Take CLEP when you are DONE

Take CLEP when you are DONE
 It's helpful to take the CLEP test when you are "done" with a subject - the problem is knowing what "done" means.Rachel asked, " I am wondering if it could make sense to take the CLEP on a subject right after the student has successfully completed it, rather than waiting until the last year of high school and taking several then.  Are there any disadvantages to this method (taking them as the subjects are "completed") that...
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Guest — J W
LOL, that's pretty bad. Thanks, Lee!
Friday, 13 July 2012 21:53
Guest — Lee
To find a location for the CLEP, contact CollegeBoard.com - the same people who do SAT, AP, and SAT Subject Tests. This is the loc... Read More
Friday, 13 July 2012 07:46
Guest — J W
Dumb question - where does the student take the CLEP tests and who do we contact?
Thursday, 12 July 2012 17:46
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Determining CLEP Credit

Determining CLEP Credit
For determining test-related CLEP credits, here are three big ideas to help:1. Ask the university where you hope to attend and give 1 high school credit per class they equate to that CLEP.2. Look at the "Sample CLEP Policy" from the CollegeBoard to estimate credits.  Each equivalent college class could be one high school credit:3. Remember, it all depends on where  you end up, and the CLEP policy for that university.Colleges each have their own policy...
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CLEP Exams: Grades or College Credit?

CLEP Exams: Grades or College Credit?
Using CLEP exams in high school can get complicated. What if you just pass the CLEP exam let’s say with the score of 50?  Does that mean that you are given the college credit for that class but are also given a C on the college transcript like on an AP test?  My daughter is studying for her first CLEP and I want this figured out before we put the time and money in to it.Thanks...
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Guest — Madison S., “The CLEP Review Gal”
Hi Lisa, each school has its own CLEP policy, most use the ACE B-Level Recommendations. See http://professionals.collegeboard.com/... Read More
Wednesday, 18 May 2011 15:31
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