It's College Fair Time!

Put that College Fair on the Calendar!It's college fair season, and it's time to get that responsibility on your calendar before it gets full!  Attending a college fair is a key to finding a college, and I strongly recommend that every homeschooler attends a college fair in Junior Year.  I think they are great for freshmen, fabulous for sophomore and seniors, but should be required for Juniors.  One of the major tasks of Junior year is...

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Homeschooling High School: Planning Ahead for the College Application Process

Sharon asked me about  how she should plan ahead for the college application process.  She didn't want to miss a huge piece and make any huge mistakes.  Is this a question you have too? I hope this video post can help you both.   Get a Free 20 minute weekly phone consultation with me as part of your Gold Care Club membership.

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How Homeschoolers Can Gain Admission to Elite Universities

Please note that as of January 2021, The College Board has discontinued SAT Subject Tests® and SAT® essay. How Homeschoolers Can Gain Admission to Elite Universities Is your student interested in attending an Ivy League school? Do you think they have what it takes? Here’s what’s required:  a gifted student with a strong work ethic, a lot of parental effort (especially with record-keeping), rigorous academics, high test scores, demonstrated leadership, activities that are measurable, a passion in...

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Are You an Assertive Homeschooler?

It never hurts to ask.  If you are denied admission because of homeschooling, be assertive, and ask tough questions!  Socially active parents can change admission policy, as I have written in the past.  If you get a barricade, and it looks like bricks, it may not be an impenetrable as it appears. Ask questions.  See second opinions.  Demonstrate facts.  Don't panic! I am planning on attending Technical College in January, but unfortunately the women over admissions...

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3 College Application Tips

Getting ready to send in your college applications? How about a few quick tips to get you started?!  1. Modify your college application essays Many colleges have similar essay prompts. You can reuse essays for applications to different colleges, and save lots of trouble by writing fewer essays. At the same time, though, make sure to personalize the essay to the specific college you are applying to. So first, write the essay. Then modify the essay,...

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CLEP, Community College Credits, and Scholarships

CLEP exams, Community College, and Scholarships can be confusing to sort out when homeschooling high school. Wouldn't it be nice if there was just one single source for information, so you could figure it all out easily? It seems like there is conflicting information out there! I attended your classes at the recent Homeschool Conference in Cincinnati. Just noticed your post on facebook and read the entire article (ReduceCollege Expenses with CLEP and CollegePlus! ) You...

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Transcripts or Course Descriptions?

   Although most homeschool students utilize transcripts for college admissions, many students are also now submitting a homeschool portfolio when they apply to colleges.  What’s the difference, and why should you use a portfolio?  In general, a transcript is a one-page piece of paper that gives a college the opportunity to get a snapshot of your student, and decide whether they get a thumbs-up or a thumbs-down on admissions.  A portfolio, also known as a comprehensive...

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May Day is Important to Seniors

 So many holidays in May!  For parents with young children, you may be thinking about May Day and celebrating with flowers.  Moms of all ages are thinking about Mother's Day .  Patriotic Parents are thinking about Memorial Day. But parents of seniors have a special day to remember, called the National Candidates Reply Deadline.On May 1, high school seniors who have been offered college admission have to make their final decision. Most students have until that...

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Ivy League Admission

Ivy League Admission   Is your child headed toward Ivy League schools?  This information may help!The "true" Ivy League schools are Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard, Pennsylvania, Princeton, and Yale.Do your research early in high school to find out exactly what they want in their applicants, and do your best to give it to them.  Here are examples of Ivy League homeschool admission policies.Brown FAQ for HomeschoolersI suggest thorough course descriptions and extra subject tests.Columbia Admission...

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Senior Year Grades on the Transcript

Senior year feels so awkward.  You have to submit the transcript during applications, but your child is still in the middle of senior year!  What do you do with the classes they are currently taking?Hey, Lee-I wanted to tell you that Evan's interview at Grove City back in Sept. went well and the Admissions person loved my notebook with course descriptions and said that's exactly what they want to see. He said to send it when...

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How Colleges View Transcripts

Whenever colleges are looking over students to admit, it’s quite a lengthy and arduous process for them. Rather unpleasant, they point out! They typically have only a couple of minutes to make a thumbs-up or thumbs-down on an applicant. For that reason, the transcript might be the only section of information they utilize for that determination.The transcript is designed to whet their appetite. Do they want more of your student? or not?Similar to an appetizer prior...

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Homeschooling Teens – Colleges Seek Independent Homeschoolers

Stanford University Magazine had a write-up regarding a gifted homeschool student.  I love this quotation: “It’s the spark, the passion, that sets the truly exceptional student-the one driven to pursue independent research and explore difficult concepts from a very early age-apart from your typical bright kid.  Stanford wants students who have it.  Looking very closely at homeschoolers is one way to get more of those special minds, the admission office has discovered."  As Reider explains it:...

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Social Security Requests

You are not by law required to supply your social security number when applying for a college. Schools are not required to ask for it. It is going to be necessary for a college loan, but it should not be necessary for a college application. That’s exactly why I advise that you do NOT put a social security number on your transcript.To find out more, read this document from the Social Security Administration: Legal requirements to...

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Why Write Course Descriptions for your Homeschool High School Records

Why write a course description?Some colleges will ask for them and some will not.  There are a few situations when course descriptions are extremely important.1. When applying to a very selective college.2. When parents can't afford college.3. When the child wants to go to only ONE college.In each of those situations, providing detailed homeschool records can improve your child's chances of admission and scholarships.The transcript is the bare minimum requirement (there are VERY few that don't...

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Homeschool Grades - Are You Too Tough?

Do you grade too hard?  Or too easy?In my blog post about Reconsidering Homeschool Grades, one mother shared her experience: It is so amazing that I came across this article today because if you had published this last month I would have just ignored it, but it just so happens a college admissions officer came to visit our co-op and said these very words! She said that homeschool transcripts lacked courses designated “Honors” or “Advanced”. She...

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