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Homeschool Learning with Reckless Abandon

Spring is a time when many homeschooling parents consider their educational options for the next school year. Some parents wonder whether they are capable of homeschooling higher grades. Other families wonder if they should put their children in classes outside the home. The good news is you can homeschool independently! Independent homeschooling can result in real and tangible benefits in the areas of academics, socialization, safety, and specialization.


"Challenging but not overwhelming" is a good description of the perfect job. The same is true for homeschooling, because academics should always be challenging, but never need to be overwhelming. Homeschooling through high school is a wonderful way to prepare kids for a real-world job. As homeschoolers, we can make courses challenging by teaching every subject at our student's level. We can use what works or choose something different. And as homeschoolers, we can meet the specific learning style and interests of our child. By doing so, we can make sure our child will enjoy learning.


Socialization that reflects the real world, where kids interact with people of all ages and backgrounds daily, is a significant benefit of homeschooling. After all, in the working world, not everyone on the job will be the same age, race, and background. When my youngest son was seventeen, he was the director of our church choir. We used to joke that he lowered the average age of the choir to seventy! One choir member commented at how remarkable it was to see my son conversing easily with a senior citizen, and then turn around and talk just as easily with the teenage youth group members.


The safety and comfort of home is the best learning environment. There is no need to be fearful at school, because home is a safe and supportive environment. People have asked me, "What does homeschooling look like?" I usually reply that in our home it looked like my son lying beside our dog reading a book or talking to his grandfather about economics. In an environment that is free of fear, children have the security to learn with reckless abandon.


Specialization means kids can pursue their unique interests. Because homeschooling is a much more efficient way of educating, there is plenty of time for specialization and the freedom to pursue a passion. Remember that in a homeschool, there is no waiting around, no standing in line, and no riding a school bus for hours. Homeschoolers really do have more education hours available in a day - enough time to specialize. Sometimes people ask me "How do you find the time to homeschool?" The truth is that we had MORE time than families in traditional schools. With our new free time, we were able to start piano lessons. When my kids were in public school, we simply couldn't squeeze it in. Regardless of your teaching style, you can have time for some interest-led learning. Allow kids to explore their passion - whether it's dinosaurs, period dramas, baseball, WWII history, cosmetics, or quantum mechanics.

Consider these Questions

Are you getting the most out of homeschooling? As you plan your next school year, consider the benefits of homeschooling independently. As you evaluate the many choices available to you, keep in mind the reasons why homeschooling works. Ask yourself questions about your child's academics, socialization, security, and specialization. If you take outside classes, will every subject be taught exactly at the child's level? Can you change the curriculum at a moment's notice if it's not working? Does the curriculum match the student's learning style - and how would you know if it did? Is the class in a safe and supportive environment, free of teasing and bullying? Will it encourage healthy socialization, or mimic the socialization found in public schools? Does participation allow enough time for your student to really pursue a passion, or does it fill time with unnecessary busy work?
Make sure that YOU are in control, not someone else.

Keep a firm grip on those benefits!

Allow your children to learn with reckless abandon!
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