Help! My Child Knows More Than Me!!

Help! My Child Knows More Than Me!! I sometimes hear from homeschooling parents who are concerned that their child knows more than they do! Their child will ask them a question and the parent doesn't understand what they're talking about. Or the child will insist the textbook is wrong!I am here to tell you, it's SO OK for your child to know more than you do! You don't HAVE to know all the stuff they are learning - that's their...

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Consulting with Computer Geeks

Do you love a teenage computer geek?  Don't you wish someone had a user's manual for them?  They can be as difficult to decipher as a JavaScript manual written in Chinese!  Let me throw a few ideas into the mix!  When I'm consulting with parents of computer geeks, I always try to touch on a few key topics:Grab credits where you can
Your child may be learning computer languages or other highly technical skills that are often learned in...

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Success in Homeschooling High School

I'll let you in on a secret.  Success in homeschooling is not dependent on how your children turn out.  That's because you can't measure your own success or failure based on the behavior of others.   It may sound shocking, but it is true.  Parents can’t control their adult children.  They can only control their own choices and behaviors.  Therefore, our success in homeschooling must be based on what we do, as parents, and not on...

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Homeschool Peer Pressure

I worry about peer pressure – not with the children, but with the parents.    As homeschooling becomes more common, and there are more and more parents homeschooling, there seems to be an increase in peer pressure.  Parents feel they should join a homeschool coop, or participate in dual enrollment, or use a specific curriculum or join a particular accreditation group.  I encourage parents to look at their children, not other parents, as they make decisions...

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Homeschool Yearbook Solution

My writer and editor Jill Bell just graduated her high school senior (congratulations, Jill!)  I asked her to write a review of Total Yearbooks so I could see how it would work for a real homeschooler.  Guess what?  She LOVED it!  Read her review and see for yourself - this could be the solution for your homeschool yearbook too! Total Yearbooks Review   If you’re like many homeschool moms, the photos you’ve taken of your family...

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Schedule Free Time

I always encourage parents to schedule free time.We worked our heavy academic subjects 4 days a week.  The 5th day was when we focused more on delight directed learning.  In elementary school, the 5th day was when we went to the park, or roller skating, or met with friends.  In high school, that was the day for my children to do special projects, or work on their electives. They had to get their math and foreign...

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March is College Visit Time

 College Visit TimeIf you’re a parent of a homeschooled teenager, you’ve probably been thinking about college for a while now! As you and your student prepare for that not-so-far-away event, now is the time to start visiting colleges that interest you.  Deciding which colleges to consider is a big job—and you should take your time doing it, since your student will be spending four years of their life in this place.  For help in the process...

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HELP! They Don’t Love Learning!

 There may come a time when your child says they aren’t interested in learning anything. If they seem disinterested in their studies for a while, try to incorporate more delight-directed learning into your homeschooling.  Delight-directed learning is all about fostering the love of learning in our children, creating lifelong learners who can adapt to any situation. It helps children find areas they are passionate about pursuing, and incorporates this learning into their education.If your child is...

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Fun and Games for Christmas Day!

Our family LOVES board games!  Every year we would get one big game for our family.  We played them on Christmas morning - and then the boys would play them again while I did some after-Christmas shopping at the sales with my mom!It seems like our MOST favorite games come with variations that are just awesome!  Here are some game suggestions!"Ticket to Ride" games -  great for geography, by the way.  It comes in a variety...

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How Do you FEEL about Homeschooling High School?

Let's talk about real feelings.  How do you feel when you think about homeschooling high school?  Do any of these words sound familiar? freaked out terrified hyperventilating procrastinating confused stressed overwhelmed immobilized with fear panicky ready to run obsessed worriedDo any of these words describe what you are feeling?  Thinking about homeschooling high school can make you feel uncomfortable.  But what you really need is some down-to-earth advice.  High school is not really terrifying.  It's just...

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Homeschool High School Inspiration: A Graduation Story

One thing that I love about the homeschool community is that most of us love to encourage others with our stories. In this post Joyce, a homeschool mom, shares the story of her two sons so that it will encourage each of you. You CAN homeschool high school! Joyce's Sons: Devin & Michael Wow!  I can’t believe they are graduated!We put our twins, Devin and Michael in the public school system from kindergarten thru 2ndgrade and when...

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Why Teens Love The HomeScholar

It's ironic, really,  My children thought I was pretty tough on them.  But other people's teenagers seem to think I give great advice! Sometimes I talk to "Type A Mom" who is trying to cover two entire English courses during the same year, or the mother who insists on 5 or more AP classes at a time.  My advice to lighten up, and adjust expectations can be a huge relief to teenagers.Sometimes I talk to "Type...

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Separating is Horrible - But Joy Awaits!

Letting go is hard work.  Watching your children leave for college brings all sorts of emotions to the surface.   That's when you truly do the hard work of separating. Separating is horrible, and the work is hard, but it really pays off! I'm reading all my home educating friends talking about starting their new academic year and I'm thinking...I am so not ready to not be a home educator any more. I wonder what my cat...

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Homeschool Coping Mechanisms: VENTI and VENTING

Recently my facebook friends have been talking about coffee a lot.  I think it's the cooler weather of fall, but for some reason coffee is a hot topic! Having a hot Venti Starbucks Latte is certainly one of my preferred coping mechanism for most of life's stresses. There is another great strategy to consider:  VENTING.   Just add two more letters to a Venti, and you find another friendly warm coping mechanism. Venting your concerns to a...

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First Things First

"My question is regarding high school science for a Mom and student who just can't get their heads wrapped around science."~ Bethany Plante from Amesbury, Mass. Dear Bethany,I love your question, because it can apply to so many subjects other than science!  Your question shows that you have identified the area of your homeschool that needs the most help. Everyone has one - and it's good that you have identified it.Put first things firstEvery homeschool parent...

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