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How Do You Know Your Child is Gifted?

how do you know your child is gifted

How Do You Know Your Child is Gifted?

In general, gifted children learn more, learn faster, and learn at an earlier age. They remember more, understand abstract concepts, and understand them earlier, have passionate interests, and can do multiple things at once and do them well.

Expert definitions vary widely. One expert says that gifted children have an I.Q. of 130 or more (I’ve tried to locate I.Q. tests and it’s not easy, so this probably isn’t helpful). Another expert says that those who score in the top 2.5% on standardized tests are gifted. Others say that gifted children are those who are two grade levels above their age group, and capable of high performance. The problem with these methods is that some gifted kids don’t test well, or are not compliant.

Of course, having a gifted child doesn’t mean they’re smarter than everyone else. There will always be others who are smarter. There are kids out there who are smarter, if not across the board, then at least in something. For instance, you might have a child who is gifted at the piano, but there will be others who play the cello or dance better. There’s always somebody who is smarter.

In the end, definitions don't necessarily change anything. They won't change your child, and they may not change what matters. Your job is to decide whether the label of gifted will be important for your child and their goals, and go from there.

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