At least that's a possibility, because the IRS has shut off their FAFSA application tool due to security concerns . The FAFSA uses a "data retrieval tool" to get your information from the...
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25 Reasons to be Careful with Teens and Technology

25 Reasons to be Careful with Teens and Technology

25 Reasons to be Careful with Teens and Technology

1. Watch this video: reSTART Life | Not your device

2. State Senator Wants Utah to Declare Pornography a Public Health Crisis

3. Why the iPad is a far bigger threat to our children than anyone realises: Ten years ago, psychologist Sue Palmer predicted the toxic effects of social media. Now she sees a worrying new danger ...

4. Mom's Facebook Post Begs Parents to Put Down Their Phones

5. Danger of Blue Light Exposure for Children

6. Internet Terms and Acronyms Parents MUST Know

7. Teen Driver was Texting, Snapchatting, and on Facebook Prior to Rollover Crash

8. Kik App Investigated After Teen's Death: What Every Parent Should Know

9. 9 Social Media Red Flags Parents Should Know About

10. We are setting a bad example: Parents are the Ones Who Need Limits on Screen Time

11. Watch this video: 3 Easy Ways Parents Can Tame Their Device Use

12. Video Selfie Caused Fatal Thurston County Crash

13. Parents Struggle to Limit Children's Screen Time

14. Too Much Screen Time Damages the Brain

15. If Children Lose Contact with Nature, they Won't Fight for it

16. Kids are spending too much time on the internet, help them discover The Outernet.

17. Your Paper Brain and Your Kindle Brain Aren't the Same Thing

18. Watch this Video: Put Your Phone Down For One Hour

19. We're Failing to Teach Kids Household Skills. If Your Child Can Use a Smartphone ...

20. The Social Media Conversation to Have with Your Kids.

21. Electronic Baby Toys Associated with Decrease in Quality and Quantity of Language in Infants

22. Can't Get Your Child off the Internet?

23. The Life You See Here on Social Media is Not Reality. It's Everyone's Highlight Reel.

24. Selfies Kill More People than Sharks.

25. Unhook Your Children from Technology.

Get the solutions to troublesome technology! Avoid the zombie apocalypse with this new resource, "TechnoLogic: How to Set Logical Technology Boundaries and Stop the Zombie Apocalypse" By Lee Binz and a Team of Experts.

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11 Long-term Consequences of Excessive Technology Use

11 Long-term Consequences of Excessive Technology Use
In addition to short term issues, there are so many long-term consequences of excessive technology use. This is why it's important to set technology boundaries with young children, and to continue explaining, discussing, and modifying technology boundaries in your home with older children.

Eventually young adults need to be able to set technology boundaries for themselves, when they become adults, so explaining the consequences of excess use is important. Read all about the long-term consequences of excessive technology use along with why and how to set boundaries in my book, TechnoLogic: How to Set Logical Boundaries and Stop the Zombie Apocalypse. 

Sooo....have you had that discussion with your teenagers? How did it go?

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National Week of Prayer for Homeschool

National Week of Prayer for Homeschool

National Week of Prayer for Homeschoolers
Monday, Jan. 27 - Sunday, Feb. 2, 2014

Homeschool groups around the country have joined together to pray for homeschool families this week. Please join us in praying for the homeschool community.

Prayer Schedule for this  week
Monday - Pray for Homeschooling Dads

Tuesday - Pray for Homeschooling Moms

Wednesday - Pray for Children at Home

Thursday - Pray for Graduates of All Ages

Friday - Pray for Second Generation Homeschoolers

Saturday - Pray for Homeschooling Grandparents

Sunday - Pray for Revival in the Homeschool Family

Here are some things you can think about, pray about, and meditate on during this coming week.

Monday:  Pray for Homeschooling Dads
Please pray for homeschooling fathers to walk in integrity before the Lord in every area of their lives. Pray for their hearts to be turned towards their children and that they may instill in them a love for Christ and His Church. Pray for these men as they carry such an important responsibility for the spiritual care and physical provision of their families. Pray for protection of marriages.

Proverbs 20:7 ~ The godly walk with integrity; blessed are their children who follow them.

Tuesday:  Pray for Homeschooling Moms
Please pray for homeschooling mothers to walk generously in the fruit of the Spirit. Pray that every moment in their day would be filled with much rejoicing and gentleness. Pray for their hearts to be encouraged as they fill so many different roles in their family, church, and community. Pray for their minds to be focused on the Lord and that they will trust everything to Him, not giving place to comparisons. Pray for protection of marriages.

Philippians 4:4-7 ~ Rejoice in the Lord always. Again I will say, rejoice! Let your gentleness be known to all men. The Lord is at hand. Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.

Wednesday:   Pray for Children at Home
Please pray for the children that are being educated at home to come to faith in Christ, walking out personal and deep relationships with the Lord. Pray for their minds to be saturated with the things of God and that their hearts would be set aside for His glory and work. Pray for relationships with parents to be solid, strong and healthy.

Isaiah 54:13 ~ All your children shall be taught by the Lord, and great shall be the peace of your children.

Thursday:  Pray for Graduates of All Ages
Please pray for those children who have graduated from homeschools. Pray that the truths of the Word will accomplish the purposes of God in their lives. Pray for clarity of thought as they build their own families and careers. Pray for strong relationships with parents and healing of any broken relationships within their families.

Philippians 4:1 ~ Therefore, my beloved and longed-for brethren, my joy and crown, so stand fast in the Lord, beloved.

Friday:  Pray for Second Generation Homeschoolers
Please pray for second generation homeschoolers who are discipling and educating their own children at home. Pray for these families to create their own traditions and learning environments while building on the good things their parents did. Pray for them to stand firm in their convictions and follow the Lord in all things.

Psalm 78:6 ~ That the generation to come might know them [laws of God], the children who would be born, that they may arise and declare them to their children that they may set their hope in God and not forget the works of God, but keep His commandments.

Saturday: Pray for Homeschooling Grandparents
Please pray for grandparents of homeschooled children to be encouraging towards the efforts of their adult children to disciple and educate the grandchildren at home. Pray for them to have wisdom on how to speak into their adult children's lives when needed and how to help facilitate the vision of homeschooling. Pray for them to have great influence for good in the lives of their grandchildren, always pointing them to Jesus.

Psalm 145:4 ~ One generation shall praise Your works to another, and shall declare Your mighty acts.

Sunday: Pray for Revival in the Homeschool Family
Please pray for the Holy Spirit to do a mighty work in homeschooling families across the world. Pray for hearts to be humbled and submitted to the Lord. Pray for true repentance and turning from sin. Pray for entire families to seek the face of God together, crying out for His presence in their homes. Pray for a harvest of souls through the witness of the power of the Holy Spirit in the lives of homeschoolers.

Psalm 130:1-6 ~ Out of the depths I have cried to You, O Lord; Lord, hear my voice! Let Your ears be attentive to the voice of my supplications. If You, Lord, should mark iniquities, O Lord, who could stand? But there is forgiveness with You, that You may be feared. I wait for the Lord, my soul waits, and in His word I do hope. My soul waits for the Lord more than those who watch for the morning. Yes, more than those who watch for the morning.

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Just Another Reason To Homeschool

Just Another Reason To Homeschool

5 More 
Reasons to Homeschool

Why are we doing this?   Have You Seen the News?!

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How to Have Happy Teens

How to Have Happy Teens
Great stories in the news, providing tips on "How to Have Happy Teens."

How to Have Happy Teens

Study: Homeschoolers Happier, Better-Adjusted in College
The authors also report that "they [homeschoolers] have achieved greater academic success and...rate their college experience more positively" than traditionally-schooled counterparts. In a telephone interview, Cohen said the study results reflect that homeschoolers' support structure - such as family relationships - is stronger and more defined.
Read Heartlander

Kids Who Sleep More Cope Better
I saw an article on CNN saying that "Kids who sleep more cope better."  I think it's true, and probably one reason why homeschoolers tend to achieve higher test scores.  It's also true in college, when kids tend to give up sleep in order to study and have fun.  It might be a good idea to have a conversation now, while kids are still at home, to talk about the importance of sleep and how it improves the ability to cope with life - and cope with college when they get there.  Here is that article, in case you want to use it for a discussion prompt.

Teen Designer Succeeds
Homeschool Student Shows at New York Fashion Week
"Brandon, who is home-schooled, said the management and self-promotional skills he learned as an actor and model have prepared him for his new role. He said he also serves as his own manager, publicist and creative director."
Read Times Free Press

Enjoy Science More
State Science Standards Are "Mediocre to Awful"  "What's going wrong with the way many American students are learning science? High standards are a first step on the road to high student achievement."
Read ScientificAmerican

Setting Digital Limits for Happier Teens
Here is an article all about how Steve Jobs and how he and other tech moguls are low-tech parents. It discusses some great limits for happier children and teens.
Read Time


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Internet Addiction and how it Relates to Homeschooling

Internet Addiction and how it Relates to Homeschooling
It used to be that parents were concerned about our children receiving  accidental exposure to pornography, or wasting time with video games. As Internet Addiction becomes a popular topic on the news, I keep thinking about how it relates to homeschoolers.

Read these recent articles warning against internet addiction:

Technology Companies Want Your Kids Addicted    
Internet companies are learning what the tobacco industry has long known -- addiction is good for business. Much of what we do online releases dopamine into the brain's pleasure centers, resulting in obsessive pleasure-seeking behavior. Technology companies face the option to exploit our addictions for profit. As a result, some people can become obsessed with these pleasure-seeking experiences and engage in compulsive behavior such as a need to keep playing a game, constantly check email, or compulsively gamble online.
The Atlantic Monthly

How Does the Internet Affect Children and Adolescents?  
Is the Web Driving Us Mad?  This article in Newsweek says, "a preponderance of research shows "a link between Internet use, instant messaging, emailing, chatting, and depression among adolescents," as well as to the "strong relationships between video gaming and depression." It goes on to say, "The latest Net-and-depression study may be the saddest one of all. With consent of the subjects, Missouri State University tracked the real-time Web habits of 216 kids, 30 percent of whom showed signs of depression. The results, published last month, found that the depressed kids were the most intense Web users"

Here is my advice to help keep your children from becoming addicted to the internet:

1. Reconsider the percentage of classes your children take online.
2. Carefully weight curriculum options, and consider non-computer curriculum when possible.
3. Teach your children to monitor their own behavior on computers and online.
4. Recognize the signs and symptoms of internet addiction.
5. Limit "wasting time" on digital media of all kinds.
6. Balance the need for technology education with time spent on the computer.

Do you  have any other tips or information when it comes to internet addiction?

Homeschooling is NOT the same as doing schoolwork at home.  There is LOTS of freedom!  My GoldCareClub will give you all the help you need to succeed!
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10 More Reasons to Homeschool

10 More Reasons to Homeschool



This past month, I felt shocked on a daily basis when I read the newspaper and saw the evening news.  So many stories seemed to include public schools. We all have MANY reasons to homeschool, of course.  But let's take a quick tour of the news this past month, and count 10 more reasons to homeschool.

1. School violence

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Homeschoolers in the News

Homeschoolers in the News


My newsletter includes a section called "In the News." Check out what those wild and crazy homeschoolers are doing these days!

In The News

Rick Santorum: Homeschooling Dad
"I'll Home-School In The White House" Read article

Ron Paul and Homeschoolers Influential Homeschoolers Coalesce Behind Ron Paul
Ron Paul is an enemy of homeschooling
Michael Farris of HSLDA

Tim Tebow: Homeschool High School Graduate
Tim Tebow's Unusual Education
Washington Post Article

Kansas State Starting Quarterback Homeschooled
"Klein is fluent in the locker-room language, even if his actual words sound strange to some ears. No one has ever heard him swear, and he will sprinkle conversations with old-timey phrases that make his teammates chuckle."

Most Influential in the Country Homeschooled
Woodlands teen recognized by Forbes Magazine as one of the most influential and inspirational people in the country under 30
ABC News

Teen of the Week
Home school student works hard and aims high

Census and Homeschoolers
Three percent of American students, about 1.5 million children, are homeschooled. Learn what the U.S. Census says about homeschool families. Read the story.

Are you my facebook friend?   Please send me a friend request.  I would love to get to know you better.
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Homeschooling in the News

Homeschooling in the News
In the News

Home-schools gaining more students in Mississippi

This is a very encouraging news report about a regular homeschool family.  Brita Wren is interviewed by WLOX News in Mississippi. "I think I had higher expectations sometimes than the schools that they were in to begin with, that we expected them to do their best," said Wren. "There's no peer pressure, no bullying; there's no busy work."

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What about it? Socialization in the news.

What about it? Socialization in the news.
It was a bad day for local schools in my newspaper the other day.  In the Thursday paper I read these stories:

Highline student charged with violent rape attempt By Levi Pulkkinen, Seattle PI.  A Highline High School student accused of attacking a teen girl with a brick has been charged with attempted rape.

Des Moines teens could face pornography charges by The Associated Press Public school teens at a party shared cell phone video of classmates, and could be prosecuted for child pornography.

Firing at Garfield Stems from Nonexistent Class for Hoop Star By Mason Kelley.  A Seattle Public Schools investigation found that two standout athletes were given passing grades for Spanish despite not doing any work. The incident led to the April 11 firing of Garfield athletic director Jim Valiere.

All three of these incidents were in my local area.

So, the next time someone asks you: "What about socialization?" send them this blog post.

Our monthly newsletter comes out on the first of every month.  Sign up for your free monthly newsletter here.
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Homeschoolers in the News

Homeschoolers in the News
In the News

Miss America was homeschooled!

Read "5 Things to Know About the 17-Year-Old Miss America" and read that Teresa Scanlan was homeschooled.  People Magazine

Jets' Jason Taylor was homeschooled

"More years ago than he'd care to admit, Jason Taylor was just a home-schooled kid doing some outdoor chores when he met the man who would change the course of his life." Read more

SMARTwheel Homeschool Invention

"Tackling distracted driving is a matter of national debate, but few would expect six home-schooled children from Londonderry, N.H., to propose a solution so promising they've already met with President Obama and Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood." Learn more

When your teen does something that makes the news, please let me know!  I'd love to pass along those successes for others to see!  It gives other parents great ideas for thinking outside the box.

For more information about marketing your child so they can compete for scholarships, you may want to look at my video“Getting the BIG Scholarships" online class.  I will occasionally have a video presentation on my Gold Care Club website called “College Scholarships for High School Credit” that describes how to apply for the smaller private scholarships.
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The World’s 15 Most Extraordinary Homeschoolers

The World’s 15 Most Extraordinary Homeschoolers
Recently a website posted an article on "The  World’s 15 Most Extraordinary Homeschoolers."  The people mentioned certainly aren't ordinary.  Nor are they ordinary homeschoolers.

Each of the homeschoolers on this list is highly gifted, and many are described as prodigies.  Not ALL homeschoolers are highly gifted.  However, homeschooling allows children of all abilities to learn at their level. Whether advanced or behind the bell curve, children who learn at their own level will learn more and learn better - and love learning as a result.

This is an interesting list, though.

1. Julian Assange:  WikiLeaks
2. Margaret Atwood: Novelist, poet
3. Francis Collins: Human Genome Project
4. Erik Demaine: MIT professor, theoretician of Origami Mathematics
5. Blake Griffin: NBA Basketball
6. Jonas Brothers: entertainers
7. Akiane Kramarik: art and poetry prodigy
8. Jonathan Krohn: author and political commentator at 13
9. Joey Logano:  NASCAR
10. Jedediah Purdy: author and law professor
11. Condoleezza Rice: former Secretary of State
12. Astra Taylor: film maker
13. Sunaura Taylor: activist for the disabled
14. Tim Tebow: Football player, Heisman Trophy winner
15. Sho Yano: earned a PhD at 18

What do homeschoolers have in common?  One time I was speaking to legislators in Olympia, and I told them that homeschoolers have only one thing in common:  they tend to be politically active for their right to homeschool.  Don't mess with homeschoolers, because we are computer savvy and we know how to get to our state capital when necessary, if our right to homeschool is threatened.  Beyond that, though, all bets are off.  There are a million different kinds of homeschoolers.

Are you ready to get serious about homeschooling high school?  Send me an email and let’s talk!
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Hey! I'm a Homeschool Superhero!

Hey! I'm a Homeschool Superhero!

Have you heard about these FREE homeschool interviews?   Kerry Beck is hosting interviews with some of the coolest people in the homeschool community - to get your homeschool year off to the right start!

Why is she doing this?

She knows what it is like to be in the trenches as a homeschool mom. Sometimes you need a little encouragement or a few fun tricks from experienced homeschoolers.  Real homeschool parents who have real experience balancing school, family, cooking, cleaning, chauffeuring.

So, she is  hosting interviews of 14 experts in the homeschooling community who have practical advice for you to get started on the right foot this year.

-->> It's called Homeschool Super Heroes Week!

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America's Best High Schools?

America's Best High Schools?
The U.S. News & World Report is best known for its ever-popular college rankings list, but for the past three years, it has also ranked the top public high schools in the country.

To determine the winners, a three-step process was used. In Step 1, a statewide comparison was made to determine which schools were above  average statistically.

According to the report: “We started by looking at reading and math results for all students on each state's high school test.” The scores were adjusted by factoring the percentage of each school’s student body that could be classified as “economically disadvantaged (who tend to score lower)” to determine which schools were performing “better than statistical expectations.”

These measures leave me cold.  Instead of all of the standardized scores and indices, how about measuring the effectiveness of high schools by the quality of graduates they produce.  How many go on to pursue higher education?  How many volunteer in the community?  How many become contributing members of society?

It seems like we are so focused on numbers that we lose sight of the purpose of education - growing good citizens and an educated populous.  And because "that which gets measured gets done," we are in danger of producing a sterile, passionless workforce that can perform mathematics on command but can't compete in an increasingly complex and relational world.

Besides, we all know the BEST high schools are homeschools, right?

The HomeScholar Gold Care Club will give you the comprehensive help you need to homeschool high school.
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