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7 Tips for Earning College Credit this Summer

7 Tips for Earning College Credit this Summer
7 Tips for Earning College Credit this Summer A few summers ago, my children worked for one month and saved our family $56,000.  How did they do it?  By homeschooling college in their spare time!  Not bad for a summer job! You can also save a fortune in college expenses using a few very simple but lesser-known money-saving strategies. Earning college credit is not just for college kids. Some students earn college credit by homeschooling college...
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Calendar Reminders for Summer

Calendar Reminders for Summer
Some of my Gold Care Club members want me to give them direction and ask me regularly, "What should I be doing right now?" Well, here are my calendar reminders for summer suggestions for what you can all be doing all summer long. Relax! Fill summer with Delight Directed Learning, and provide time for kids to pursue their own interests.  It's the best thing that you can do to prepare them for college - and life!...
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Great Ideas for Summer Fun

Great Ideas for Summer Fun
Great Ideas for Summer Fun Need ideas for filling the time with your kids this summer?  Summer fun comes down to 4 easy categories I've listed below; sure to entertain young and old alike! Start with a Celebration Orange You Glad it's Summer? {GIFT IDEA!} Summer in a Bucket {GIFT IDEA} DIY Buffet using a Blow-Up Raft as a Cooler Make your own Mini Pie Bar Plan for Fun Games Back Yard Spelling Game 15 Outdoor...
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Can You Stop Now? Take this Quick Quiz!

Can You Stop Now? Take this Quick Quiz!
Can You Stop Now? Take this Quick Quiz! Maybe you should just finish up the school year by having a popcorn party. It's fast and fun, and a great way to stop one year and take a break before starting up again. Finishing School with The Popcorn Party Plan Not everyone should stop during the summer, but maybe YOU need to stop this summer.  So take the quiz and figure out what is REALLY the best...
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Homeschool Summer Credits

Homeschool Summer Credits
Summer is the perfect time for fun miscellaneous activities like summer camps, swim teams, home improvement projects and family vacations! I understand that is a lot to balance, but have you ever wondered if your students can receive high school credit for any of these activities? It’s possible! Both of my boys earned their P.E. credits during the summer months through a swim team they participated in.You can count credits even though they’re over the summer...
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Choose Peace

Choose Peace
Are you the parent scrambling frantically to finish every problem in every book before you can relax for the summer?  I encourage you to focus on "choosing peace."  Look at each thing you are trying to finish. Does it need to be done?  If you are 80% done with the book, that should be enough.  Public schools finish 80% to finish the subject, and so can you. Does it impact your mental health?  Weigh the pros...
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Introducing TWO New Parent Training A la Carte & a SALE!

Introducing TWO New Parent Training A la Carte & a SALE!
Have you discovered our Parent Training A la Carte courses yet? If not, this weekend is a great time to do so! We are introducing TWO new courses: Delight-Directed Learning and Getting the Most Out of Your Homeschool This Summer ! To celebrate, both of our new classes are on sale for just $10! "I love all of the examples.  It helps to broaden my thinking to hear the wide variety of things that other families...
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Homeschooling Teens: Summer is Coming! Time to Work!

Homeschooling Teens: Summer is Coming! Time to Work!
I was doing a Bible Study on Work.  I remembered all those summers with my high school boys.  It's so important to teach a strong work ethic!  Perhaps  it's a good time to take a moment with your teens and reflect on these verses.  These could be great for memory work and discussion topics before summer. God created man to work (Genesis 2:15). The LORD God took the man and put him in the Garden of...
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Summer Fun with Camp

Summer Fun with Camp
I saw an article in the newspaper about a spectacular summer camp for computer-loving techie kids. Summer camps have long been part of the American experience for children and teenagers, and for the last 30 years or so, computers and technology have added to the equation. "What we're trying to do is to take a child's hobby and show how to turn it into a potential career," Safran said. "This summer, Karen Katzenberger, 13, of Fall...
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Bad Year Homeschooling? Hit The "Reset" Button

Bad Year Homeschooling? Hit The "Reset" Button
The school year is over.  Perhaps it wasn't as successful as you had hoped. The best solution is to not give up.  It's not too late, and you haven't ruined your child forever.   You do realize that all children will sometimes have a "bad year" right? For encouragement, listen to this encouraging song by TobyMac Lyrics Music: " Get Back Up " Lyrics by TobyMac You turned away when I looked you in the eye And...
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End of School Year Popcorn Party Plan

End of School Year Popcorn Party Plan
It's time to finish up the school year, and it can be difficult to feel "done."  For parents that aren't completely done with a textbook or unit of study, then you may want to think outside the box in order to finish up your classes quickly - and still have time to enjoy summer. If you need to finish up quickly then consider the "Popcorn Party Plan." Instead of working through a textbook, or completing every...
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Summer School - Less Time! More Filling!

Summer School - Less Time!  More Filling!
During the summer months we did a little homeschool every day, usually for about 1 hour total. I always made sure to include some math each summer; just tiny math workbooks, and a handful of problems each day. Once the kids were in high school, I found that SAT preparation books were the perfect summer review workbooks. Like the "Comprehensive Curriculum" workbooks for elementary school, but at a high school level!
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